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How To Safely Trade Your Day Job For Your True Calling

by Elizabeth Genco Purvis

Recently, I received an email from a good friend. “I can’t take it any more,” he said. “I’m leaving my job. Any words of wisdom?”

I knew exactly where he was coming from. Today, I teach metaphysical and holistic practitioners how to use authentic marketing to attract and serve more of their perfect clients. But not long ago, I was in an unfulfilling job, growing unhappier by the minute.

The decision to listen to listen to my inner voice and leave the 9-5 behind was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, but also one of the scariest. If it’s time for you to trade your job for your true calling, I’d like to help make your journey easier with a few of the lessons I’ve learned. Yes, you can do this!

1. Have a plan. Cover your bases and account for the basics: food, shelter, living expenses. I had 6 months worth of expenses stashed before leaving my job. If you’ve got a family, discuss your plan with them. Make sure everyone is on board and, if not 100% supportive, at least understanding.

2. At the same time, don’t have too much of a plan. Before I quit my job, I planned like crazy. I made lists. I made strategies. I made detailed projections of exactly how I would be spending my time each day once I was on my own. Much later, I discovered the real purpose of this planning frenzy: to regain some control at a time when I felt it slipping away.

In the end, very few of my plans actually came to pass, and the planning only increased my anxiety. Excessive planning is also dangerous, as it can make you feel like you’re accomplishing something when you’re just pushing paper. Stepping out into the void means letting go. Marketing your business and doing the vital inner work needed for your journey are much better uses of your valuable time.

3. Be careful with your money. I’m convinced that “do I really need this?” is the most powerful question a self-employed person can ask! Take special care to watch out for impulse purchases and business expenditures based on emotion, not fact. A simple check: pick a number (say $50, or whatever is appropriate for you) and promise yourself that you’ll sleep on all purchasing decisions greater than that number.

4. Know where your clients are coming from. Note I said clients, not money! No matter what you do, behind every transaction in your business is a real person trading their money for the value you provide. And no matter what business you are in, your first order of business is the consistent attraction of customers and clients, both past and new. You must always be marketing.

5. Get ready to work on yourself. I left my job in the middle of The Secret phenomenon, when everyone was talking about “conditioning yourself to receive.” A favorite word of small business gurus everywhere is “mindset” – as in, “your mindset is what makes you or breaks you” and “you’ll never get anywhere without the right mindset.” I honestly thought that all I had to do was visualize a truck of gold ingots backing up to my door, take action, and the rest would follow.

Here’s what I learned the hard way: being self-employed will change you in ways you can’t even imagine now. You’ll have to drop some baggage and develop new ways of thinking about yourself and the world. The quicker you do, the quicker you’ll start to create real abundance.

6. Shield yourself from the dominant paradigm. Our entire culture is based on the 9-5 model; expect some resistance from the world for being so bold as to leave it. The fear and limited thinking running rampant in magazines, in the news and from some of the people you’ll meet doesn’t serve you. Turn off the TV, say “no” to the nay-sayers, and take steps to protect your mindset (early morning meditation can work wonders here).

7. Get your support system in place. Even the most fulfilling work can get lonely! Find some fellow “soul-preneurs” and, if possible, arrange to meet on a regular basis.

8. Learn to recognize and jump on opportunity. I’ve often heard successful self-employed people say that their biggest growth came from recognizing their big chance when they saw it, and pushing everything else aside to ride the wave. Your big opportunities will probably look very different than what you expect. Your intuition is your best ally here! When your inner wisdom says “go!”, it’s time to drop the rigid plans for something better.

9. Give thanks daily. We all know that “you get more of what you think about.” But how can you keep your eye on the good stuff in the midst of all the stress that comes with working for yourself? Here’s one of my favorite tricks: keep a small notebook handy and make a running list of the things to be grateful for as they happen. Did you get a new client, a new insight, or just a smile from someone on the street? These are generous gifts, and they add up.

10. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride, and be proud of all you’ve accomplished. It takes courage, inner strength and deep conviction to strike out on your own. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may seem.

Elizabeth Genco Purvis (a.k.a. The Marketing Goddess) is a writer and marketing strategist based in Brooklyn, NY. She teaches metaphysical and holistic solo-preneurs how to grow their practices, make more money and take more time off - all while staying in integrity and not sounding like a pushy salesperson. To claim your free 90-minute interview on getting all the clients you need while staying true to your calling, visit: http://www.yourholisticmarketing.com.

Elizabeth Genco Purvis

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