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Listen To Your Inner-Tuition

by Dana Mrkich

When we are confused and don’t know which way to turn, someone will usually tell us to “listen to our intuition.” We nod in agreement and turn within. How simple it sounds, yet this is often the moment when our confusion turns itself up a few notches!

Instead of a peaceful angelic voice clearly instructing us to head this way or that, we are often met by a mixed bag of thoughts and emotions. Some of them are loud and booming insisting they are the truth for you. Others sound like a strict parent, telling you what you should do. Then there are the quiet whispers and gentle nudges that you can barely hear or feel, they too want to be noticed.

On top of your original problem, you are now faced with the dilemma of actually recognising your intuition amid all the noise. How do you decipher truth from illusion and fact from fiction among this motley crew of voices and feelings? Remnants of other people’s advice and rules, your own fears, beliefs picked up hours ago and eons ago, all combine to wrestle for space with your trustworthy intuition and it’s up to you to learn to recognise the voice of your own highest knowing.

Most of us come from a society where we were taught to value external opinions and voices over our own. We were taught to favour our practical mind over the wisdom of our instincts. Along the way we lost our connection to our own centre and when going within we’re often unable to decipher amid all the noise that which is our authentic truth.

Training yourself to recognise your intuition takes as much practice and commitment as developing any other skill. In doing so you have constant access to a kind, gentle guidance that is speaking to you in every moment, daily helping to steer you in the directions that are most right for you. Your intuition is your very own inner-tuition, providing you with the most accurate navigational tool you could ever find.

Deep within we all have access to what I like to call our soul manual, stating exactly who we really are, why we are here and what we are here to do. We can have access to this manual any time we want but the busy-ness of life means we forget to tune in to it on a regular basis. Also, our emotional and mental filters stop us from being able to read all of it clearly.

So, tuning in regularly to our inner guidance helps us to remember what page we’re on, and directs us to the right chapter whenever we’re feeling a bit lost. Our body is wired to assist, giving us a strong Yes feeling when we are on the right track, and a strong No feeling when we are not.

Think about one important current issue in your life. Ask your spirit guides to help you gain clarity on this issue, and to tell you what you need to know. Pay extra attention this week to the signals your body gives you whenever you think about this issue, and to the signs and messages coming to you via things people say, articles you come across, advertisements that jump out at you or unexpected opportunities opening.

Next get out your journal and, as I like to put it, download the emails being sent to you from your intuition, higher self, guides and any aspect of Spirit that has some guidance for you. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths to quiet the mind, creating a still, peaceful space around you. Ask to be given the messages, insights and clarity that you most need right now. Affirm that all guidance received is in alignment with your soul’s highest truth and essence.

You can try these questions to start:

1) What do I most need to know about this issue

2) What is stopping me from moving forward in this area?

3) What is the best action for me to take right now?

Let your pen flow without too much thinking involved, trust yourself, and you may find that you are your own best intuitive channel when it comes to gaining insight on any situation. Remember, your inner guidance is always there for you. Just follow it moment by moment and let it take you to the life that is your destiny.

© Dana Mrkich 2008

Australian Dana Mrkich is a popular spiritual intuitive, author of A New Chapter (Zeus Publications 2008), and host of the Visioning the Dream Awake Radio show on Voice America’s 7th Wave Network. She offers Soul Sessions via email to clients all around the world, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need at this time as you step further into your true self and new reality. For more info, or to subscribe to her newsletter, please email dana@danamrkich.com or visit www.danamrkich.com  

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