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Astrological Forecast for April 2008

by Armand Diaz

This April is a month of action and intensity, the flowing energy of Spring paired with the friction of the planets. The most common aspect this month is the "square," or planets ninety degrees apart from each other in the zodiac. The meaning of this configuration is very close to that of our phrase "squaring off against each other," that is, seeing things from very different perspectives. To add an extra dollop of intensity, most of the squares are between Aries and one of the other cardinal signs, Capricorn or Cancer. Fiery Aries wants to go forward, to push the individual agenda, make progress (if not peace), and move into the future. Capricorn is an earth sign, more into building on existing structures and institutions, while Cancer is a water sign, given to self-protection and identity with traditions, family, and clans. It should make for quite a month.

The first major astrological event, though, is not an aspect but a station. Pluto, the planet of the underworld, death and rebirth, and elemental, instinctual power, stations (appears to stop in the sky) to move retrograde on the 2nd. Coming the day after "April Fools’ Day" we can imagine it manifesting as a prank that gets out of hand and becomes truly hurtful. In any event, Pluto stations have a powerful feeling to them, like a tractor-trailer barreling down the highway, so be careful in your interactions with others, as we may all be more in touch with our anger now. The next day, Mercury keeps the energy moving in the same direction, as he squares Pluto, creating a David and Goliath type situation, although on a day when Goliath is very strong.

The New Moon on the 5th sits amid the aspects of the days before and after, so it isn’t likely to be the quiet, reflective time we usually expect. This is a very good time to get in touch with your feelings - all of them, including those "shadow" emotions you don’t like to show yourself. You can also plant the seeds of a new project now. Although it might be too much to expect a smooth launch, the energy is one of growth and evolution.

On the 6th, our relationships and values come into focus. Venus moves into Aries, where she has a sexy, outgoing, but somewhat self-centered demeanor, and almost immediately she’s squaring Pluto. The free spirit in us meets the mores of society in the form of tradition and "shoulds," mingled with dark fears of punishment. The urge to break free of a constraining and limiting relationship will be strong, but so will the anxiety about leaving. For anyone not at a tipping point with her significant other, this day can bring a smoldering, somewhat gothic, passion to the surface.

Keep your eyes open on the 10th, when we have squares between the Sun and Jupiter and Mercury and Mars. Our highways are likely to look like speedways (more than usual), and you might not need that extra cup of coffee with this energy in the air. It’s a fantastic time to engage in exercise or anything that needs a little extra "spark," but don’t overdo it.

Communicator Mercury is the star on the 13th and 14th with another square, as well as some easy aspects to Neptune. We’re likely to say more than we should, to push the boundaries further and faster than we really ought to, on these days. It should be a good time to push through paperwork and anything that requires reading, and students clearing up the last pile of work before Spring Break should get a boost.

Things ease up a bit until the 20th, when we have a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. The soft, maternal moon doesn’t like the cutting, probing nature of Scorpio, and isn’t really crazy about being fully exposed each month, either. That’s why the Full Moon in Scorpio each year tends to have an edgy, uncomfortable feel to it, not unlike an eclipse. Full Moons bring things to light, and action reaches a culmination. The Scorpio Full Moon often exposes secrets and the hidden side of things, whether to others or to ourselves. On top of all, we’re treated to two Full Moons in the sign of the scorpion this year, as May’s Full Moon is also in this sign.

The 23rd and 24th have a couple of - you guessed it - squares, this time involving Venus with Mars and Jupiter, who are opposing each other. Venus in Aries wants to move forward and outward in relationship, and both Mars and Jupiter will be pushing her to make changes. These aspects can create something of a party atmosphere, but can also get us to go too far too soon. Billy Joel’s song "Big Shot" comes to mind when I think of these aspects.

After that midweek party, the rest of the month is relatively smooth sailing, astrologically at least. We get some softer aspects which should help us to relax and put the last few weeks into perspective. After all, it is Spring, and we need a little time to appreciate the flowers and trees. And hopefully a few warm breezes.




Armand M. Diaz, M.A., C.A., is certified as a Consulting Astrologer by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). His approach to astrology readings is to create a supportive context for self-exploration, to help clients make decisions which are in harmony with their greatest potential. Armand has studied divination and oracles for more than twenty years, working primarily with the I Ching in addition to astrology. He has published articles on the astrology of politics and social phenomena in Geocosmic Journal, The Astrological Journal, and The Mountain Astrologer. He can be reached at 917-216-1541 or


Armand Diaz

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