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Establishing A Reiki Practice

by Michele B. Engoran, MA, Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki is more than a modality; it is a strong worldwide community. Reiki practitioners are growing in numbers and visibility each day. As Reiki continues to enter the mainstream, Reiki practitioners desire to reach as many people as possible by establishing their own practice.

It is safe to say, Reiki practitioners are a caring group of individuals. With few exceptions, they are motivated by the calling of their soul to provide healing to others. While their intentions are pure and true, many lack the practical business skills necessary for starting and maintaining a thriving practice. Reiki is a valuable service that is highly desired and needed in our stressed-out world. So it is critical for Reiki to be accessible for those who are looking for what it can offer. Making a business of Reiki allows practitioners to expand their scope of healing.

Turning Reiki into a business

The idea of accepting money for Reiki can be a challenging and foreign concept. For many spiritual people, the Reiki world and the business world seem far apart. How can we merge these two worlds so that the work you love to do becomes a rewarding career path?

The first step is to recognize that operating a successful Reiki practice requires a balance of both inner strengths and outward action. Look within to see what strengths you already possess and cultivate other traits that will enhance your practice.

Possessing certain qualities, like those below, are good indicators that you are ready to start and maintain a successful practice.

  • An intimate understanding of the nature of Reiki
  • A certain quantity of hands-on experience already behind you
  • A love of and commitment to Reiki
  • A genuine caring and compassion for others
  • The ability to build rapport with others
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Confidence and conviction of purpose

Basic Business Knowledge

Many Reiki practitioners are eager to jump into a practice shortly after they finish their second or third level of training. Yet, they find that without researching and learning about basic business concepts, their practice is slow to get off the ground. Investing the time and money into business education is well spent in the long run. Read basic business books, magazines and articles. Take a basic business class through adult education or your local community college. Talk extensively to others who are already in business for themselves. Set up mini-interviews with colleagues and friends in business, especially those already in a successful Reiki practice. Find out what steps led them to where they are today, what makes them successful? You can benefit a lot from their experiences.

Setting Fees

One of the biggest hurdles for many practitioners to cross is setting and accepting fees. Making peace with the exchange of money for services is an important piece of your overall experience. Ultimately, each practitioner must find a way to reconcile the idea that each session is a harmonious exchange of energy, and that money is a representation of that exchange.

Many practitioners offer free sessions for a period of time as they gain experience and build potential clientele. When you are ready to charge for Reiki, how does one choose fees that are appropriate? Research the going rate for Reiki in your area. This is a good way to know what the market will bear. It is important to be competitive with other practitioners. You might also compare rates of other energy healing or body work modalities. Once you decide on a fee, you might also consider creating a tiered pricing structure or packaged price options.

Marketing and Advertising

Like it or not, the success of your practice is equal to the degree and quality of your marketing. Marketing is any way in which you disseminate your business information to the public. Essentially, each time you introduce yourself and speak about your practice, you are marketing. There are many cost effective (even free) ways to market. Begin by letting friends, colleagues, and family know that you are starting a Reiki practice and are currently accepting clients.

Marketing covers a broad range of activities, including the following:

  • Develop marketing materials (business cards, brochures, etc)
  • Design a web site
  • Offer free talks at your local library or community organizations
  • Participate in Holistic Health Expos and Fairs
  • Join networking groups or business organizations
  • Advertise strategically toward your target market (new age/holistic magazines)

There are many things to learn about establishing and operating a Reiki practice. The main point is just to get started. If you make it a priority, take specific actions as noted above, hold a vision in your minds eyes, and put passion behind it, then clients will find you. Remember, playing small in the world never serves anyone. You have something valuable to share and the world is waiting for your unique contribution.

Michele B. Engoran, MA, is a Reiki Master and Teacher who has been in practice for over 9 years. She offers individual Reiki sessions and all levels of Reiki training from her center in Plainsboro NJ. In addition, she offers one-on-one business coaching and workshops for Reiki practitioners who are ready to open a practice. Contact her for a schedule of upcoming workshops and events at 609-750-7432 or visit www.MicheleBEngoran.com  or www.RelaxationandHealing.com.  

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