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Ask Rochelle

by Rochelle Sparrow

Stars of Celestial Water through Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:

My Apologies, I don't know quite how this works. I hate to be boring, but what am I supposed to be doing with my life? Many thanks, Meredith

Dear Meredith:

Remember that we create our life from the inside out so the guides will answer your question with that perspective in mind. This is what the guides say:

Meredith is a great liar in this regard (making a joke) she knows already that she is very moved by art. She knows too, that she has underutilized her art in that (feels like working on murals on wall) and she can develop projects (feels like inner city with kids, people) who work on developing artistic messages (mural and perhaps tile) that create messages of hope and connection. She also recognizes that she has strong grounding in her own knowing about who and what she is but often pretends she is without a direction. Her spiritual prompts lead her to artistic projects (which then feels grounded and spiritually knowing) but often she doesn't credit herself with enough (feels like talent) also getting writing energy in that there too (feels like short articles) she does not allow her being to move forward in her acknowledgement of her ability. So what we are suggesting here is that there is untapped abilities in art that are hers to explore (her natural gifts and talents) and that her purpose is to begin to notice, explore and develop her untapped talents. That is the correct way.

Love, Stars

Dear Stars:

I am 42 years old and I want to know if there is a special man entering my life. Thank you for any information you can share. Sabina

Dear Sabina:

Thank you for calling upon our services. This is what the guides state:

You are correct in choosing an energy of great love towards your being's self. In other words, do all things from your being's heart towards your being's heart. You are correct in choice of wanting a loving companion. Now, begin to know and

understand that your creation of your soul mate has already occurred. In other words, he is already present (believe) and that your being will reside in great love with him. Begin to know and understand that he is arriving shortly. Expect a date within (feels like one month to a year) which can change your being's life! Now in terms of time difference you can issue an acceleration of this occurrence in time through your own belief. You must become the soul mate to your being's self before the soul mate arrives. This is the secret of the truth in communication with the Source. In other words, through your language of being a true love to you, you will be connecting to Source through this energy and stating,” I am ready to receive.” Then of course, you will receive. That is the correct way.

Dear Stars:

My dog Jack is not doing well physically. Can you give me information about him? Gratitude, Sheilia

Dear Sheilia:

Thank you so much for your question and God Bless Jack (I love

animals!) One of my guides is Quan Yin, who helps me to heal animals. Let's see what the guides say.

You are correct in your (feels like "ministrations" to him (got a sensory image of bending over dog undefined breed and giving him some kind of systematic care like medications) and that Jack is being loved. He understands and knows he is in good care. Your being is advised to (feels like replace the worrying with knowledge of certainty) that Jack is being done all that can be done for in terms of comfort and care. (I got a sensory image of x ray) (I am never sure in terms of time when this information has taken place) and that Jack understands and knows mother (feels like he is in contact with his mother) is correct (again feels comforting).

Jack will be satisfied (will not want for anything) throughout life.

That is the correct way.

Love to you and Jack, Stars

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