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Psychic Astrological Predictions for August 2008

by Elissa Heyman

Happy Birthday Leo! Many more and different kinds of people are attracted to you in your coming birthday year, as you grow into your most grounded and stable self. On the way, though, be patient with yourself: you are truly going places, but it tends to be and up and down process. When “up”, guard against ego pride and too much investment in self-image. When you’re down, you are vulnerable to the Shadow Self. Here’s a message from the spirits about the Leo Shadow Self and another, third strong possibility: the Out in All Its True Glory Leo of 2008: "This year Leo can experience its own shadow self: the Doubter; the Looker-Only-The-Past; the Developer of Fears and Anxieties about What’s Happened and What Might Happen. OR!!...May we present the true-to-Self Leos!:.. having chosen to do what they love, realizing how they can grow if they’re doing what they love, being full of life for the first time in a long time, willing and able to do what they’ve always dreamed of. Dear Leos, May this year be about what you love and expressing who you truly are…reach for the palpable, in-sight, Heavens and grab on to what wants you too, and lift your legs up out of the way of what might try to drag you down."

More Highlights: You get opportunities away from home. But home is important, and you do make it into a stronger foundation and can build your life around that. Expect unexpected yet favorable career news. This Fall you realize you are getting into a good place with finances and business.

Psychic Messages for August 2008

August is marked by striking endings and beginnings, and it begins most likely with a sense of letting go, or having to let go, of an awful lot.

People find themselves in more profound states of change than usual. The forces in play help one to create a new inner experience, forge a new identity, and stabilize new patterns. New and stronger emotional natures can develop now.

The special force in effect is attributed to eclipses, one, in Leo August 1st and Aquarius August 16th. Its particular ways of showing up can be: whatever you have been disciplining yourself for and preparing for is taking off now; or, now you are finally able to make breaks from limiting patterns; or by the end of the month you have a deep realization of where you are at, where you have arrived. If you decide to make changes, chances are you’ll be greatly helped by whatever process or person you find now.

As things come to a head in different places, individuals must take care not to identify with collective fates unless its unavoidable. Stay in your own body, keep remembering your own goals, and be loving towards yourself and others.

The Psychic News: There are critical moments in August, and unexpected developments. Manmade or natural, change can be brutal. Land masses could be split in two by forces of nature, and men in power strategize about nuclear options, i.e. bombing Iran. This is also when people start paying attention to the sea and what it needs. A stock market recovery could be short-lived.

P.S. I forgot to add this when I published the August newsletter to the web earlier today:
Re the Obama vice presidency: Awhile ago a client of mine asked me a question, but she didn't want me to know what it was, just what I saw. When I told her, she told me the question: Would Barack Obama be a good leader?"..something like that. When I knew what the question was and visualized Obama, all of a sudden there was another guy there, and he had a very square head. He played an important role...I Googled him and it looks like Tim Kaine, the governor of Virginia, has a square head. I watched a Youtube video of Kaine addressing a crowd of Hispanics. First he uses a few Spanish words, and towards the end he breaks into extremely good Spanish--he's a surprise. I remember from writing the January 2008 newsletter, that there was some kind of surprise and someone coming up (into power) very fast.
Also, I have new website feature called "Prophecy Blog", with an entry called "2020 Vision". What will make it more bloglike is if you add any visions or dreams or ideas about the future you've had, or any comments about what it looked like to me. The best way is to email me at elissaheyman@earthlink.net with "blog" in the subject line, and I"ll post it.

Psychic Astrology for August 2008—Read your Sun,Moon, and Risings Signs

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): You’ve left some things behind, and if not already, certainly by September. Now you’re contemplating a changing fate and role in the world, something more appropriate. You’ve turned a corner and are coming into one of the richest parts of your life. Many new opportunities and influences appear, and they all seem to be relevant to an upgraded level of clarity. You are more willing and likely to grow creatively in new directions.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):
You could all of a sudden be getting involved in a new project, something you’ve really wanted to do or find very appealing. It might be close to your location or right up your alley. It’s possible to gain financially now. New news is good news There’s much more stability sensed up ahead. Things are moved forward into higher octaves of expression. Karmic conditions are transformed, and there’s much good collaboration and connection between partners. Be very welcome to new ideas and new arrangements. People in the arts get sharper with their skills and talents.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Your actions lead to greater financial success, having recently put yourself onto a more lucrative road. Connections with family and friends are close. You might be “in place” in some way for now, and then move forward in September. Nostalgia might sweep over you…and then your life force quickens, and you set out as if it’s a new year.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): For the earth signs, a very simple-speaking and direct spirit appeared with these August messages, and gave the impression that this time marked a striking turning point for you, yet one that would be more easily seen in the rear view mirror. You’d done a lot of changing, and many limits were lifted, it looked like you left the past behind in a trail of dust by the end of it: “The Sun shines on the Earth Signs. Much is done without effort. All that’s well now, continues for quite awhile. Any misses are a good thing. All is well with your family or those close to you.”

Elissa Heyman Psychic Counseling and Healing In Person/By Phone Santa Fe, NM

www.elissaheyman.com elissaheyman@earthlink.net 505-982-3294

Elissa Heyman

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