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June Psychic Guidance for Success and Well-Being

by Elissa Heyman

Entrepreneurial Success: The world may be unstable but it is also full of opportunity! This is a great time for original ideas and new ways to fill needs. Be brave and courageous, which will be easier to do if you believe you are part of the solution.

Business Advice: Accept offers and invitations. New arrangements, partnerships, and upgrades begun earlier in the Spring can bring solid rewards. With business associates and negotiations, let as much go as possible. Only get involved in a conflict if it is truly necessary. Find workarounds that are easy and that ease the atmosphere. Be about your own success!

Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 plus years: Here’s an example of a potential positive consequence of Uranus in Taurus: Uranus in Taurus can cause an individual or a collective to suddenly re-frame their whole life, go off in a new direction, or subscribe to new beliefs. It will produce innovations in manufacturing, producing food, and powering our world. The new book, “Factfulness” is about how the world isn’t as bad as we think it is. (This attitude seems to have worked well for Warren Buffett!) Their research shows people tend to be dramatic and very wrong about what is actually going on worldwide, largely because journalistic reports predispose us to imagine the worst. Whether the book’s assumptions are true or not, what the book hopes to accomplish by testing peoples’ knowledge of the world and then giving them the actual facts (thereby revealing their bias for drama and negativity), is to get the collective assembled around a more positive picture of the world, and a more factual one.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Finding a way to accept the necessity that certain tasks have to be done, such as clearing out paperwork or doing other drudgery-type details, is especially important to your success. There’s stuff that comes up to do this Spring that only you can do. It may not be your favorite work, but only you can really do it. Find a way to do it. Whatever can’t be delegated, this is when to dig into it.

Fire signs Tarot: Your inner strength and creativity is urging you to find new expressions, and new support systems out in the world. You’re more ready for professional evolution, and what now serves you better. Don’t let doubt get in the way just because what’s new isn’t here yet.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You could be more sensitive than usual. Take more breaks! If you’re reacting negatively to something, don’t doubt yourself – trust your reaction, not the situation that’s making you shy away. Don’t ignore whatever your body and instincts seems to be rejecting.

Water signs Tarot: Take that trip, meet those friends, let Spring fever and fun activities inspire you and fulfill you. New influences and less work do you good!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Expect a victory that really pleases you this Spring. You can feel a strong urge to get away and give yourself a chance to change course… make space if you need it, for a reboot or rethink about your life strategies.”

Air signs Tarot: You have made it through some bumpy times financially or passed important tests, but you’ll need a new strategy this Summer, so no resting on your laurels. Innovation and new workarounds will be in order soon.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: The spirits say, “Be Proud! Walk tall! Declare what you’re doing in glowing terms! Be strong but affable, flexible yet resilient, and beam your smile occasionally!!” The creative forces push up from the ground to find you willing to embody them in even more powerful ways.

Earth signs Tarot: You have conquered something that gives you a new beginning, a chance to do things differently, and that’s because you have conquered something in yourself! You’re in the early stages of developing a new life or new routines, but it looks harmonious and promising.

Psychic counselor and spiritual healer Elissa Heyman offers private sessions and workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico and by phone. Please enjoy free self-help tools, newsletters, guided meditations and more on Elissa’s prize-winning blog at www.elissaheyman.com/blog Appointments: 505-982-3294

Elissa Heyman

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