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by Mark Husson

The following excerpt is taken from the book Lovescopes, by Mark Husson It is published by Hay House (May 2009) and will be available at all bookstores or online at: www.hayhouse.com

Destination: LoveScopes

So what does astrology really have to do with love? And what exactly is a LoveScope?

If astrology can shine a little light of understanding on the people we choose to love, or help us map out the possible difficulties we may encounter in our relationships with them, then it’s a worthwhile pursuit.

In fact, anything that improves your relationship with the person who shares (or hogs) your pillow is worthwhile. Astrology’s wisdom is not only cheaper than years of therapy, it’s faster, too. You can “LoveScope” yourself today—right now, in fact—and instantly find profound truths about matters of the heart. It makes no difference if you’re currently on love’s lonely highway, with no one on your relationship horizon, or if you’re in a committed, two-way relationship with its inevitable road bumps. Maybe you’ve experienced the heartbreak of a drive-by romance and wonder how you can avoid those destructive detours again. Or you might even have a heart that aches from a deeper type of loss.

Your LoveScope can shed the light you desire.

So what is a LoveScope? If a horoscope defines your personal characteristics based on your astrological sign, then a LoveScope does so for your relationship based on your signs in love. By taking a look at two of them from astrology’s perspective, we can analyze an entire relationship, including levels of passion, friendship, lifestyle compatibility, emotional land mines, and commitment. Your LoveScope score will help you identify what’s working and what needs work on your part and as a couple.

It’s my hope that LoveScopes will help make your journey on the freeway of love a smooth one. Think of this book as your own portable GPS for romance!

For years I watched people come into my New Age store and run straight to the relationship book section, feverishly looking for the answer that would tell them if love was possible between their astrological sign and that of their new love. Or perhaps there was some answer yet unseen, a key they could pull from the pages that could unlock their currently exiled love.

As I watched them, I righteously protested that they couldn’t find their answers in an astrology book because it was just too general. “To really understand someone, you need their entire birth chart,” I’d insist. And that was correct; a complete and accurate assessment of their relationship could only be done with the dates, times, and places of birth of both parties. People in pain (or who are questioning) don’t want to wait for the “proper protocol”; they want something to help them make the hurt or questions go away.

It’s like going to the doctor with a bleeding finger only to have the nurse insist that you fill out the six-page admission form before they will treat you. What if they first staunched the wound and treated the pain and then let you relax and do the paperwork? It just seems like a smarter way to do it.

That’s another reason why I wrote LoveScopes: I want to provide a quick way to stop the “bleeding” of your heart until you can collect your wits about you and apply them to your situation.

Why Astrology?

I’m an astrologer. I love the symbolic map created when we each take our first breath at birth. It’s a map of planets and myths and metaphors that make such perfect sense to me that it seems criminal that modern psychological institutions won’t at least have a look at it. In fact, the psychologists who do look become my astrology clients, and eventually students of this field themselves.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung’s embrace of astrology is well known, but has been ignored by mainstream psycho-professionals. Even so, his perspective on astrology was brilliant. Jung believed that we harbor inside us a shadow, or a dark judgment about ourselves, that is so difficult to see that we have to “project” it out into the world and onto the people in it, and then convince ourselves that it belongs to them. This shadow remains a source of great pain until we realize that it dwells within us. That’s a heavy chunk of words, I know, but stick with me here. Jung also believed that our quest for fulfillment depends on our ability to reclaim our shadow and actually embrace it. He was clear that, if we accept the idea of projection, we’ll begin to realize that what we see outside of us belongs to us; our perceptions are formed based on our own personal upbringing, experiences, and beliefs. That’s why no two of us will ever have exactly the same experience.

What does this have to do with love? Oh, just about everything.

The most personal access we have to our own shadows is through our relationships. Nowhere else will there be such a mainline to it than through someone we love. Therein lie the potential answers to the mysteries of ourselves; we just haven’t realized it yet. We aren’t driven to the point of insanity over someone we’re enamored of because we know we’re chasing some displaced dark side of ourselves. But as we become aware of our part in our dramas, we come to a greater understanding of our relationships and how they serve us.

Let’s start with the assumption that everything we encounter is invited by some part of us—one that is connected to a perfect design. It would make sense to conclude, then, that every relationship we’ve had or will have is no coincidence, but rather part of a very personal process of growth. In a way, we could look at our relationships as symbols placed before us that hold a key to our happiness. To be clear, the other person is not holding that key. Instead, it lies in our ability to interpret why we brought him or her into our life.

LoveScopes is the key that gives you the ability to interpret this “why.”

Why Love?

It might be easier not to figure this love stuff out, but rather just sit at home and watch Buffy reruns. However, since true happiness can only be gained by a complete acceptance of who we are, and since that can only be realized by acknowledging and reclaiming the pieces of ourselves that we project onto other people, we would be doing ourselves a huge injustice not to allow ourselves the gift of relationship. And no amount of unrequited-love TV can serve as a replacement.

The only way to really figure all this out is to dive in and follow your heart. It will help unfold the road map to that deep internal place where your most intense emotions dwell.

I call that map your LoveScope.

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