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Soul Searching with The Tibetan

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

Plodding along through a pedestrian existence bankrupts the soul and makes life unnecessarily wearisome. Inspiration is the key ingredient to initiate, sustain and fulfill our passions. Without inspiration all incentive to follow our dreams flat-lines into the inevitable: "Why bother?" Inspiration, the key to taking action, ignites the fuel needed to move forward. How often are you inspired?

Although flooded with ideas of how to spend my precious days, I must await the juice of inspiration to enliven and implement these possibilities. As time rushes by at light-speed, I bemoan all aspects of my life that linger in the wings — hoping for an inspired moment to ignite discipline, drive, openness and readiness. Inspiration links visions of what the soul really wants with our ability to actually make it happen. But it seems that inspiration is a sporadic gift from the Universe — a lucky moment when we connect with the animus that kicks us into gear. Unable to make it happen, we can only hope that every once in a while just enough of it will come our way to quicken the dedication to all soul yearnings hungry to be honored.

I’m filled with incentive when inspiration strikes. But when I finally seize the moment act on it, the enthusiasm has evaporated like a dream. Where does it go? All that’s left is a blah resistance — negative voices eager to counter that treasured moment of afflation. Saddened, I’m stuck by inspiration’s ephemeral nature. Its transient essence, like a Divine Intervention, carries a momentary bleedthrough from the etheric plane. We can’t chase after the muse that illuminates our passion. Or can we?

How do we rally to fulfill soul assignments when it’s so illusive to access, much less maintain, the flow of inspiration that kindles the commitment to our truest pathway? Are we only meant to touch its Divine Spark for a fleeting moment and then left to drudge through earthly life, trying to stay galvanized by an evanescent moment of flight? Discouraged and cranky, we’re like hungry children who aren’t fed but are still expected to grow.

Why does the Field of Inspiration appear so inaccessible? Maybe we need to learn to reach for it — which serves to enhance our contact with Light. We would discover how to bask in inspiration , deeply absorbing its precious encouragement whenever needed. Then surely we’d write that book, climb that mountain, go for the better job, stay on that diet, confront that person, expand our perspective, release limitations, follow that vision, speak our truth, bounce out of bed in the morning, finish that big project — and love life! Inspiration warms the blood, expands the heart, opens the mind, lightens the body, exhilarates the psyche and illuminates the soul.

Inspiration, the Divine Catalyst that encourages us to go for it, ignites willingness. It bestirs us to experience our divinity by shedding the heavy blanket of impossibility that we use to hide our Light. Inspiration initiates the alchemical process. To liberate our authentic self, inspiration’s potent fire melts all blockages. This breakdown of soul toxins can be painful, discouraging and exhausting — the very opposite of inspiration’s buoyancy. We question our initial delight when it results in such misery.

But inspiration — temporarily buried under fallout from the alchemical process it sparked — never abandons the soul. The Field of Inspiration always surrounds us, regardless of our awareness of its exalted energy. We must reach for its genius in the despair-filled moments that stem from cleansing the deadness underlying the "why bother" monster.

Inspire means to breathe in. Without the breath of life we expire. So too does the soul atrophy sans inspiration. We feel deadened inside — unable to receive Life Force when lacking the inspiration that breathes in Universal Chi. This leads to a wearisome depression. Numbing defense structures, comatoseness based on denial, block awareness of the ever-present inspiration just waiting to be tapped.

Inspiration, the Breath of the Divine, is a wellspring of kundalini energy that prevents the soul flame from being extinguished. Its dynamic illumination propels us on a magic carpet toward a fabulous destination. When we ride this Cosmic Brain Wave, our life shifts from a black and white movie to full technicolor.

Inspiration informs us of the best possible pathway. It reflects life purpose — our reason for being — a reminder of the soul’s original exhilaration when it met with the karmic board to choose an incarnation beautifully suited to its evolutionary needs. The simple act of imagining ourselves breathing in Universal energy reminds us of the original state of inspiration that electrified the incentive to anchor the soul on planet earth one more time.

Sometimes we stifle inspiration because we don’t trust its enthusiasm. Or we may fear looking like fools who actually believe they’ve been struck by a Cosmic Muse that thrills the soul. Others, disconnected from their sources of inspiration, are quick to caution us to keep our feet on the ground and not get carried away by strange provocations unclaimable by the ego. But we’re divinely designed to have a real bounce to our step!

