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Communicating with Our Animal Kin

by Deborah Ravenwood, BFRP, EMP

We Are Interconnected

When we choose to share our lives with an animal… or they choose us, as the case may be, a special bond is created. They become kin to us, becoming part of our family. The comings and goings of our everyday life impact them in ways we may not understand. Many people wholeheartedly believe that animals sense our emotions and respond to them in kind.

Have you ever had your loving animal friend curl up on your lap "out of the blue" when you were feeling sad or lonesome? How about being eagerly greeted when you come in the door after a time away from home? These are some simple examples of how your animals communicate with you on a regular basis.

Intuitive animal communicators reach out to animals with an open heart and mind, creating a bridge to facilitate sharing thoughts and emotions between our species. With patience and objectivity, they give animals the opportunity to be heard—a loving space to share their thoughts. Workshops also offer support to those individuals willing to learn the art of conversing with their animal friends.

What is Animal Communication?

The way in which we interact with our animals, through our tone of voice and the emotions we show towards them, creates the framework of our communication. People generally are very connected to their animals, sometimes finding them easier to "talk" to than some humans!

Animals are great listeners, as well as natural telepathic communicators. In addition to their body language and gestures, they have an innate ability to "talk" without words. Communication with animals begins with an open heart and mind. It is an emotional exchange of energy, thoughts, feelings and images via what is commonly referred to as our "sixth sense". Integral to the process is patience. Communication begins with a willingness to sit quietly and truly listen, without any preconceived notions of the animal’s response.

Have you ever wondered what your animal friends might want to say to you? By means of intuitive animal communication, messages are received in language other than the typical "meows and barks".

Why Communicate?

Our animal kin have a wide range of emotions and personality traits. For instance, your cat or dog may vary its behavior depending on your mood or actions, happenings in your household, and the relationships you have within your circle of family and friends. They may be friendlier towards certain people; perhaps acting timid or aggressive towards others. Some may exhibit jealousy of other animals in the household or newcomers in the family.

The simple truth is…we are emotionally connected with our animals. What you can learn through animal communication is the message behind their behavior; and, most importantly, how you can interact with them to make your relationship with them more loving and fulfilling. You may be amazed by your animal’s level of understanding!

Intuitive animal communicators receive messages your animal kin would like to share with you, along with insights as to why an animal may be exhibiting certain behaviors or having health problems that may be puzzling to you. While communication is essential—what happens next? You may choose to seek a wellness program designed to offer holistic support to your animal kin.

One option to consider is Energy Medicine. Animals of all kinds respond to touch, and energy work is something that animals are very receptive to and seem to enjoy. Energy work facilitates healing on a level where the animal is able to release long-held fears or physical trauma.

Looking for an alternative to prescription drugs to support our animal kin through emotionally stressful times? The Bach Flower Remedies offer a gentle, drug-free alternative which has no side effects. The remedies work by restoring your animal’s emotional balance—which translates into a happier, healthier animal.

Consider the story of "Patterson" a cat whose person had taken him to two different veterinarians (always the first course of action when illness/injury is apparent) without finding the cause of his sudden back pain. By communicating with the animal—it was discovered that it had twisted its spine during a fall on a staircase. Hands-on energy healing allowed Patterson to release the trauma of the event and begin healing the injury, aided by emotional support provided by the Bach Flower Remedies. Interesting to note was that a child in the family later confirmed that he accidentally dropped Patterson while playing with him. Communicating with Patterson allowed the child to release any emotions he was holding about the incident, as well.

Open your heart and mind… you’ll get to know your animal kin on a deeper, more intimate level!

Deborah Ravenwood, BFRP, EMP is an Intuitive Animal Communicator, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Deborah offers her services at Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center in Manchester, Connecticut or by telephone consultation. For more information, call 860-432-2081, or choose to visit her website at www.ravenwoodhealing.com


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