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Psychic Insights & Astrology for September 2008

by Elissa Heyman

Make this month’s priority your own healing--be accountable to yourself first and foremost. It’s time to make progress and one can go far in both good or bad direction, so recognize what your actions produce, what is it that you’re promoting and furthering?

Growing in September is a matter of drawing in new energy, fresh ideas, allowing different sensation. New personal realizations and understandings will open your eyes wide, if you’re willing to hear and accept them. Your own inner world can be making headlines.

Peoples’ creative response to life are colorful and rich in Virgo, with much attention to detail. The ads get sharper and funnier…it’s a witty month.

September’s events tend to be broad in their effects, spreading very far and lasting a long time. . Dead ends are evident, and carelessness is particularly costly.

There’s a lot of progress in alternative energy, a lot of deals.

People are unusually courageous in September-- there’s an ability to get stronger in every way: creatively, and with new ability to speak one’s mind. The collective’s sharpening intellect and ability to accept the truth begins to show itself, and many years later it will define our society.

Psychic Astrology September 2008—read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Fire signs ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): An opportunity surfaces that is either a return to something you’ve done before, or something that goes on for a long time, or both. You’re finding a way to fulfill yourself that makes you quite happy and is easy for you to do. Travel plans are made, and actions taken now have long-term consequences.

Water signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): There can be news of closure, and certainly you are likely to be doing things to create closure—it seems there are a lot of messages back and forth about your circumstances. Peace of mind is the consequence of a big change.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): There’s no need to draw conclusions this month. It does look like there are emotional endings, yet there’s a fuzziness as if in this process you’re just following your feelings and not drawing conclusions about how things end up. You’re living the questions and having experiences. And yet it is the ending or closing of something that catalyzes a change what you identify with, a marked change in perception.

Earth signs (Taurus Virgo Capricorn): There’s something about this time that creates a further question—some departure from the norm creates a line of inquiry and perhaps, a path. September’s a good month to discard the notion you’re too inexperienced or junior in some way, and take your chances out in the world, getting new contacts, trying to bring what you do to new places.

Tag: Elissa Heyman offers psychic counseling and healing services in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and by phone. She also hosts Intuition Circles for small groups, both in Santa Fe and other cities. Please visit Elissa’s website at www.elissaheyman.com to learn about her services, read the monthly client newsletter with predictions, and test your intuition, plus a birthday forecast for the astrological sign of the month. A full-time professional since since 1979, Elissa Heyman is trained in psychological counseling, spiritual healing, shamanism, and metaphysics. Appointment details at www.elissaheyman.com or 505-982-3294.

Elissa Heyman

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Business Opportunity
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