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The Mystical Crystal Skulls

by Dr. Anthony G. Ziagos, Sr.

Washington DC In a recently unveiled exhibit open to the public on July 10th at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, one of the world famous “Crystal Skulls” was placed on display. Brought to the attention of the general public, in a recent movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, the scientist at the Smithsonian decided it might be an opportune time to display their skull and release a documentary film “The Legend of the Crystal Skulls”. Documentation and research on this skull was done by Smithsonian archaeologist Jane MacLaren Walsh will also be published in the July edition of the Journal of Archaeological Science.

Located in several museums around the world are examples of the legendary crystal skulls that claim to be Pre-Columbian in origin. Some of the skulls have been subjected to extensive research and examination while others are on display as curiosities and relics. Several ethnic cultures have proclaimed for centuries the powers and sacred nature of these relics.

Native American legend tells of thirteen life-size crystal skulls said to contain crucial information about humankind’s true purpose and destiny. The legend prophesied that one day, at a time of great crisis for humanity, all thirteen crystal skulls would be rediscovered and brought together to reveal information vital to the very survival of the human race. To date several skulls have been discovered, however, the location of several others are still a mystery.

The scientific community has been unable in the past to decode the origin of the skulls or technology necessary to create them. Some of the skulls have have sat for more than a century in museums and in private collections for decades. With the advancement of technology such as Electron Microscopes and Lasers, scientists have begun to study these unusual and sacred objects more thoroughly.

Here are some examples of some of the more famous and extensively tested skulls. The almost identical British Crystal Skull and the Paris Crystal Skull were reported to have been purchased about the same time, in Mexico, in the late 19th century. They are on display at the British Museum of Man in London and the Trocadero Museum of Paris.

Two other similar skulls are the Mayan Crystal Skull and the Amethyst Skull. Both were reported to have been discovered in the early 1900’s and brought to the US. It has been reported that they have both been tested extensively by scientist at Hewlett Packard.

“Max” the Texas Crystal Skull regularly appears in exhibitions across the United States and is owned by the Park Family.

The most famous of these skulls is the Mitchell-Hedges Skull owned by Anna Mitchell-Hedges reported to be discovered in Lubaatun in British Honduras around 1924. This claim is refuted by the British Museum. It has been reported that Hewlett-Packard Laboratories has also done extensive testing on this skull and is often referred to as “she” because of its size. “She”, also tours regularly in exhibits.

The list of other skulls reported to exist by various ethnic and spiritual communities is extensive. There are several other skulls on display around the world and each one has its own unique and interesting origin and purpose.

In the book “Mayan Prophecies” by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell it is suggested that the skulls may be a “fire starter” device, similar to magnifying glass that starts a fire. Centuries ago to an uneducated mind, this would surely appear to be magical in nature and command respect and fear when observed. This might explain some of the sacred power attributed to the skulls. It was also reported that the Mayans might have been privilege to technology lost in antiquity for polishing the quartz stone skull. Some scientists have reported it would have taken up to 150 years to polish a stone to the brilliance and luster it possesses without such technology.

Despite research and scientific evidence the fact that these skulls exist in form and substance unrivaled only by brilliantly cut diamond or finely crafted work of art might be enough to warrant our attention and admiration. The scientific community has raised questions regarding the origin of the skulls and what type of instruments might have been used to create them, however, the sacred nature and beliefs of these relics held by native people should be respected. Only the passage of time will confirm the purpose or intention of the skulls.

In an environment where serious scientific research and facts are the rule of thumb any object of uncertain origin and claims regarding the healing or spiritual powers of such an object will always have its skeptics. Do they have real power? Are they a device to channel energy that is beyond our ability to comprehend? Is it an object that allows us to use our own ability to heal or focus our attention? For those who believe, and for those who have benefited from its powers is it a matter of faith? You decide.© 2008 Middlesex Media Exchange/All Rights Reserved

This article first appeared in the October issue of The Merrimack Journal. Dr. Anthony G. Ziagos, Sr. is a photo journalist and publisher from Massachusetts. He is a registered Doctor of Naturopathy and is involved in International Diplomatic community. His work has been featured in dozens of publications around the world. He is a regular contributor to several publications and the World Wide Web. He can be reached at www.MiddlesexMedia.com

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