It’s so exciting to receive a moment of inspiration out of the blue— a gift of Divine Intervention that lubricates the dryness of apathetic despair. Our hearts are gladdened. Sluggish motivation is aroused to move us forward through our greatest resistance. Yes, we can’t conjure up inspiration out of nothing. But the notion that inspiration is just a lucky moment obscures our awareness of the wellsprings of uplifting vision always available. Regardless of circumstances, we can make a commitment to hold an open attitude that welcomes inspiration’s ever-present brightness.

We’re mandated to fill up on inspiration. This requires our attention. So we need to explore/identify our unique sources of the Divine Muse. What makes our heart quicken, passion flow, excitement ignite? I dip into the Field of Inspiration in moments of deep silence, listening to music, playing in nature, reading meaningful books, enjoying deep conversation with friends, surrendering to a Higher Presence during episodes of existential emptiness, and/or simply feeling my own essence and what a gift it is to be alive. In addition to these obvious sources of inspiration, unexpected flashes of titillation rally out of the Mystery to hit just the right spot at the right time. These serendipitous gifts respond to our willingness to bask in the wonders of not-knowing that magnetize the Divine Muse to tickle our fancy in the most unpredictable ways as we acknowledge/assert our divine right to be inspired.

The Tibetan, aflame with inspiration, emanates sparks of excitement that ignite even the most humdrum banausic pockets in the collective unconscious. He teaches:

"The soul sustains itself through inspiration. Humankind believes there’s little if any inspiration available while on the earthly plane — certainly a finite resource at best. So few challenge themselves to refuel on inspiration as a major food group for the soul.

"Inspiration is a dimension of energy that surrounds and infuses the earthly plane. Drink a big cup of inspiration from Source daily to fill self with the buoyancy to evolve forth in a state of joyful motivation. Take a minute to consciously breathe in prana, life force, in order to stimulate the great Field of Inspiration available to the soul. To revel in the gift of breath fills self with gratitude for Source’s sustaining abundance. Self is naturally inspired to be fully alive.

"These days of planetary darkness and difficulty beg for greater doses of inspiration to move humankind through the challenges of collective transformation. This uplifting fuel is crucial for meeting the expansion of soul purpose. Inspiration reminds humankind of its true destiny which quickens the heart and strengthens resolve. Its magnetic and contagious nature elevates everyone in its sweep and stimulates the current revolution in consciousness.

"It’s difficult to receive inspiration from customary ego-based venues. Today’s widespread depression stems from a sense of futility related to the inability to give self a boon through these outmoded sources of incentive. Humankind’s sense of purpose has shifted tremendously. The new direction is to serve the soul and hold a greater vision so needed at this collective alchemical juncture. With the loss of ego-based purpose, humankind is floundering — desperate to grab onto something that buoys and arouses a deeper sense of possibility and catalyst in order to continue living in intendment.

"Humankind’s’ ability to swim in the vast Sea of Inspiration that sustains the soul and earthly plane elevates belief systems to truly reflect the Divine Plan. Open to the illumination that guides self along new pathways toward the original horizon awaiting all. Inspiration is the source of energy that shifts perspective, deepens commitment and sparks a spirited alignment with Source.

"Remember to call on the Mysterious Muse at all times, regardless of the lower mind’s absorption in negativity, limitation and fear. Inspiration electrifies the third eye to reveal self’s true destiny. Allow trust to sustain the juices that flow from inspiration’s font of genius. Follow its brainstorm that literally floods the higher mind with illumination. Dance along the yellow brick road of life with a quickened prance. The soul is not meant to monotonously slog through earthly life, drearily attached to a wheel of rote deflation. Rather it has incarnated to fire up world evolution by magnetizing the Universal Cheer and Encouragement that propels all of humankind through the Gateway of Full Potential."

Next column will be in August 2008. Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines her tools of soul-based astrology and depth dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s metaphysical perspective on karmic belief systems to her penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. Specializing in phone sessions for individuals & couples, she offers group intensives nationwide & is author of Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-624-9606, Colrain, MA. moriahmarston@gmail.com . www.transformationaltimes.com.

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