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Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters Through Rochelle Sparrow

by Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:

I suffer from depression and have not left my house for years. Can you give me a direction to help me? I am desperate. Thank you, Charles

Dear Charles:

I empathize with you. Being a former therapist I have dealt with many people who have this problem. The guides say:

"He is incorrect to feel despair (hopeless energy came in) What we suggest is that he formulate a support group online for people who have this condition in your area. ("brave" energy is the energy to focus upon) because you will discover to your surprise and shock that there are huge numbers of individuals who suffer. If you have a group online you can begin to talk about your experiences and share information about treatment. Begin to see who can meet (in person) from this group in your locale. Now we understand here that agoraphobia can part and parcel of an anxiety illness, that is why we are suggesting to move incrementally and very slowly, but you can with group support overcome your anxiety through a strong support system that you (have courage) enough to create. So take a deep breath and find out through internet chats information on social phobia and join/begin a chat and then begin to find out who, in your area, is willing to gather and create a locale support group and meet in person. Now we are not suggesting their is a total cure here, but the reduction of your anxiety with others like you would normalize your situation to a point where tolerance can be reached with practice. Think of that as your goal and that will help you succeed. That is the correct way.

Many blessings, Stars

Dear Stars:

I received your newsletter, and went onto your web site, very nice. Anyways, I have been getting very curious lately, what is my life’s purpose?

Love and light to you,


Dear Bernice:

Thanks you for allowing us to serve. We receive this question quite often. We offer workshops to help people find their answer. Let's see what they say:

You are correct to explore your ability to write (feels like plays) and to focus in on your skills to communicate. We suggest you may want to begin to nurture any artistic influences you have (including art) because of your multidimensional artistic bents that are now coming forward to be unsuppressed. In your childhood, you underwent (feels like severe restrictions) that did help you determine what the truth of your particular nature is. What we suggest is to now notice who and why you are by noticing your natural ability (especially to write) and to write novels (feels like magical realism for children like Harry Potter) because your imagination is what carried you through your childhood. So remember your strengths, what has been developed through and from your life because that is your truth and your true purpose (in other words to use your strengths) that is the

correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Hello Stars,

I listed to a interview you did with a talk radio show the other day and it started me thinking. During the show you tapped into JFK where his message said that to a significant degree much of what was going on with North Korea and other terrorist information so prevalent in the press was fraudulent. Similar information was given to me in response to a question I sent you.

My question is: What is going on between Israel and Lebanon? Is it the real thing? Or is it something else?

Thanks, James

Also, my father's knee infection seems to have gone away. Very much like the guides described.

Dear James:

Thank you for your contact, let's see what they say, I will also call in JFK; bless him.

The question between Israel and Lebanon is about territorial lands use and whose rights are being violated (territory) however, the instigation lies within the US government of terrorist activates in Lebanon as well as instigation of forwarding terrorist activity toward Lebanon from Israel. So there is continued meddling of processes already historically existent within the tribal conflicts of Israel and the Lebanese. What the US does is parade governmental allies (such as Israel) in front of countries such as Lebanon as correct in their endeavors which fuel continued hostilities. (now I am getting decoy energy) in that of course, this all a front for US corporate fraud which easily maneuvers into allied contracts, contacts, exploration (oil in Alaska) and other localities without directly being seen. The powers that be (the Group) continue war. That is their way, your way James, as you continue to move forward, will be strong political involvement. That is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Send questions to:



Rochelle Sparrow

PO Box 7573

Phoenix, AZ 85011


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