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Spiritual Guidance for Success - Reach for the Stars

by Joanne Brocas

Everyone has at some point in their lives, dreams and desires for the way they would like their future to pan out. Quite often, these dreams can become dormant when the things dreamed of seem to get further and further out of reach. Those who let their dreams slip, think they are facing reality by looking at what they don’t have in their lives and comparing it to what others have. They accept the hand that fate has dealt for them, thinking others just seem to be happier and luckier than they are. They have no awareness of the fact that they hold the most amazing creative potential within them to make their dreams become a reality. Ask yourself this; have you let slip of your dreams? If so then this information is for you, to help you to remember who you are, and what you are capable of achieving. If you are reading these words right now then the universe wants you to pay attention. Spiritual knowledge and wisdom will enable you to make your intentions become reality.

To cut a long story short, you are a spiritual being with spiritual powers inside a physical body. You have the capability to create your life using the power of your free will to choose the things that you truly want. To make wise choices and fulfil your dreams and desires you need to rely on your intuition and inner feelings along with guidance from God to help you along your life path. What I am about to give you may or may not offend you depending on your inner belief system. To those who are ready to hear, then you stand the chance of manifesting love, success and healing, in every area of your life. To those who are not ready to hear, then you will continue along in the exact same way your life is already going just hoping for the best. I would have planted the seed until the time comes for when you decide to pay attention.

You may have already heard about the spiritual law of attraction or conscious manifesting, and have been there, done that and it didn’t work out for you. Well it does work out always and you are already using this law everyday of your life. Still many of us have problems that we wish we never had and so we blame this law for not working. This is because we attract what we don’t want instead of what we do want. We do this unconsciously of course as every single experience we have in our lives good or bad we attract. This may upset many as they blame others for their misfortune or bad luck but the fact is – we all attract things to us, through our inner belief systems, thoughts, feelings and expectations. Take back your power today and become a conscious manifester and the master of your own destiny instead of waiting for things to happen. Stop waiting and start creating is your wake up call from the universe.

I have created my deepest dreams and desires by understanding and applying this spiritual law and below are the steps that you can begin to take to encourage a healthy new direction and beginning for you. Let this be the platform that will spur you on to reach for the stars where your dreams are there for the taking. Re-read these paragraphs if you need inspiration to instil confidence within, to help you along your destiny.

Spiritual Steps

*You are a soul in a human body and this soul is a divine spark of the Creator God. You have amazing creative potential and unique gifts and talents and throughout your life on earth, you constantly have the opportunity to be more and have more. This abundance is open to every soul on the planet and there is more than enough for everyone. The only things that can stop you attracting what you want are your own beliefs that control your feelings and level of attraction. Pretending to be happy, but feeling sad or low inside will just make your vibration low and slow and you will attract things towards you at this rate. You cannot cheat the law as the law knows the real you and not the mask you wear. Strive to live your truth and follow your heart. This is the start of living a spiritual existence.

*Low and negative thoughts will hold you back and delay your dreams and desires from happening. Love and positive thoughts will move you forward in creating what you want. The first clue to attracting your goals is to change those low feelings and negative beliefs when you get them to a good feeling and new belief. You do this by flip switching them – example – if you have a belief that you are not good enough, this will make you feel low, affect your confidence and hold you back from trying out anything new. You change this, by questioning the negative belief to see why you have it, forgiving yourself or others and then refusing to accept it as being true for you. You then take the exact opposite thoughts and feelings of the negative ones and use these as your new belief system. This will alter the way you feel about your-self and raise your vibes making them work for you and not against you. Buzz word here is feeling, you really need to feel excited about the new you and your new outlook and watch how the world around you begins to change.

*Ask and it is given. You need to state your intentions to God, you can do this through your angels and guides, or direct to God himself. Write it down if you would rather do this, but make sure it is in the present tense as if you already have your dreams. For instance if you desire a new job, affirm you already have your job and list what makes you happy there. Visualise your new job as if you are there now, how does it make you feel? All of this is affirming to the universe that you are living the life of your dreams and so your dreams begin to unfold. God will always answer and help you and he does this through using signs and synchronicities along your life path. Pay attention and become aware of the world around you, listen to your intuition and be ready to act on a hunch. God will bring the right people to you or the correct opportunities will appear in your path. Make sure you are living in the present moment so you can notice the spiritual help.

*Now, it is time to take action. When you get signs, nudges and opportunities to help you towards achieving your dreams, you still need to take action. This is you participating in co-creating with God. Taking action is an important aspect of creating what you want. Have the confidence within to know you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Live from a standpoint of, if it didn’t happen for you then something equal or better is coming your way. Be grateful for what you have and you will soon see how this is a base for attracting more things in your life to be grateful for. Trust that God knows what will work out best for you and because of this, you need to let go and let God deal with it. Some things take more time to manifest than others do, do not give up just because you lack patience. Notice the smaller things that have began to manifest as a big sign to you that the larger ones are on their way.

*Finally all you have to do is believe in your self and believe in your dreams, don’t let them slip, remember it is never to late to Reach for the Stars!


Joanne Brocas is an international psychic medium, author and healer. Joanne lives in Scotland with her husband Jock also an author and martial artist. Together they give demonstrations of mediumship helping to provide evidence of survival of the soul. Joanne also teaches her psychic vibes development seminars throughout the UK, Canada and America. Joanne has appeared on Florida TV and international radio shows with her work. To find out more about Joanne, you can visit www.feelthevibes.org

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