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Kosho Hoho Yooga: Shamanic Martial Art of the Warrior/Healer/Mystic

by Karma Palden Sherab

What does the term shaman mean? The word ‘Shaman’ comes from the Tungist tribe in Siberia and translates as “one who sees in the dark” or “healer”. It is a term that now generically encompasses many ancient ways and traditions. Many use the term freely and loosely, but few understand it. The working definition that we will use here is this: Shamanism, or the practice referring to a shaman, refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with acting as a medium between the visible and esoteric spirit worlds, obtaining information to help one in this reality. A shaman is believed to have power to heal the sick and to communicate with the world beyond and is one who communicates with the spiritual realms on behalf of the living. Known also as a medicine man-priest or witch doctor a shaman practices a system of healing based on spiritual practices present in most indigenous cultures. This practice is virtually lost within modern society and is being resurrected in a variety of traditions.

The shamanic tradition is one of the oldest of spiritual practices. It can be traced back at least 50,000 years and has roots in every major religion of today. Shamanism is an ancient belief system, it is an age-old way of gaining knowledge and integrating parts of our essence, an essence that we have lost touch with, allowing us to regain our natural, inherent power. Shamanic practice is a path to service, service to others. Traditionally the shamanic apprentice embarks the journey by being chosen by a tribe or clan to fill the role or is born into the tradition. With the clan and tribe structure virtually gone in the west learned men and women are resurrecting the practices, training and cultivating their skills and in turn sharing them with others.

Typically there are three paths one can study along the shamanic road: the adventurer path, the healer path, and the warrior path. According to Serge Kahili King, a leading modern practitioner of shamanism, the adventurer shaman works from a perspective of cooperation, friendship, and harmony, with a goal of changing behavior harmonizing the body, mind and spirit in a playful manner. The healer path is simply that, balancing the body and eradicating dis-ease by traditional healing methods.

The warrior path, is the path of a peaceful warrior; the path of a healer who also works with the mind and spirit, but who does so with the goal of defeating illness or wrong doing, protecting those he or she is in service to. One on this path is a spiritual warrior, who is engaged in the conflict of disciplining his or her mind and body in order to exalt one’s spirit by dedicating time and actions to his or her soul as a spiritual, peaceful warrior. Those of our past who followed such traditions were the Templar Knights, ancient Celts, Native First Americans, and the shinobi and sohei of Japan.

Kosho Hoho Yooga (KHY), “The Old Pine Tree Method of Unity and Self Discipline”, is such a path. It is the Warrior/Healer/Mystic path. It is more that a system of martial arts, or healing arts for that matter; it is a practice of natural law to the fullest. And when the word mystic is said many think of Harry Potter or become fearful of “evil sorcery” both of which are bred out of ignorance and truly do not define a mystical and spiritual practice. KHY comes from a lineage that began in Japan in 1235 AD, in a Buddhist temple by a warrior monk named Eizon. The lineage came to America just prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, through Hawaii in the form of Kosho Ryu Kempo by a 20th generation Buddhist priest the martial arts world knows as James, M. Mitose. Mitose then passed on his teachings to a few, one of which was Bruce Juchnik who now heads the Sei Kosho Shorei Kai. One of his senior students, Rick Wilmott then introduced the lineage teachings to Chris Bashaw. Bashaw began to study the ancient lineage of the sohei (warrior monks of Japan) where Kosho originated. Kosho Ryu Kempo was a philosophical art that used natural law to subdue the opponent. It did incorporate restorative or healing arts into its teachings but these where often limited to Traditional Chinese Medicine and shiatsu. And the concept of true spiritual practice was often brushed off as a taboo teaching. Bashaw wanted to learn more of the ancient sohei’s teachings, but here in America that proved difficult, so in turn he began to find teachers and studies separately that eventually culminated into KHY. He studied Divinity receiving a Doctorates in Divinity (even took his lay vows as a Buddhist priest), studied with modern shamans who shared healing and warrior practices dealing with energy, chi, and magik (primarily Native First America and Celtic traditions, but not solely limited to this). He studied herbology, nutrition, how to raise the kundalini, practiced deeper meditation and learned how to connect to the other dimensions which quantum physics proves exist. He has taken 25 years of being a registered nurse to bring in modern, western medicine to compliment and integrate with other healing practices. He brought in ceremony and how to use it. He continued to work with his teachers of both the physical and metaphysical realms to understand tai chi, chi kung, and self defense through the internal arts utilizing natural law of motion, chi and thought to develop a passive, yet effective approach within martial arts. In essence he has recreated the sohei for the modern day warrior, a Shamanic Warrior approach to fit into the 21st century.

KHY is a complete system of training which blends soft, internal martial arts, with healing practices, with understanding spirituality (ie mysticism and not religion) into a curriculum that produces healers, warriors and highly spiritually connected individuals that follow a peaceful warrior way of life. These shamanic warriors reach into all ages of life, children to seniors in their 80’s, housewives, students, business owners and retired citizens. It is not for everyone but for those with the heart and desire to become something more, something complete it fulfills the need in a systematic training and approach. The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, and World Karate Union Hall of Fame recognize Bashaw and KHY, bringing it legitimacy to a sound and solid practice. Bashaw has articles on the practices within KHY published internationally in tai chi and martial arts magazines, healing magazines, and lay journals, sharing the teachings as they were shared with him.

KHY is recognized as the warrior path to shamanic practice. To learn more about KHY contact Bashaw, soke at 603-781-8348 or www.freewebs.com/kosho_hoho_yooga .

Karma Palden Sherab is a practicing Buddhist, shamanic apprentice, healer and student of KHY.

KHY Shamanic Apprenticeship program.

Learn the Warrior Path of Shamanic practice. Now accepting applicants.

Learn the KHY system, Shugendo Yoga, Warrior Tantra ©9C), Kokoror Ryu Reiki ©, Koshonic Body Stress Release©, KHY Herbology ©, Kosho Magik ©, Shamanic Journeywork, KHY tai chi ©, chi kung, shamanic ceremony, and more. Increase your psychic ability, physical abilities and energetic vibration. Take classes not open to people outside the KHY standard program. Upon graduation open your own licensed KHY school. Program is 3-5 years and pay as you go.

To learn more call Chris Bashaw, soke of KHY and set up an interview to learn about the program, what is required of you and how to enroll today.

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