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Becoming Unconditional in the Words We Use

by Patti Conklin

As a child I remember watching other kids playing, marveling at their balance and hand eye coordination as they ran across the playground. Specifically, I remember feeling left out, inadequate as I had no ability to walk on even the widest balancing beam. My brother recognized this and taught me how to maneuver by scooting across on my bottom. Though I couldn’t run across logs or on monkey bars, I had another talent that made me unique.

Unlike the kids on the playground, I could hear the trees speaking in strange tones. Some would be singing lightly and some would let out deep groans. I could hear the stones lying deep in the earth. The books in my house even had their own quiet language. My brother waited patiently as my three-year-old self would want to listen to everything in the forest. I never once wondered if other people heard their world speaking the same way. Growing up I had many ear infections and was allergic to Penicillin, which was the only thing available at that time. I developed a Mastoid infection, which resulted in having half of that bone cut out. It was always my assumption that this was why I had no balance and why I could hear things talking. 

Apart from being able to hear the world differently, I also recognized my ability to “see” it was unlike anyone I knew as well. As a teenager, one of my favorite past times was to watch people think. I could literally see words forming in the hemisphere of a person’s brain, moving down into their body. I never bothered to ask anyone else if they saw the same thing. As I had only a few close friends, it seemed as though we were busy making mud pits to play in when it rained, or sitting out watching thunderstorms clash over the hills of our home in Upstate New York.  At seven-years-old, that all changed.  

I was in my bedroom when a serene, white mist came out of nowhere, surrounding my entire room. I felt almost as though my body was disappearing in it. I wasn’t scared, though, I was more-so curious. From this mist, I could hear a murmur. It sounded like a man’s voice and it said three things, which will forever stay in my memory.

1) 38-42 will be your greatest growth years.

2) 42-62 will be your greatest contribution to humanity and you may come home then if you choose

3) The purpose of your walk will be “to help people become insubstantial without transitioning”

I had no clue what any of that meant, but when the mist had gone, I was left crying. I felt as though I had been left totally alone, completely bereft. I was sad that I could still feel my skin, my legs, and the tingles in my feet. 

Life went on and I graduated high school with honor roll by the age of sixteen. Life was an adventure and I wanted to explore!  I started working in many non-profit jobs, being able to travel the world and observe many different cultures. With this exposure, I began to recognize that I could differentiate between the spoken word and the behavior of these cultures in comparison to each other. I could see how one culture would put emphasis on certain things and how that developed into a disease form, versus another culture with differing emphases and their disease. While the diseases would be consistent throughout the world, how these cultures stored them was totally different and where they stored those behaviors, emotions, words would also be different. 

As I approached my 38th birthday, the mist from before, as I now call “Father,” visited me again.  He told me to take a weekend hypnosis course. I followed the instructions and took the course. I really didn’t want anyone to hypnotize me, but was finally convinced by Allen Chips, the director of the course. It was such an incredible experience! In that one weekend, my mind was opened to an even greater experience, an awareness that was beautiful and far beyond what I thought I knew.

A few months later, I received another visitation from Father, this time telling me to take my family and move to Hartwell, Georgia to fully begin walking the path that He had asked me to walk as a child. Within five minutes of the visitation, I had phoned the International director and told him that I was resigning. When the director asked me where I was going, I laughed and said, “I have no idea, I need to look at a map!”

Life truly began. My sight, which was already different, began to shift and change, so that much of what I saw was now more like particles. I could no longer distinguish between different shades of one color. Everything moved and my auditory ability increased, and if that wasn’t in “listening mode,” then the particles that I was looking at would shift into a black and white movie with grey scale in the background. Sometimes words would literally be written across the outline of the human form that I watched. I soon realized that I could manipulate these particles when I saw them out of sync with the rest of the body.

My education truly began. I was fortunate that I wasn’t Psychic. I didn’t have to hope or trust that I was correct and I finally realized the gift that I was given.  I could speak to a human body, not a person’s conscious self, but to all of the emotions and words that were stored with every breath a person took. Helping people to “become insubstantial without transitioning” meant helping people remove the emotion attached to the words which were stored in their immune system, creating blockages that eventually create disease.  In other words, I was helping people become unconditional beings without having to die to do it.

What I find fascinating with my work, is that every single person is different. Even though there have been thousands of people, each time I begin work, it’s different. Maybe I’ll hear the information, maybe I’ll see it, maybe I’ll feel it, or maybe I won’t receive any information at all. The one item that is consistent, however, is the ability of the person to work within themselves. People have the ability to be at peace, and to hopefully surrender and heal. Everyone can always learn the power that is within each of us to grow, to know and to live in a state of unconditional being, out of fear and judgment; that is, if they choose to.

I’ve had the honor of watching many people heal from serious diseases, however, each and every one of us has a check out time. Eventually, there will be a time to cross into the next adventure. I think the important aspect of that is helping a person be out of fear, to be at peace with what is happening and to move on to the next journey with confidence.

It’s also important to realize how we can use Color or Tone in order to assist us when we are utilizing Allopathic medicine. Is there reason to lose our hair and lose weight when we have chemotherapy or is that a belief? When you comprehend the active frequency in Color or Tone, you are literally helping your body keep what medications/therapies it needs and to remove the leftover, what it doesn’t need.

Energy is energy until it’s not.  

Once our bodies have become so blocked that disease and illness have started, much of the time we will need western medicine in order to assist. It’s also a belief in many of us that we need Allopathic medicine in order to heal.  Some believe we should never use Allopathic and should always use Alternative. The reality is, we need both! We have phenomenal technology to assist us in getting healthy, and we have wonderful alternative practitioners, but each and every body is different and what really matters is the perception and belief you give to both. Realizing that your body may need both is much healthier than either/or.  

Our particles are a wonderful compilation of us. They are what we as a soul need for our individual growth. If you can truly trust that your body knows what is best for it, keep an open mind and trust yourself. You’ll find yourself having an experience of wondrous learning, no longer having feelings of dread or fear.

We all want to be healthy. We all want to have fulfilling lives. This is all possible when you know how to talk in a positive fashion to your body. You must understand that the power is within you, not outside of you. Of course medical doctors and alternative practitioners can give you medicines, treatments, surgery, but you are the one who will do the greatest good.  If you decide on surgery, then decide it with a positive, uplifting spirit and know that your body will be wonderful. Don’t allow yourself to go be afraid about the procedure, because all that FEAR is “Forgetting Every Available Resource.”  You have the ability inside of yourself to be a peace, whether you live or die, you are in victory. If you decide to use Alternative Medicine, then go in with absolute faith.  No matter what you believe, as long as you believe it to the tips of your toes, then you will be at peace. 

Never underestimate the ability to surrender into what is and the ability of your body to take any modality that you choose to use and make it a much greater experience. Even as a little girl scooting my bottom across a log and listening to the trees talk, I knew that I had strong beliefs. As I developed and understood my walk, it was the strength in these beliefs that gave me the power to help people become insubstantial without transitioning.

Patti Conklin is a world-class energy healer and much sought-after facilitator who has shared her experiences and changed lives at hundreds of workshops, lectures and conferences throughout the last two decades. She is a frequent keynote speaker and presenter at alternative and allopathic conventions.  She is the creator of ColorWorks, a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms, emotions or physical challenges.  www.patticonklin.com

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