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Relocation Astrology

Finding Your Power Places on Mother Earth

by Mark Dodich

Have you ever wondered if there is a better place to be than where you are currently living? Or maybe you just want to travel somewhere to spice up your life? If so, then a branch of astrology known as ‘locational astrology’ can help.

Although there are a variety of techniques used in relocation astrology, some of the more popular names of the service are AstroCartoGraphy®, EARTHLINES™, and Local Space Astrology. All of these services are based upon your astrology birth chart, and accurate birth time is important to them all. (If your birth certificate does not list your birth time, you can often request the ‘long form’ of your birth certificate from the county records department in your home state.)

In essence, your birth chart is expanded onto the planet and adjusted to your own power zones. Unless you are a twin, your chart is unique. This can be challenging for married couples wanting to move because individual power zones for one partner may or may not match up for the other.

Basically, relocation astrology uses the Hermetic Philosophy principle of As Above, So Below. The Sun, Moon, and other planets in your birth chart are moved around the circle of your natal chart until they touch known action zones called the angles of the chart. Your Rising Sign (aka Ascendant) is one such angle and shows how you project yourself out into the world.

For example: If you were born at sunrise, then the Sun would be Rising in your chart at the longitude where you were born. You would project your life force out into the world in this location. You would light up the room when you enter at such a location. These power lines have a strong effective range of 300 miles on either side, so a power line going from Chicago to New Orleans would be strong in a close location like Memphis.

If you were born at a time other than sunrise, then this bright Sun power line would be located somewhere else on the planet. You could move, travel, or do business in that location. Elizabeth Taylor (born in London, UK) has the sun as a partnership line in California- and she has been well known for her marriages there. Meryl Streep was born in New Jersey when the Sun was high in the sky, and she started her path to fame on the USA East Coast under the helpful rays of the Sun career line.

It is important to remember that energy does not judge. Moving to a power line can make you face the shadow side of life before brining out the higher side of the energy. Brittany Spears has a Sun power line shining on the motherhood part of her chart in California, and her mothering skills have been called into question while she lives under this influence. As she matures and learns the lessons of this energy, it can shift to a more positive expression.

Relocation astrology can help you even if you do not want to leave home. A personal example that fits this author and Wisdom magazine is that Mark Dodich has a public publishing and writing power line in New England, yet he lives in the Pacific NW. Mark’s articles are published monthly in the Seattle edition of Wisdom, while Wisdom’s home base is in New England. So without having to leave his Pacific NW home, Mark publishes in the Puget Sound by way of his publishing line in New England.

For people who do want to move, relocation astrology is a must have tool. Most of the information provided is good for the rest of your life. Be aware that there is not one single location to give you everything you want – love, career, enlightenment, etc. (unless you want to get metaphysical, then that one place is within!).

This means that you must set your intent and choose your priorities when doing locational astrology. Relationships of a personal nature may be best suited to an emotional moon line or a romantic Venus line. Sending your child off to college may be best under his or her educational Mercury or Jupiter power lines. Retreating from the world for spiritual connection may be best under a visionary Neptune line.

Mahatma Gandhi went to university under a higher-education Jupiter line in England. He also met his wife there under relationship Mars and Venus lines. Gandhi went to South Africa under a law-ruled Saturn line, where he began his career as an attorney. In India, he has a communications Mercury power line. He was one of the first people to actively use the news media to promote his cause, freedom for India.

Another type of location map is called Local Space. It is your personal Feng Shui to help you travel along lines of energy that support your intent. For example, if you placed your exercise bike on an athletic Mars line, then you are more likely to have a vigorous workout. You could also go jogging by running on a Mars line. If you went jogging on a moon line, you might end up jogging to Starbucks for a comforting treat.

Finally, each state and city has a birth chart based upon its incorporation. Living in a state or city that is compatible with your natal chart can make life easier. For example, New Hampshire was “born” with the Sun in Cancer. If you are a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), then you are likely to resonate with the state of New Hampshire. This is a simplistic example, so please use caution when comparing yourself to the charts of a state or city. It is important to look at the entire picture. There is a free pdf download of USA states and many cities at www.astromark.us

As you can see, the topic of relocation astrology is large. There is so much more to it than finding that one place on planet earth. However, relocation astrology can help you narrow the field of possibilities to help you manifest your highest priorities. From there, you must use your insight and inner knowing to pick the best location from the top possibilities.

Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. He has published hundreds of articles and is regularly seen and heard in the media. Relocation Astrology and Seven Ray Soul Purpose Esoteric Astrology are two of his specialties. Contact him for a free copy of his ASTROMARK newsletter at 503-252-1558 or check out his monthly forecast in Wisdom Puget Sound or on his web site www.astromark.us

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