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Living Outside the Box and Transforming It

by Dipali Desai

Have you ever felt or thought you were restricted in a box-like structure whether its a thought, belief, philosophy, tradition, emotions or even physically? I know I have, and when I really became aware if it, it felt as though the walls were closing in on me. At that moment, I wanted freedom and to find a new way to transform that boxed in feeling. The realization for me, is that we are the ones that have created those boxes to begin with, and ultimately we have the capacity to break free and transform them.

We tend to create 'boxes' to protect ourselves, to be respectful and follow tradition, your family's or culture's way of doing things, past emotional reactions, unconscious patterns, subconscious habits and the list goes on. We continue to put up walls, armor, add plaster to reinforce spots, all the while patting ourselves on the back, being content with our good work and a job well done. This process happens as a means of self- protection or keeping illusions alive. However, what we end up doing is shutting out life, energy, love, growth and healing. I would like to offer you another perspective.

Living outside the Box

We have all heard this innovative idea before, living outside of the box, right? To get us on the same page, let me briefly explain it. If I examine my current perception of reality, and I find a place of 'fear or anxiety', that leads me to restricted beliefs, emotions, thinking, attitudes, or perceptions, I know I have come across a 'box'. With conscious awareness, willingness and intention, I can choose to dismantle the box. This opens the way for transformation and allowing authentic Truth to emerge. Also what is unveiled are the things I have yet to discover and experience. Then the reality becomes an infinite field of possibilities. Can you imagine, the freedom, richness of creativity and alive energy that is there? Change your beliefs to what is possible and you open up a box instantly!

Box: A Symbol of Sacred Geometry

Symbolically speaking, the "Box" as a form of Sacred Geometry and is a necessary piece in creation. It helps each of us to manifest and make our creative ideas a reality. Thereby, supporting us to build solid foundations instead of castles in the sky floating about with no tangibility. The box is an important key in the manifestation process.

It is when the box becomes stagnant and rigid that fear-based energy stays in and life force is kept out. When this happens, the creative energy has no room for new possibilities. That is when many of us take an imbalanced perception of putting 'labels' on the beautiful symbol of the box (or square). We dive into how 'hard, frustrating, or difficult" feeling boxed in is like.

The symbol of the box is similar to an Oak tree. An Oak tree is strong, steady and is alive in consciousness. A new way of viewing the symbol of box is that it has the potential of being alive, stable and tangible, while being filled with a variety of possibilities.

Illuminating nudges.

I really love the feeling I get when I have "ah ha" moments. It's as if an 'inner' light bulb illuminates a situation and offers the awareness that staying 'in the box' until my lesson or healing was complete, was a part of the natural process.

What was once dark, dreary, painful or unconscious, suddenly gets a bit lighter, clearer and easier through this process. The higher Illumination light bulb, is what I believe to be my Soul, wisdom Self or whatever you believe that higher consciousness energy to be, gently urging me to listen to my inner guidance/intuition. It guides me to see at a new level of perception. These nudges require us to step outside of the personality level perception and step into a wiser perception. Then, we are able to see the box from a whole new lens, feel from a new level of feeling, and transcend our old way of believing or experiencing.

From my own experiences, my internal guidance has been so beneficial during the 'internal stuck moments' of the never ending 'why me' boxes that I was struggling to move out of. Does the mind resist? Yes, the mind goes back and forth, and does its best to resist believing all of this is really possible to shift out of. It asks for proof or reasons to listen to these quiet yet powerful hunches. I have found that the more times I listen to my inner guidance, the more I develop trust and build the 'spiritual/higher consciousness muscle.'

Shaping the Box into New Forms.

When the Heart and Mind work in unity, amazing things begin to happen. There is a 'team' working towards a powerful new goal and that unifying force is powerful both within us and in the outer world. The question is, how much do we believe its possible and how inventive can we be?

Allow me to share an example here, if we take for instance clay. We can mold and easily shape the box into any other form. It can be sculpted into any other shape. We can be playful with it and use our imagination. It is the same with the old box structure, we have the ability to use the team of our heart/mind energy and magically transform it into something new. What we may see as 'tough' lessons or experiences, ultimately leads us towards greater fulfillment and expressing more of our higher potentials.


Dipali is spiritual teacher, astrologer, channel, healer, and author. She empowers individuals to realize their higher potentials and talents during a private session. With her capacity as a clear channel, she has the ability to convey intuitive information with tact and directness. Her compassion, humor and wisdom help you find the awareness you are searching for. For more info visit her website: www.spheresofessence.com or book a session by email: info@spheresofessence.com or phone: (856) 983-3051

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