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The Secret of Our Wounds

by Rochelle Sparrow

In my devout motivation to know how the process of healing unfolds, I started to make determinations about energy and how energy works to create our lives from the inside out.

The process was not a vocation I would have chosen consciously, but one given to me as a calling to allow myself to heal and to help others heal.

It seems to me that my life long process to separate my energy from my dysfunctional families energy has directed me into areas of thought that I may not have acquired if I have not been given such an obstacle. These areas remained secreted away from myself and other people for many years. These areas remained minimized and hidden within my unconscious because of pain.

Some of you may question the necessity of pain as a motivator to look into the depths of our beings to uncover wounds that are the cause of our pain. I agree. It is not just the unhealed, rawness of our wound that motivates us to move further into acknowledging our selves, it is the connections to our wounds that result in furthering our joy in living. I believe these connections are necessary for all of us to make.

All of us, no matter who we are that walk upon the planet earth, are touched by events that hurt. It could be the death of a loved one, someone talking behind your back when you were nine years old, or feeling unappreciated and unloved by your spouse. Perhaps you suffered abandonment when you were a child through divorce or your family member suffered from depression or alcoholism. Perhaps your favorite aunt died or your mother suffered from severe illness when you were a child. Of course, I am suggesting a smattering of what life can bring us, but I am sure you get the point. None of us on planet earth are left unscathed.

Then the eternal question becomes obvious in looking at the variety, shapes and forms our wounds can take, why is a wound necessary? What energies, meaning the real life experiences that make up the wound, serve our purpose?

I remember, after years of treatment regarding sexual abuse that happened when I was a child, I stood at a gas pump pumping gas. I thought why did it happen? In the next moment I thought, I will never ask that question again. Asking that question continues to hold myself responsible rather than freeing myself from responsibility.

OK, so we all have these huge unconscious inquiries into why we suffer and why people suffer. Why did my father die? How come my parents got a divorce? Why are we involved in a war? Why is famine happening and illness? Why is there poverty and lack of education?

What is our responsibility? How do we make a meaningful story happen out of our wounds and the suffering that occurs around us?

I believe the responsibility comes through the experience of looking at our wounds without the narrowing views that shame, guilt and anger can accede us. The availability of other broader views that love, acceptance and peace can bring us in looking at ourselves makes connections to our wounds that do not leave us isolated.

In our sacrificial exchange of energy for connection rather than isolation, we allow our selves to be seen, known and viewed in our entirety, in all of our humble humanity. We are bare naked, saying yup, this is the wound, this is how it is, but in my telling you of my wound, perhaps you can allow the secret of yours to be revealed.

It is in the secret of our wounds that leave us unconsciously producing wars, famine and illness. We hide our pain and act out our pain through the ignorance of its existence. We make pretenses that the effects of our wounds do not impact the world around us. We still believe we are to blame for what happened to us, which leaves us irresponsibly glossy over the task of looking into the depths of who we are so we may heal.

We forget that in our healing, we bring a point of view of love and acceptance to those around us. We see others with an eye of non judgment.

Not too long ago, I felt impacted by a photograph in National Geographic of a Buddhist monk in meditation sitting on the railway tracks in front of Auschwitz.

When asked by the reporter why he was sitting meditating in front of the concentration camp, the monk stated we all have dark places inside of us that need recognition. These dark places must be realized so that atrocity does not happen.

It is in the seeing of our wounds that we become freely aware of the power of our wounds to connect. We do not realize the connections already within the wound, the connections to isolation, to shame, narrows our lives. We are not available to connect to others and to allow others to know who we are.

In our availability to allow ourselves to experience the energy of our wounds, we see the availability of our connections. They become apparent for us to shape our connections with other people.

Our lives become impersonal to the baggage that other people may carry. We no longer hide from their baggage in order to protect us from feeling our own.

We are free to gather our energy from the enmeshment of our energy from the issues of others. We feel free to express our energy as joy in living. We become aware of our inner connections to our inner selves to feel freer to connect to others outside of ourselves. We no longer blame others for their afflictions or judge them inadequate in our attempts to separate our energy from theirs.

We connect with others through our inner healing. In healing our inner connections with our true self, we engage in a process where love becomes unconditional.

We then allow the true availability of the energy of Source or God to work through us by matching the love inside of us.

Source then flows through us in creation and expansion. We see ourselves in broad perspective. We see the world in broad perspective. We see our connections to the world as accountable to helping those around us heal.

We are all healers on planet earth. We came to learn about our ability to heal and to help other people to heal. In doing so, we allow Source to understand its true nature of creative expansion and to feel its own energy of love. In doing so, we feel our true origin in Source, which is love.

Rochelle Sparrow is an internationally known trance channel featured on Shirley Maclaine.com who holds a masters degree in social work. She is an author, public speaker and workshop facilitator who provides individual and group sessions to help people heal. See her website for upcoming events www.rochellesparrow.com or call her at 602.430.6447 to book a session.

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