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Going Green is Simply Going Back to Basics

by Ana Lorenzo

Although, “going green” strategies have gained much popularity in recent years, many people still wonder what the big fuss is all about.  The majority of consumers are not ready to make changes.It is very difficult to make a change unless you understand that “going green” is not a change after all, it’s just going back to basics.One day, it all came to me.  I realized I’ve been living green all my life. My parents didn’t call it being “eco-friendly” they called it being poor.  Later on in life, my husband would call my practices being “cheap”.  Now, I am trendy and “eco-friendly”.  I love this new way of thinking.

Going Green takes no effort after all.  All we need to do is mimic the ways of our parents or grandparents. If we think about how things were done 20 years ago, you’ll realize “going green” efforts is nothing new.   Going back to basic practices can make such a difference in our environment and in our pockets.Growing up, my father will constantly reprimand us for leaving the TV on while not in use, or not turning off the lights when leaving a room.  The air conditioning was like gold; it was a sin to leave the outside door open for more than 3 seconds.  My mother used to line dry, as it was too expensive to use the dryer. The dishwasher was used as storage space. Paper towels, that was for the rich!  We used rags for everything!  We had designated rags for cleaning the kitchen, the bathrooms, the glass, and the wood. She’s probably still using the same rags.  I don’t think my parents ever bought plastic tupperware, as they will just reuse empty jelly jars or other glass containers for storage.   Disposable diapers, absolutely not! I don’t think that was even available.I definitely, didn’t continue all their practices. Times have changed, and I just can’t see myself not using the dryer, or discontinue the use of disposable diapers.  There are some modern things that are just too convenient to let pass by. We can, though, re-condition ourselves to going back to basic practices. “Going Green” is easy. It’s just committing to make a couple of small changes in our own household.  Just imagine the difference it will make in our environment, if each household in the United States (population of over 300 million) made a commitment to go green in just one way.

Here are some simple ways To go green that don’t take lots of effort:
·    Using Reusable Bags
·    Use hand towels instead of paper towels
·    Buy a filter, stop buying bottled water
·    Clean dishes by hand sometimes, the dishwasher uses lots of electricity
·    Use products such as baking soda and vinegar to clean
·    Purchase items in large quantities, cut down on packaging
·    Use bar soap instead of liquid soap ( too much plastic)
·    Wash clothing with cold water
·    Raise temperature of AC while not home
·    Secure Air leaks around home
·    Keep window shades shut while not home to block the sun  from heating the inside
·    Maintain lights, tv’s etc… turned off while not in use
·    Change bulbs to high efficiency lighting
·    Use the front and back of paper
·    Purchase products that have been recycled and or recycleable
·    Don’t abuse on running water
·    Pay bills on-line to reduce paper
·    Lastly, please recycle

Ana Lorenzo is the founder of The Bag Movement,LLC.   The organization is designed to eliminate the use of plastic bags while generating money for charities. She is committed in raising awareness to the importance of a greener living. For more information on how you can help please visit www.thebagmovement.com 

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