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Feng Shui: Q & A

by Aaron Lee Koch


Dear Practitioner,

I’ve been searching for a job for over a year, to no avail. I’ve gone to agencies, college workforce, various web sites, etc. I have computer skills, my resume looks great, I’m attractive (I look better than my 58 years), and I’m well groomed. I’ve been on a couple of interviews and they’ve said pretty much the same thing - "it was a pleasure meeting you" or "you are a delight to know", but I don’t get the job. Lately, I haven’t been on any interviews at all. I don’t even get a response to my cover letter and resume. My friends, if you want to call them friends, say I’m cursed. Frankly, at this point I really don’t know what to believe or think. I’m trying to stay positive but every day it gets harder and harder especially since my daughter moved in with me so I don’t lose my house. She’s paying all the bills. I don’t think it's fair to her. Even though she never complains I know it’s a hardship for her. Not only is her life "on hold" but mine is as well. It’s not only depressing but scary to think that at my age, I am one step from being homeless. What can I do to get out of this situation? Thank you for your time and consideration.



New York, NY

Dear Veronica,

You do not give me a lot of information to go by, but the tone of your letter is one of defeat and discouragement. That kind of negative thinking is the only "curse" you are under! You live in the heart of one of the most dynamic job markets on earth, yet you have been on "a couple" of interviews? Expand your job search in every possible direction! There are countless employment agencies and recruiters in your area. Are you listed with every one of them? Include the temp agencies – temp positions often lead to permanent jobs! Is your resume on all of the online services? Do you check the city AND suburban newspapers regularly? Drop in on the personnel offices of potential employers. Leave your resume and discuss your career goals. Use your spare time to expand your skills – many software classes take just one day or less. This will be great for your morale as well as for your resume. Get out of the house and talk to people – network, network, network! Let people know what you are looking for, and keep your eyes and ears open for suggestions and opportunities.

Go on as many interviews as possible – even if the job doesn’t sound quite right. There are several reasons for this. The experience will hone your interviewing skills. It is an opportunity to practice going into an interview with a relaxed, no-expectations attitude. Also, you never know when the "not quite right" job can turn out to be just right! Let things flow as they are meant to – don’t try to force a situation. Just do everything you can do to get your resume out. If you get turned down for a job, ask the interviewers the reason for the decision and whether they can suggest any ways to improve your resume or your interviewing skills.

Your daughter is doing the right thing by helping you, and you are experiencing unnecessary guilt about the situation. Try to release the guilt and just be grateful that the universe has provided the help you need. The right job will also be provided, at the right time.

In the north sector of your living room, locate a small non-directional fountain. By non-directional, I mean a fountain that flows vertically (top to bottom like a vertical waterfall) rather than horizontally, or a fountain that flows in all directions (such as water flowing over all sides of a sphere), rather than in a single direction. This will help stimulate career success.

Do some "inner Feng Shui" work! Use positive affirmations to plant the seeds of a great job in your subconscious. Affirm silently, out loud, or even in writing - "I have a great job that uses my talents fully and that pays me very well", "I deserve extreme career success", "the ideal career situation is now being manifested for me", "the perfect job is coming my way", "I have a wonderful career and nothing can hold me back". Do the affirmations hundreds of times a day! Keep changing the wording around a bit so you are not just repeating phrases. The new ideas will reprogram your subconscious mind and will actually help create the new and brilliant reality of your life! When the old doubts come back, just counter them with positive affirmations!


Dear Practitioner,

I grew up near Cape Cod and my husband and I love the ocean. Plus, my power animal is a whale. I’ve heard having pictures of water in bedrooms means money will elude you. I have lots of water and whale pictures in my 2 bedrooms. Is there anything I can do to stop the money loss without taking down my beloved pictures of the ocean? I’m getting into a desperate mode of how to offset the negative impact.

Thank you,

Christine B.

Endicott, NY

Dear Christine,

I recommend that pictures of water not be displayed in a bedroom. However, if you want to keep your "beloved" pictures in the boudoir, here is a way to mitigate some of the potential impact on your finances. Place a large potted tree, about 5 to 8 feet tall, in each of your bedrooms. There should be no other plants or flowers in the room. The tree will symbolically absorb the water and will reduce the possible negative impact of your pictures.



Aaron Lee Koch is a Master Feng Shui Practitioner, and Director of The American School of Classical Feng Shui. He is available for home and business consultations throughout our area, and may be reached at 607-722-8988 or 718-288-1058, e-mail: FengShui@AmeriChi.com, web site: www.AmeriChi.com.  As many questions as space permits will be answered through this column. Questions may be e-mailed or mailed to Aaron at AmeriChi Feng Shui, PO Box 983, Vestal, NY 13851-0983.

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