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What Does Extraordinary Mean To You?

by Dr. Denise Chranowski

When I look up the word extraordinary in the dictionary, it shows it as a 5 syllable word (ik-straw-dn-er-ee). Say "extraordinary" aloud and that’s what you’ll hear – 5 syllables. But just for a moment, let’s make it a 6 syllable word – extra-ordinary. Now that’s cool. Extra-ordinary, that’s what I want to be. I want to be extra-ordinary in ALL that I do. I want to be an extra-ordinary wife. I want to be an extra-ordinary mom. I want to be an extra-ordinary doctor. I want to be an extra-ordinary person. And for the very short amount of time that God gives us on this planet Earth, isn’t it a great idea to be extra-ordinary? Our lives have been described as a "mist" of air. Imagine the mist of a spray bottle. Lasts but just a moment. THAT’S IT. That’s our life.

So I’m determined that my mist will be extra-ordinary. I know that each day I have a choice of being ordinary or extra-ordinary. And yes life will throw curve balls at us. But I’m determined to avoid as many as I can. And when I can’t avoid the curve ball, then I’m going to hit it, head-on. So here are some of my suggestions for having an extra-ordinary life.

1. Wake up each morning giving thanks. Dr. John Demartini, a very well known chiropractor throughout the world, says we are to "think and thank our day in advance." Give thanks for what you already have and give thanks for what you want in life (as if you’ve already gotten it).

2. Think of something nice to do for someone else each and every day. It doesn’t have to be a monumental thing. It can be something as simple as smiling at someone and saying "have an incredible day."

3. Be a nice person. That’s right – be nicer. Some of us our just looking for a fight, who’s going to cut me off, what clerk is going to give me an attitude. Always remember, hurting people, hurt people. So if someone hurts you, just simply be nice. Extra-ordinary people are nice people.

4. LOL – I recently learned that LOL is a texting word meaning Laugh Out Loud. Yes, an extra-ordinary life is one willed with laughter.

5. Extra-ordinary people are healthy people. They realize that their bodies are vehicles for carrying out their life’s work. Their vehicles function best when maintained properly. Extra-ordinary people EAT, MOVE, and THINK excellently. Find a wellness center that will help you eat, move, and think better.

Six through ten are your homework. Write down 5 more ways to specifically make YOUR life extra-ordinary.

Make it a great day!




Dr. Denise Chranowski, along with her twin brother, Dr. Dane Donohue, and Dr. Jerry Agasar, are the owners of Wellness Solution Centers. Located in Newtown, this Wellness Center has all the tools and resources to dramatically improve your health, including chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, personal training, and nutritional counseling. www.wscenters.com  

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