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Angel Message For September 2008

by Nancy Johansen

Dear Angeltouche Friends,

Yes, it’s true. Fall is approaching, a time to celebrate the harvest! September 22, 2008 at 11:44 am EDT, to be exact. Note the time angel lovers! Let’s see what are angels have to say about our focus as the change of seasons is upon us…

A PERFECT FIT! We all have at least two things in our lives that are a perfect fit. First is that we are divine children of the universe with unique and perfect lessons to be learned and gifts to offer. Choose to see that no matter what the outward appearance may be, you are in fact, created in the image of the divine creator. You are whole and complete with all that is necessary to fulfill your unique mission and purpose on this planet, in this lifetime. Secondly, we all have at least one other perfect fit in our lives. Now is the time to recognize exactly what we have created that is a perfect fit. For some of us it is a family relationship or a special friendship. For some it is our work. It may be your faith, your garden, your dancing, your singing, your psychic development path, your cooking or some other unique to you perfect fit. Take time this month to see, embrace and celebrate the perfect fits in your life!

GRACIOUS LIVING! What does gracious living mean to you? Our angels say to be gracious is to live kindly, compassionately and with generosity of spirit. Are you remembering to be courteous and polite to the people we come into contact with every day? Our families, our co-workers and friends, the strangers we meet in our every day lives actually hunger for our graciousness. Make every day this month an opportunity to consciously choose to live graciously and see the blessings that this will bring into your own life as well.

SPIRIT SPEAKS! Your angels want you to know that right now this very minute, the question is not, “Is spirit speaking?” The question is, “Are you listening to spirit?” Every day, in an infinite number of ways spirit is speaking to you. Your angels and guides are sending you signs and messages right now. Have you been bombarded by a bird or birds lately, do you see 1:11, 9:11 or a particular number every where you go, always hear a certain song when you’re feeling alone or maybe even a friend or family member has delivered a surprisingly, profoundly, helpful message just when you needed it most? These are all ways that spirit speaks to us, and there are so many others! Choose now to hear, see, feel and know the messages that just waiting to be received by you. Spirit is always speaking.

SERENDIPITY SURPRISES! September is filled with good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries. This month our angels tell us to be aware of all the opportunities to accidentally discover something fortunate while searching for something entirely different. You have the wonderful ability to gain knowledge, wisdom and insight from accidental happenings. Allow yourself to become an expert in the fine art of finding something by looking for something else. You will be utterly amazed to see that there is a gift attached to every seeming unfortunate event that manifests in your life. You can now choose to see all the divine serendipitous events that surround me every day. So, get out there and enjoy a touché of Serendipity now!

Well, there it is ~ that’s what I’m hearing for September. Enjoy, every day is a gift!

Angel Blessings, Nancy

Nancy is a psychic intuitive, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® & medium, having studied under Doreen Virtue and James VanPraagh. As a Usui Reiki Master, Shamballa Master and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, in addition to her own business, Angeltouche, she is currently working as a registered nurse in a busy Massachusetts emergency room. Spiritual teaching and healing are a major part of Nancy's life's mission. Nancy is available for private readings by appointment. Email: Nancy@Angeltouche.com Website: www.Angeltouche.com.

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