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Excerpt from "The Book of Mastery"

by Paul Selig

We will ask you questions now about what it means to be yourself and how you identify yourself in the world that you live in. “I walk down the street. I see myself in everything I see. I witness my reflection in everyone I meet.” This is a new concept for many of you, but as you have inherited much information about what it means to be in this world, you presume things. You see what you see, and you interpret it based on what you were taught. So consequently all that you see and interpret is through the vision of the one who knows herself through data, through individuation of consciousness that you have inherited. 

As a man, you have expectations about what it means to be a man, and as you live your life you encounter yourself through these expectations. Consequently, all that you see and all that you witness is informed by a sense of self that was made in conceit and in shared agreement, yes, by those who came before you. So the consequence of this is, very, very simply, that when you walk down the street all that you see is actually bound to a history, a consequence, of others’ thought and prescription. 

Now as you know yourself in a new way, “I am the one I say I am,” “I am the man who says this or that,” you encounter yourself differently. As you individuate as a conscious being and you claim yourself as a self in the world, the purview of the self is to decide what things mean, the importance things have. The way you understand yourself, in many ways, is decided by you in ways you are not aware of. The vibration you hold, in certain ways, has conducted this. Your fears tell you one thing and your vibration moves into accord with fear and, consequently, what you see will be informed by what you are frightened of. 

You are informed by many things, and the challenge you face today, as we instruct you, is that you have already decided many things for many reasons about who and what you are, and the unlearning of this, the decoding of this, if you wish, in your own field is what we must attend to call you forward as the being that you are. 

Now the being that you are, the true being that you are, has no history. She is an Infinite Self. She understands who and what she is in a higher way that is not informed by a crisis you had when you were two, or what your husband said about you last week. 

The Divine Self, or the True Self, if you wish, which will be claimed by you through this text is actually an infinite being, and all of the things that you would see that would soil you, that would tamper with who you are or disfigure you are actually not real. They are things that you have invested in and decided were so and, as you walk down the street, the world you see concurs with what you think should be there. 

Whatever happened to you when you were a child, or ten lifetimes ago, whatever your therapist told you was wrong may, in fact, be something you contend with in your consciousness, but it is not real. It is a parable, in many ways, of the son who leaves the Creator, invests in things, is betrayed by the world and then comes back to the Divine Self, the True Self, the Christed Self, if you wish, who knows who she is. And all of the residue, all of the mud from the tough journey is cleared from the self once he reencounters himself as the Divine Being he is. 

You see, what you have done is mistake yourself for your history. You have mistaken yourself through what happened to you. You identify as yourself through the things you see in the world, the objectification of family, of life, as the things that make you who you are. 

The truth of who you are and have always been is far greater than anything that you may know and, until you know who you are above and beyond the structures of man, the creations of man, and the laws of man, you will not be able to see what you are and know yourself in accordance with your Divine worth. 

What is the process to know? How does mankind know who and what she is beyond what she has seen prior? By claiming the True Self and moving into accord with it. As we have taught you before, there is a system of alignment to the energy field and consciousness you hold to the vibration of the Word. As we claim it, the Word is the energy of the Creator in action. You will say these words now:
“I am Word through my body, Word I am Word. 
I am Word through my vibration, Word I am Word. 
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word, Word I am Word.” 

When you claim these things, you align the systems that you hold, the physical body, the auric field, the claim of identity as the True Self. And, as you anchor this frequency into you, “I am Word,” your life will begin to unfold in accordance with this claim.

Adapted from The Book of Mastery by Paul Selig with the permission of Tarcher Perigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Copyright © 2015 by Paul Selig.

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