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Numerology - Presidency By Numbers

The 44th Presidency

by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

The 44th Presidency – Master 44

This presidency calls for a confident leader that knows what needs to be done and how to do it. It calls for a president with mental control and strength of conviction. The 44th Presidency calls for a president who will not be inconsiderate and will be balanced and not overworked. This will be a president who understands the importance of self care of both himself and for others.

Enter! Our 44th President: Barack Hussein Obama II, whose life path is Master 11 (29/11; calculated from his birthdate), who is walking in the Master 11 (K) path for this corridor of his Life Blueprint (ages 45 – 54 years), and whose Current Personal Year vibration is a Master 22 (calculated from his birthday and his current year)!

What’s in the Name? The Name carries the vibration of life. As Barack Hussein Obama came into this world, he came in under the vibration of date, time, and location of his birth – and, he came into this world tuned to the vibration of his given name at birth.

Looking back to ancient times, as letters came into being, they were not random symbols for sounds. The ancients recognized the vast importance of the vibration of the letter – they saw the spiritual as being woven into everything. So letters were carefully constructed as visual symbols of vast levels of meaning. And words carried those vibrations. The Name carries that vibration – it defines who we can potentially be. Depending on our choices, the balance can tip to the positive or the negative.

As we look at our 44th president, he walks under the positive influence of very powerful master numbers, but most significantly the Master Number 11.

The first letter of his name is “B”. This letter defines his nature, his initial reaction to things, & the way he approaches situations.

What is the Nature of Barak Obama? The “B” is constructed as two houses; the top house is the spiritual house; the bottom house is the material house. It has a solid base line which indicates strong and fixed opinions. In the upper house our president likes to collect things, like inspired ideas that come from reading and study. In the lower house, he seeks to nurture and care for family and ultimately for the world.

President Barak Obama walks on a Life Path of 29/11. This Master 11 is most powerful. With the 29 standing behind the 11 this president sees his life path as being one of bringing peace, cooperation, loving service, universal service, and brotherly love to the world. He exudes an attitude of peace and cooperation. Our president will accomplish much as a fluent speaker. On this path of his journey, there will be those who see him as one of wisdom, as one of peaceful force. He has the capacity to guide with inspiration, and there will be those who see him as the ultimate and even as a Messiah. During this life path he will inspire many through his written words as he authors books. This is the path of his life!

As we look further at the name of our new president, and plot it on his Life Blueprint, we discover that he is in the Power Cycle of his life, and within that cycle he is in the final leg of ages 45 – 54 years -- this placed him under the vibration of the letter “K” in his name. The K is under the vibration of Master Number 11!

As a Master 11 in both Life Path and Life Blueprint, our president has passed through the life lessons of 1 through 9, reached perfection in 10, and now as a Master 11 “K”, he is ready to bring Light to the people. This is a time when we will see President Obama exuding light and laughter if he can maintain his balance between the spiritual and physical planes. The upper part of the “K” is an open V reaching up to the Light and is receptive and ready to receive higher awareness, intuition, spiritual help and creative ideas. The lower side of the “K” is a V upside down, with its feet firmly planted on the ground, suggesting material influence. And the side of the “K” is a wide V, pouring out its Light to all and scattering its energies. When all is in balance, this will be a time of divine love exhibited through human love. Music is essential for this balance for our new president, as it will bring calm and give him inspiration. On the nine year corridor of his Life Blueprint there will be 2 years when there will be significant events that stem from the vibration of the “K”.

These years of the “K” are also the completion of the Power cycle of life for President Obama. Importantly, the Power Cycle for our President (ages 27 – 54 years) is under the vibration of “19/10/1”. This is a Karmic Number, and as such carries a sense of urgency. This period is one when Barack Obama is pushed to stand on his own two feet and move forward to accomplish his reason for being here. This powerful Karmic Number is a number completion and perfection. It is the alpha and the omega. Is it any surprise to see that he is now president!

In a final closer look, we can examine this Current Personal Year, August 4, 2008 – August 4, 2009 – the year in which he has been elected and inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America. For President Barack Obama, this is the year of Master Number 22 – ( a double two and a double Master 11!)

So on the Life Path as a Master 11, we see Barack Obama as one inspired and called to be a professional – filled with desire to uplift others. We see him walking comfortably in the world even as he enters the presidency. He is a man with a mysterious charisma that calls others to him, beckoning them to follow.

President Obama is a messenger and a master; he is called to delve into the complicated mysteries of life. As a Master 11, he walks in the vibration of LIGHT! And as such one of his chosen professions is politics.

Because his Life Path is a Master Number, he has much energy; as an 11 he will use that energy to reach perfection – he will study and work hard to achieve this. He is inspired and intuitive as he connects with the Light. Ultimately, he will not be fulfilled until he can give something to the world. And this year, under the Master 22, he has that opportunity. This is time for dreams to become reality; the time of miracles! For as he will have the inspiration from the higher realms (the upper side of the K); as a 22 he will be able to manifest that inspiration on the physical plane (the lower side of the K); and in so doing, send that Light and energy out into the world (the open V on the side of the K).

This is the year of the Master 11 under the influence of the Master 22: A year of Light and hope for humanity and for the world under our 44th President: Barack Hussein Obama II!

Months Worth Watching in the Life of Our President:

November 2008 Vibration: Master 33 -- Like the 11, carrying Light vibration

June 2009 Karmic Completion

July 2009 Master 29/11

Words of Caution Mr. Obama: Maintain your balance. Remember that as a Master 11 your wisdom, inspiration, intuitive thinking come from the Highest Spiritual Realms. Watch-out for conceit and self-will --- the ego. As a Light Carrier, you can achieve much. Master Jesus personified Light, and the Master Number 11 is the vibration of Light; Hitler walked under this vibration. It is a powerful number and can accomplish much good for humanity or much ill if misused.

Research Resources:

Lawrence, Shirley Blackwell. The Secret Science of Numerology: The Hidden Meaning of Numbers and Letters.

Javane, Faith and Dusty Bunker. Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, Namaste Interfaith Healing Center, http://www.interfaithhealingcenter.org, interfaithhealingcenter@gmail.com

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