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Feng Shui: Ask the Practitioner

by Aaron Lee Koch


Dear Practitioner,

Our bedroom has only two windows, each measuring 30 inches high by 24 inches across. The wall that the windows are on is 16 feet wide and the ceiling is 8 feet high, so the windows look much too small for the space. This is a rental and the windows cannot be changed. Do you have any suggestions?

Dee, Maspeth, NY

Dear Dee,

For windows that are disproportionately small for the wall they are on, there is an easy solution. Most window treatments are designed to cover the window itself and, in this case, you should have a window treatment over the entire window, whether blinds, shades or curtains, and then a second treatment that is purely decorative. This second treatment would start at the outer edge of the first treatment and would extend out by about 12 to 18 inches. The side panels would cover the wall area alongside the window and would go to the floor. The valence would cover the wall area over the window and over the side panels. This will have the effect of visually enlarging the windows.

For windows that appear too large for the wall they are on, the opposite of the above technique can be used. In this case, a first window treatment would also be used on the window itself. The secondary treatment would start at the outer edge of the window frame and extend in, covering a significant part of the window itself. This will have the effect of visually shrinking the windows.


Dear Practitioner,

When I started my business, a retail clothing store, a friend gave me a beautiful statue of Ganesha, the elephant headed deity with many arms. It is brass and about 8 inches tall. What is the best location in the store for this statue?

L.C., Brooklyn, NY

Dear L.C.,

Ganesha is a powerful and very helpful Hindu deity. He is also known as the "Lord of Beginnings" and is considered a god of success. He is excellent for a new business because he is believed to be extremely resourceful and to remove any obstacles. When he appears with six arms (he also appears with just 2), he carries six symbolic objects. An excellent location for your Ganasha statue would be facing the main door of your business, welcoming in customers.


Dear Practitioner,

I am a 36 year old man who has a terrible relationship history. I think I am a very nice guy and not bad looking either but I cannot seem to develop a lasting relationship. The women that I meet are shallow, fake, deceitful, downright dishonest, and sometimes blatant gold diggers. I just ended another relationship and I need to know what to do to change this pattern?

Lou, Newburgh, NY

Dear Lou,

I have a number of suggestions that should help you. Remove any pictures of single people from your home. In the southwest corner of your bedroom, hang 3 pictures of loving couples. These can be friends who are in the kind of relationship you would like to have, or they can be pictures of other couples who you see as truly caring, supportive and loving towards each other. These can be cut out of books or magazines, or found in art shops.

Write a detailed description of the kind of woman you’d ideally like to meet. Include physical appearance, character qualities, personality qualities, and anything else that is important to you. Be very specific! Keep the description close at hand and reread it frequently.

Make sure your bed is positioned so that it is comfortably accessible from both sides, representing symbolic openness to a relationship.

If your bedroom contains any of the following items, remove them: mirrors (especially if they reflect the bed), computers, exercise machines, work-related materials, water features or pictures of water. A glass of water is not a problem.

Place a picture or statue of a rooster, peacock or phoenix in your living room. (Single men should do this. Single women should use a dragon image.)

You say that you meet dishonest and shallow women. We frequently attract what we give out. Are there any areas where you are dishonest? In the qualities that you look for in women, are you at all shallow? Are you always yourself and never fake? Are you truly available and ready for a relationship? Take a look at how you come across to others and make sure that the vibes you are putting out match that which you hope to attract.

I sense some anger at women in the tone of your note. Are you aware of this? It is important that you work on forgiving those that hurt you in the past. This will make it much easier to attract a different experience going forward.

Aaron Lee Koch is a Master Feng Shui Practitioner, and Director of The American School of Classical Feng Shui. He is available for home and business consultations throughout our area, and may be reached at 607-722-8988 or 718-288-1058, e-mail: FengShui@AmeriChi.com,  web site: www.AmeriChi.com.  As many questions as space permits will be answered through this column. Questions may be e-mailed or mailed to Aaron at AmeriChi Feng Shui, PO Box 983, Vestal, NY 13851-0983.

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