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Angel Message for November

by Nancy Johansen

Dear Angeltouche Friends,

The overall feeling that I am getting from our Angels for the month of November is that it is time to focus on the healing powers of nature. Our angels are leading us to see the connection we have not just to each other, but to the entire planet and all of its’ energies. This is what I am hearing ~

FORCE OF NATURE ~ In the very broadest sense, nature refers to all phenomena of the natural, physical, material universe and to all life in general. Our angels want us to know that to acknowledge and embrace the force of nature is one of the most healing practices we can acquire. Allow yourself time to refresh your connection to nature. This can be accomplished through walking outdoors, observing the skies, gardening, kayaking, and rock climbing or as simple as keeping flowers in your home. Listen to the waves at the beach, feel the softness of your own dog or cat! The act of observing and embracing nature has a natural healing effect by reducing stress hormones, increasing the immune response and balancing the aura. Embrace the forces of nature then see and feel the gentle healing that occurs. Our angels remind us that this is a free gift for all to enjoy from the Creator!

CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS ~ Reclaim your right to heal body, mind and spirit using your crystal connections. By connecting with your crystal and elemental guides you create an energetic resonance, which allows for personal spiritual growth. The mineral kingdom is full of colors, energies and mystical meaning. By entering into harmony with these beautiful energies from the earth, the resulting vibrations can initiate in us the experiences of physical, and emotional healing, spiritual awakening and raise our level of consciousness. Trust your intuition in selecting the stones and crystals that you are most attracted to and try wearing or carrying one or two on your person. Our angels say that this will renew and strengthen your connection with the divine energies of the earth and allow yourself to be more instinctive, creative and passionate.

SUN, MOON & STARS ~ You now need to share your higher self and best achievements. Radiate who you are and what you are doing. Shine love on those you care about and be a strong, nurturing presence. With intuition and faith in yourself you do not have to fear the unknown. You have withstood dark and difficult times and know how to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Do not let fear or confusion become an obstacle for you. You really need to be the star and experience and radiate joy, wonder, hope and healing. Visualize the sun, the moon and the stars whenever you feel you are loosing your warmth. Now is the time to experience divine grace and spiritual illumination, intuition and allow yourself to enjoy and radiate love, warmth and creative energy.

GIFT OF TEARS ~ Our angels remind us that they are here with us and support us though every tear, every hardship and every sadness that we experience. We are never alone. Tears are a wonderful gift for releasing and creating a new space for receiving. Like a vessel that is emptied of the old dregs and is then refilled with the new wine we have the opportunity to grow in wisdom, compassion and empathy. Our angels say that we need to know that the worst is over. Even when it appears that old hopes and dreams may be dashed, there are new ones that arise. Remember to ask your angels to carry this load and help open your eyes to the new gifts attached to the most difficult lessons. The tears wash away the blinders that have been blocking our clear, divine sight so that we can see our true path and purpose.l

That’s what I’m hearing for November. Remember, every day is a gift!

Angel Blessings, Nancy

Nancy Johansen is a psychic intuitive, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® & medium, having studied under Doreen Virtue and James VanPraagh. As a Usui Reiki Master, Shamballa Master and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, in addition to her own business, Angeltouche, Nancy currently works as a registered nurse in a busy Massachusetts emergency room. Spiritual teaching and healing are a major part of Nancy's life's mission. Nancy is available for private readings by appointment. www.Angeltouche.com ~ 508-577-4552 ~ Nancy@Angeltouche.com  

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