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Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters Through Rochelle Sparrow

by Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:

My boyfriend of 14 years left me. He said he was no longer in love with me. He retired last Christmas at 55. He is 20 years older than me. I think he has changed his course in life. He said he wanted to be along and not have anyone any morel I am filled with anger and hurt, nine months now. How do I live again? How do I heal?
Thank you,

Dear Susan:

Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry for your loss. Let's see what they say:

You are correct to know that your being is moving toward a great rediscovery of who you are and why you were in this (feels like failing) relationship for such a long period of time. Why stay in a relationship of such length when commitment was not forth coming? Now this is not a judgment. It is an inquiry we suggest you put forth to yourself. In other words, perhaps it served your purposes to be within a non committed relationship for so long. We suggest you look inward. You truly wished freedom from non commitment in your regard as well. Ask yourself why. Now go further in asking yourself what commitment you would want to have in the future in regards to a companion? We are suggesting that perhaps, your wish for freedom and companionship has been confused and this inward confusion has led to outward manifestations of confusion as well. Now, in order to move forward, this inward journey must be made (very loud). It cannot be overlooked. If

you choose to continue to not look inward, the confusion will continue to manifest outward as well. That is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Rochelle:

I live on the big island of Hawaii. There is currently a large fissure of the volcano that is erupting. The sulfur dioxide is alarming. I am worried about my health and my lungs. Should I move? Is this a call for healing? Would reike be best?
Thank you for your time,

Dear Linda:

It sounds like part of the earth changes that are inward manifestations of our human evolution. Thank you for contacting us. Let's see:

You are correct to stay indoors and away as much you are able. The fumes are not life supporting. However, we see this eruption as a short stint. We also see the continuance of eruptions from time to time. We suggest that moving does not have to be a direct consequence of these eruptions. Be careful of disaster energy becoming a focus of concern within your inward experience. Focus on the truth. These eruptions are quite positive in that they generate much needed life force for the planet as a whole. Also, the eruptions are advantageous to all people of the Hawaiian islands. They help the natives remember who they are and where they were generated from. Too much as been taken, too much has been ignored through the taking. To assert with life force and with remembrance of true identity is what is needed now to help counter balance the greed that is presently occurring. The eruptions are of course, the source of inner disruptions being

experience by the native populace at the current time. Know this truth and respect the rights of the native populace and their connection to the land.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Stars:

How can I find my purpose in life? I notice that most people never seem to find theirs in their lifetime. Without a true purpose in life, the wholeness of the human potential remains untapped.

Thank you!!

Dear Timothy:

Thank you for writing to us. I see the mirror of your statements above within your inner world.

You are correct to know that your belief about most people is your true belief about yourself generated by a father who was non committed emotionally toward your being. We suggest you truly begin to see that you too have not seriously noticed who you are and have not begun the exploration inward to find out (and delve) into your innermost being. You do not pay attention to yourself just as your father did not respect and notice you. Respect and notice your interests, your day to day pulls to explore (archeology) and other mysteries of the earth. Why not take trips to native American ruins and explore ancient Egypt? Why plunder your dreams as though you cannot carry them out? You betray your dreams by believing in the nonchalance of your father's behavior toward you. We say his beliefs in your being are not your beliefs in yourself. We see vast differences. Do you understand what those differences are? Do you understand now, it will take

exploration to find out? That is the way.

Blessings, Stars

Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel, MSW, Author, Media Personality. Now on www.shirleymaclaine.com  For sessions by phone or in person: www.rochellesparrow.com   or 602.430.6447

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