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Divine Wisdom From Michele Livingston

by Michele Livingston

Dear Michele,

Why is forgiveness so important? Does it help to break karmic ties, or is it generally just a good practice?

Carol M.

Dear Carol,

First, the major purpose of a human life lived on the earth plane is for soul evolution. The soul is the driver of the car, so to speak, and the car is the body each lifetime. The soul’s journey is not about fame, popularity, wealth or success; although these conditions are fine in regards to abundant life. True soul growth stems from love and compassion – from the good motivations or intentions of one’s heart.

The earth plane is indeed a training ground to learn spiritual lessons. Although it can be a wonderful world, it is also filled with crime, negativity, physical and emotional pain abuse and so on. God is love and each soul is sparked from that source. There are many themes one can choose to accomplish each lifetime. For example, a soul’s mission might be to learn or be aware of tolerance, patience, unconditional love of humanity or forgiveness, to name a few. The person’s life theme will then consistently emerge in the form of trials. If one is here to learn patience, then you can be sure their patience will be tried and tested, and that particular individual will need to wait for situations or opportunities to unfold to learn it!

From a spiritual perspective, the greatest awareness is one of balance – to be able to love others, self and the Creator. Thus, to be able to love others unconditionally, forgiveness must be present, for no human is perfect! To forgive is to pardon, to love, to turn the other cheek. Forgiveness can be given to another by physically speaking the words through verbal communication; but one may also forgive another in a soul to soul way!

Before you go to sleep, visualize the individual’s face (in your mind’s eye) who you need to forgive. Tell them how you feel; how you resent the abuse, the abandonment, and are angry about how they treated you. Then imagine looking deep into their eyes and say, "But you are a child of God, a spark of the Creator, therefore I forgive you, I love you and release you to the universe."

This exercise will break any negative karmic ties to the other person, and will greatly help your soul growth. When an individual is filled with pure light and compassion, there is no need to physically re-enter the earth plane, and the soul will stay in the other dimensions to learn. Forgiveness of others is synonymous with love, and love transcends all – this is the ultimate goal of soul progression.

Dear Michele,

I have been told by many readers that I have a very strong presence in my life in the form of a Native American Indian spirit guide called "Red Feather." I would like to know how I can contact him. What "signs" would a guide manifest? Please help!

Dana T.

Dear Dana,

Native American guides are very close to my heart since I channeled my book Echoes in the Wind from Chief Red Cloud – a well-known Lakota Sioux.

A "spirit guide" is a human soul who has lived on the Earth plane at some point in history and has trained to be your helper. We all have a "lifetime guide" who goes with us on our journey through life. "Project guides" will help us when we are working on new or significant endeavors. I feel Red Feather is your lifetime guide this incarnation and his energy is protective around you.

One way to communicate is through a process called "automatic writing." First, create a sacred meditation space in your home, where you can go to commune with spirit. Light a white candle there which will attract your guide and higher realm energies. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Visualize an "egg" or "cocoon" of pure white light surrounding your body. Say a protective prayer and ask for information from Red Feather for your highest good and humanity’s. You will eventually feel or sense a presence near you. Open your eyes and start to write on the blank sheet of paper in front of you. Messages or phrases will emerge from your hand that you know intuitively you didn’t write – It was your guide! The "verbiage" will be different as a Native American is writing through you. Discipline yourself to write daily and it will become easier each time. Say a prayer before you go to sleep and invite Red Feather to communicate in your dreams. Keep a paper and pen by your bed to jot down messages you receive upon awakening.

Guides love to give us gifts that pertain to them. Ask him to give you a token from nature or a totem (bird or animal) that relates to him. Walk in nature and be open to certain trees or to finding feathers, leaves or stones that may represent him. You will be drawn to a certain species of bird or animal and it will become a recurring theme in your life – sent by Red Feather.

Persistence and awareness are keys to this process, so stay with it! Remember to always say protective prayers before any type of spirit communication.

Dear Michele,

Can deceased loved ones guide us if we’re asking them for help? Joan S.

Absolutely Joan! But, always go to God — the source — first. God is the source of all creation – pure unconditional love and infinite wisdom.

Loved ones on the other side are human souls and cannot or will not influence thinking patterns of those on the earth plane. Their help and advice is going to be similar to what they gave us when they were on the earth plane. Since they are human souls, they will still be somewhat influenced by human emotions and beliefs. They have not become "all knowing" just because they no longer possess a physical body! They do draw in around us in times of need — to gently nudge us in what they believe to be the right direction. Ask them for assistance and guidance and they will be there for you. Remember though, they are also learning, working and growing spiritually in the fourth dimension. Give them "peace" by not calling on them constantly or pulling their energy.

Michele Livingston is a spiritual clairvoyant and author who uses her special gifts to guide and counsel those seeking answers about their loved ones (both living and deceased), about their health and even about past lives.

Readers can prearrange one-on-one phone sessions or in person readings with Michele. She also presents "Messages from Beyond" seminars throughout the northeastern USA, and she has authored four books that are available on-line at her website or by calling 717-737-3888.

In this column she answers questions from selected readers about angels, loved ones who have passed, spirit guides and many other interesting subjects. Questions may be sent to Michele at Divine Inspirations, P.O. Box 383, Camp Hill, PA 17001 or e-mailed to Michele@MicheleLivingston.com . To learn more about Michele and her work, please visit her web site at www.MicheleLivingston.com.


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