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Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers

by Judi Thomases

The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling. It is an invited procedure. The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  

Time and the weather!  It seems so inconsequential in the greater view of things to speak of such when turmoil in our lives abounds, and we fear the trends of social and economic realities. We dwell on the stuff of anxieties, and concentrate our energies upon issues such as income, lovelife, health and daily realities. We are present in our capacity to use the brain's powers for such, as makes sense, yes?  But then, the mind's true abilities lie dormant, unseen by the mind's eye because, although right there, no one's looking.
We speak again of time and the weather. To refocus the attention away from life's necessities and towards the greater You means to begin to realize the affect you may bring to bear upon larger possibilities such as the extension of time (relativity), and the mood of your day (personal surround). Have you noticed how time expands when you are doing the thing that you love so much that you forget you are in time? Your mind has so expanded within its borders that nothing intrudes, and time stretches out wondrously until there is none of it, truly.  In the reverse, there are the moments when time compresses itself so tightly that you scramble to fit all you "must" do into its narrow space. The reality of time, therefore, is in your mind and not in the clock.  To compress or expand time means to learn to align yourself with your passion even as you surrender your Will to a greater timekeeper.  Done right, this technique (a combination of understanding, patience, faith, and organization) has you directing your given opportunity while fitting perfectly into your day's schedule.  It is a beginner's level of mastery of your fate, but nevertheless, a truly powerful start.
Next, the mood of the day.  Is it bleak? What does the sky look like? How affected are you by God's mood that day? Do you wish to be in better control of your inner weather? If successful, will the outer weather change? We suggest trying some quiet experiment.  Today's weather, whatever it might be, might just be a perfect fit for your actual needs. It might conduce to an altered plan. It might provide a chance to thrive in the sunshine (even on lunch break), or go within in the rain. Nature and personhood can begin to collaborate in this way until a new balance is reached. The weather, then, becomes not an antagonist to you but an aid. Who knows what can result from such as partnership!
Learning new ways to relate to the world is a great start for inner harmony. Time and the weather are measuring devices to show you how well you are in alignment.  Enjoy the "stage directions" of your plan.
Arrive safely!

Astrologer, psychic and channeler for over four decades, frequent contributor to Dell Horoscope magazine, featured guest on ABC, CBS, Sirius, Judi Thomases' own inner voice of spiritual guidance is The Brotherhood of Light Workers. Her newest book, “The Wisdom Keys”, can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press.  Judi is available for private consultations - contact judi@wisdompath.com  for more information.

© 2017 by Judi Thomases

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