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Sacred Union

by Bonnie Waters

I am not an astrologer, however, there are certain observations that come to mind with the potent energies of the Saturn and Neptune Square, which will be exact on November 26th. We have only recently begun moving beyond the Uranus/Pluto Square, an astrological alignment of the last several months that almost certainly got your attention with its impetus for powerful change. In fact, I was thinking about making T-shirts: “I survived the Uranus/Pluto Square!”, but we are already on to the next powerful planetary alignment. 

If we learned one thing from the Uranus/Pluto Square it is that change will come whether we go with the flow or resist. Allowing and Trust creates a much smoother transition. While the Saturn/Neptune Square brings a different energy and focus, it will also usher in powerful change. May it be with grace and ease! Its influences will be felt well into Fall of 2016. As with the previous major alignment, there will be more than one square of the two planets over this period of time. The Saturn/Neptune square aligns exact on November 26, 2015, June 18, 2016, and September 10, 2015. (Mark your calendars!)

As many are saying, this alignment reflects the conjoining of form (Saturn) and formlessness (Neptune). We might also say masculine and feminine, body and spirit, heaven and earth – potent, to say the least. I have the image of the caterpillar in the chrysalis, its cells blending in a soup of new possibilities, from which the butterfly becomes the new form. We move from the old earthbound form to freedom and expanded possibilities. Some may find challenges along the way, but there is also the opportunity to enjoy every moment.

This energy is being experienced by the masses at this time, the human collective which is moving quickly from old structures that have been dissolving for decades, to new ones that have, in the meantime, been forming. This is why there have been waves of awakening, so that the transition can unfold without utter chaos. Some would say that the world is in such a state right now, with the Syrian refugee crisis and all the violence that continues to occur. It may appear that we have not ascended at all, but there are many holding steady on a level of peaceful loving intention. And “the New Kids”, that is, the Indigos, Crystals, and Starchildren of higher and higher levels of consciousness are coming of age, and moving into place in our political, environmental, and technological structures with wonderful new ideas and solutions.

The ongoing integration of higher light continues to bring up whatever is not in alignment with love. Trust that all is unfolding as it needs to. We will have war and violence until we decide to look for win/win resolutions to our problems and understand that hurting another equates with hurting self. There is no “Other”.

The old consciousness and the old earth-reality has been dismantled, some have said, as of September. This is why there has been so much political turmoil since the end of September. We may still be seeing the old reality, but only because there are those that are still trying to recreate it, perhaps out of a lack of awareness of other possibilities, perhaps to try keep others in fear to maintain their own power base within 3D. 

The tables have now turned. For a long time it was harder to hold 5th dimensional light and consciousness, now it is becoming harder to hold 3rd dimensional energies. As the veil thins, everyone becomes more aware of the illusions that can only be maintained in lower vibrations, such as the enslavement of the people to a small group who hold the power. That old platform as the base reality of the planet has been released, and the new one of 5th dimensional creation is in place. We are now learning how to operate effectively with our new gifts and new personal and planetary templates.

In personal terms, the merging of form and formlessness presented by the Saturn/Neptune Square is the process of Sacred Union – the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within. This mystical union is the teaching of the hierophants of ancient Greece and Egypt. The Gospel of Thomas states, “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside as the outside, and the outside as the inside, and the upper as the lower, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male is not male and the female not female, … then shall you enter [the kingdom].” 

Interestingly, ancient Syrian Christian teachings make Jesus the Ihidaya, that is, the Single One, which was not about celibacy, but rather about singularity and wholeness, a being whose energies were in Sacred Union. This is now on the program for all of humanity: the integration of spirit and body, greater awareness, greater love, greater balance, more fulfilling enjoyment of life. As we do the inner work of Sacred Union, it will become reflected in the outer world as Unity Consciousness. 

Bonnie Waters is the Lay-Pastor of the Vision of Light Spiritualist Church in Hartland, Vermont, and has been writing in many formats about the Great Shift in Consciousness for several years. She is a mentor for the Awakening Process and a songwriter, focusing on new consciousness material. Her contact information is: phone number - 802-299-5083, emailbonnie_songgarden@hotmail.com 

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