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Oneness Speaks: The Divine Wisdom in the Imagery of Radical Change

by Rasha

Much has been written, over the course of recent years, on the subject of the times now upon us. Those seeds of Divine Wisdom have often been taken out of context, and paved the way for literal interpretations, focused upon the dramatic phenomena that accompany radical change. The level of change you are presently witnessing in today’s world is inevitable. It is a reflection of the heightened levels of augmented vibration that characterizes the universal shift in consciousness that is now well underway

Change plays out within the context of form in ways that can lead to dire interpretations, when taken at face value. For, in order for the old to make way for the new, a certain measure of destruction of the imagery that no longer serves ones highest good is called for. That phenomenon of “levelling the ground” is a necessary step that paves the way for a firm foundation to be established that will support the structures of life, upon which your future as a world populace rests.

This kind of dissolution can be seen in every aspect of life as you now know it— from the cornerstones of your personal lives to the societal structures that reflect them and support systems once believed to be indestructible. You are witnessing first-hand the breath-taking transformation of a world in the throes of birthing itself anew, illustrating its own likeness in the image of a reality on whose very brink you now stand. 

It is important that you give yourself permission to step back and watch this transformation unfold, as is its own destiny—and resist the inclination to try to interfere with that momentum with well-meant gestures rooted in the belief systems born of an old paradigm.

The opportunity waiting in the wings of this moment lies in your willingness to trust, and to surrender completely to the possibility of radical change in every aspect of life as you know it. Assume nothing. No roadmap has been provided—intentionally. You are on fresh new ground now, in ways that may never have been imagined. Let that be ok with you. And, let’s see where this journey takes us. Chances are, you will look back upon this moment in your life with wonderment, and reflect on the Divine perfection in the momentum that is re-writing what you assumed was the script—and orchestrating the radical upheaval of how you assumed life would be. You are destined to be so much more than that.

So long as you feel compelled to try and direct the process, you are serving to tie the hands of what could be possible for you. So long as you cling to your presumptions of what life has in store, you serve to close the gateways of possibility, and rule out the gift in the unexpected turns of events that are slated to lead you to higher ground. So long as you hold fast to the safe and the familiar, the seeds of the miraculous changes that are possible for you cannot take root and blossom. 

This moment in time is not simply meant for witnessing the dissolution of all that is faded, worn-out and obsolete. It is the moment to become comfortable in a mind-set of openness and receptivity to the possibility of the unexpected. Now is the time for life to set the stage for another level of circumstances that holds the potential of serving you well in the days now dawning. Now is the moment to consider the possibility that things might not be as grim as you may have assumed, after all—and that all is actually well with your world, despite evidence to the contrary.

Now, more than at any other time in your personal history, there is the ever-present opportunity to discover the truth of who you really Are. Not just to believe it, because you’ve read about it in books—but, to know it, from your own personal experience of it. Now, in the enhanced conditions of augmented vibration that supports radical change, previously unheard-of leaps in Self-discovery are not only possible, but likely. In the face of all that might have you believe otherwise, it becomes obvious that the sacred essence silently stirring within you is now actually behind the wheel of your vehicle, and knows exactly where you are headed—and how to get there. The opportunity is ever-present now, to surrender the struggle—and to sit back and enjoy the ride.

You will be guided, at levels that defy your understandings of how circumstances come into manifestation, to embrace certain possibilities—and to let others pass you by. Trust that this itinerary is being orchestrated with your highest-good in mind. You cannot take a wrong turn at a given crossroads.  You will get to where you are going, and arrive at your destination, by any number of alternative routes. It cannot be otherwise.

This moment of unprecedented upheaval in the world around you, may or may not be a reflection of your own personal story. But, it is surely is a mirror of the collective mind-set of a world whose hearts cry out—in silence or otherwise—for a radical shift in life as you know it. The atrocities that scream from the headlines that document them, attest to the agonies that some are bearing on behalf of the collective, so that the unimaginable levels of change slated for these times can come about. Buried deep within the rubble that depicts the broken dreams and the shattered remains of their lives, lies the seeds of hope that hold the promise of these times of transformation—for all humankind.

For those of you who are privileged to be witnessing, from a comfortable distance, the universal upheavals borne on the backs of others, there is the opportunity to seize this extraordinary moment in time, and to recognize and embrace its potential. You who have been gifted with the opportunity to glimpse the promise of the world to come—in sacred moments of meditation and prayer—are the pioneers. It is you who now light the way on a path a world of others are destined to follow, once the dust has settled. For, the direction in which all humanity is headed has been revealed by the lamplight you carry, simply by recognizing the truth of your Oneness with each other—and resonating as One.

About Rasha: Author of the spiritual classic, Oneness, Rasha awakened to her inner calling as a Messenger of Divine guidance in 1987, and began working with Oneness, the Divine Presence we all share, in 1998. The teachings she transcribes are universal and focus on the experience of the Divinity within each of us, and the profound transformation of consciousness that is the hallmark of these times. American by birth, Rasha now lives at the foot of the mystical mountain, Arunachala, in South India.

Books by Rasha: Oneness, A Journey to Oneness, The Calling, Oneness - The Pearls
For more information on Rasha and the teachings of Oneness please visit: www.onenesswebsite.com

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