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Our Evolving Psychic Spirit

by Sherrie Dillard

Attending to and caring for our intuitive and psychic nature can help us to perceive our lives from a broader perspective of connection and inspiration. It can also revel to us our unique spiritual path and purpose. We typically think of what is psychic as unusual and even extraordinary. Yet, intuitive and psychic energy is as pervasive as the air that we breathe. It is an aspect of our intelligence that is often misunderstood and ignored. The impulse to explore our intuitive and psychic nature comes as a call from our soul, urging us to evolve and explore our immense potential.

Many people find that they are inspired to develop their intuitive and psychic potential as a result of a personal unexpected psychic incident while others might be motivated by mild curiosity. Either way, once we turn our attention to exploring our extrasensory tendencies we find that the psychic world is never very far from us even when we are oblivious to its existence.

We all receive psychic impressions in our daily lives, yet these psychic moments often go unnoticed and unappreciated. We approach the unseen though our particular strengths and natural predispositions. We tend to expect an ahha incident to let us know when we are connecting with information and guidance beyond our ordinary five senses. Yet, receiving psychic energy is more subtle and gentle than we usually realize. Recognizing our innate intuitive-psychic tendencies opens the door for more positive psychic development and empowers us in our journey to self understanding and awareness.

  • An emotional intuitive might experience spontaneous and random waves of unexplained feelings like, sadness, joy, anger, fear, or happiness. These feelings and emotions may flow in while doing routine tasks such as the laundry or drinking tea. These random emotional sensations seem to have little connection to what they may be currently engaged in.
  • A mental intuitive often has a sudden awareness of ideas and solutions to improving and solving complicated problems and issues. They might also have an instantaneous and cohesive understanding of inventions and new technologies which may be accompanied with an inner drive to improve conditions and alleviate the suffering of others.
  • Physical intuitive often experience unexplained physical sensations such as aches and pains in any part of the body, buzzing feeling in the head or hands and pressure or feeling of expansion in the chest or heart. When they hold the objects or a photograph of another they might receive feelings, images, or information about them.
  • Spiritual intuitives often see flashes of light or color without any known origin. They may have an uncanny sense of another presence when they are physically alone. They might also dream of loved ones who have died and feel an inner assurance that they have truly communicated with them.

When we are aware of how intuition naturally flows through us, we will begin to notice more and more instances of increased psychic receptivity. Whatever we put energy into will increase and expand. Becoming aware of our natural ability to receive intuitive and psychic information and guidance is like discovering within ourselves a hidden source of riches. Like, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who in her search for her way home, finally discovers that the ruby slippers that she has been wearing are all that she has needed to find her way back to Kansas.

Psychic information and guidance can be invaluable in helping us to negotiate the many twists and turns of our daily lives such as our financial and career choices and improving our relationships and our health. It also can also provide us with insight regarding our spiritual path as our natural psychic predisposition reveals to us our unique divine purpose and capabilities.

Emotional intuitive’s journey is through the path of the heart. They are evolving through the sometimes tumultuous sea of emotions into the calmness of heart-centeredness. Mental intutives are evolving from ego to enlightenment. They are exploring consciousness, expanding their thoughts into those of the divine mind. Physical intutives are expressing the divine made physical. They have the gift of perceiving the divine in all of life. Their challenge is to refine their perceptions into the awareness of subtleties, vibration and the ethereal. Spiritual intuitives are here in the physical world to experience enlightened freedom. Their challenge is to live in the world of duality, of cause and effect and to ground their natural spiritual gift of transcendence.

Psychic development is more than attaining a skill as it encourages an inner shift in our perception and a reframing of what we recognize as real and concrete. We do not learn to “become” psychic. It is, rather, the unfolding of our spirit and the evolution of our consciousness. As we seek within for guidance and answers to our questions and concerns we discover the remarkable.

Our soul is connected to the all that is. We normally live in a kind of amnesia, forgetful of the vastness of our spirit, and so we easily fail to draw from the rich spiritual source that lies within us. Psychic ability can wake us to this potential and truth. As we develop and listen to our authentic psychic voice we cannot but help to bump into this deep internal source of power.

Sherrie Dillard M.Div. is a psychic-medium clairvoyant, author and teacher with an international client list. She has been a professional psychic and medium for over twenty years. She has been featured on television and radio for her work as a psychic detective and medium. She is the author of Discover Your Psychic Type (Llewellyn Worldwide). She can be reached at sgd7777@yahoo.com www.sherriedillard.com 919 286 4016

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