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Ask Rochelle - Celestial Waters Through Rochelle Sparrow

by Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:

My name is Abshalom and I do have a few questions. I have a small son now living in West Africa. Should I bring him to Israel to live with me? We truly appreciate you; please continue to experience all of the benevolence in all you do, love, Abshalom

Dear Abshalom:

Good to hear from you. We appreciate your connection with us from Isreal. Hear is what the guides state:

You are correct to bring him to live with your being. We see turmoil occurring that is not in his best interest. We also see a problem here with health (the energy is of his physical being). So your instincts are correct. We also see traveling ahead for yourself (many different cities) (music is the energy) so you may wish to make arrangements for (stability is the energy) for him as well. Continue to move ahead here in career. It is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Greeting Stars:

I have had a very, very hard year. I really want to change my actual job. The government of Spain is offering jobs. I have to study a lot and have to pass some test to get the job. I really want to develop my mission in a wonderful and peaceful job. Do I have a chance?

Carl from Spain

Dear Carl:

Thank you for connecting with us from Spain. Remember, we always create out life from the inside out through our energy. Here is what the guides say:

You are correct in choosing where to place your energetic resources and to allow your being the useful task of changing jobs. Of course, you have been guided to consider the government position and to focus your energies on the task of further training and gaining further opportunity. You are being guided to know that availability is present for you, not unavailability. We suggest you begin to understand that you will not fail and move forward with success (literally feel and think success). You will obtain the correct position. That is the correct way.

Blessings for your success! Stars

Dear Stars:

I am having financial trouble due to the economy.

I have huge debts; a house(loan to pay) the money I earn is not enough. I am using credit cards. This makes me feel stressed, frustrated and depressed. It seems that debts are growing every day.

I really want to know what is happening with money and how I can heal this situation.

Thank you, Mary

Dear Mary:

Thank you so much for taking responsibility for your point of view. The point of view you choose, seeing reality from the inside out, will help you succeed. What is happening outside of you, as far as the economy is concerned, becomes immaterial. Here is what the guides suggest.

Now we know that you are completely invaluable to the universe. You provide your energy towards us for our life force. What we suggest is a program of stating to your being each morning, afternoon and evening, I am valued (by the universe) and valuable. Repeat this sentence for one month at the times we suggest (this is energetic healing) and then begin a process after the month is over whereby you state to your being; I feel invaluable to the universe and myself. Repeat each morning, afternoon and evening for one month. Then repeat both sentences each day at the times suggested for one year. Discipline your being to follow these exact instructions and you will find your life changed in the way you want. That is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Email questions to info@rochellesparrow.com

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