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Bruno Groening: The Divine Power Helps & Heals

Free Lecture, April 18 in NYC

by Susan Downing, PhD

 Medically-verified healings:  Lecture tour by Dr. Vogelsberger from Germany to share documented healings based on the teachings of Bruno Groening

Bruno Groening (1906-1959), who was well known in Germany for his extraordinary healing successes, taught that a higher power exists and can heal, and that everyone can access the "ealing stream" or "Heilstrom" as he called it. He showed people how to receive this "Heilstrom" and open up to the healing process.  Groening offered this knowledge to everyone without charge. In April, Dr. Vogelsberger, a medical doctor and chronic pain specialist from Germany, will present this simple approach to spiritual healing that is still being taught today.  Lectures will take place in both Boston and New York.   This healing practice to over 120 countries.  He will present documented, present-day reports of healings of severe, chronic, and reportedly incurable diseases.  People who have been healed will also share their experiences.

Even as a child, Bruno Groening was aware of a deep spiritual connection that allowed him to have a beneficial effect on people and animals. He attracted wide public attention in 1949 after a grateful father publicized the fact that his son had been healed of muscular dystrophy through Groening’s help. Later in 1949, on a large farm near Munich, crowds of up to 30,000 people gathered daily to hear Groening speak. Many healings took place there and throughout Germany in subsequent years. Healings are still occurring today, just as they did during Groening’s lifetime. 

One of those who has received healing is Dr. Vogelsberger. "I began doing these medical lectures due to my own healing experience," he explained. "I had an accident on a tennis court. A specialist ordered an operation, but three weeks later I could play tennis again free of pain, without any medical treatment."  

Bruno Groening always stated that it was not he who was responsible for people’s healings.  Rather, healing took place as people consciously chose to establish their own connection with a higher power.  Thus, healing is in the hands of the individual, dependent upon what they will open up to and accept. "Trust and believe. The Divine power helps and heals," Groening said again and again. He also urged people to investigate this spiritual reality for themselves and rediscover what he called "their true human instinct" for receiving spiritual help.   Those who attend the April lectures will be able to connect to and absorb this healing power for themselves in a simple way. "You can utilize it for your own health and for those you love," Dr. Vogelsberger said.  

Bruno Groening attributed all healing to God, but he did not personally claim any religious status or intention; his teachings can be considered spiritual enrichment that can be and are being applied by people of all faiths and cultures. Today, as during Bruno Groening’s lifetime, this knowledge is offered free of charge, and all who help in the Circle of Friends do so solely on a volunteer basis. 

FREE Lecture Monday April 18 7-8:30pm at SUNY College of Optometry, 
Schwartz Theater, 33 West 42nd Street, NY, NY. 
RSVP: 212-714-5379 or email brunogroeningny@gmail.com. 
For more information visit www.Bruno-Groening.org/english

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