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Understanding True Energetic Healing

by Phyllis Light

There are two fundamental dimensions available to us humans: 3rd dimension, the world of physicality, and the 4th dimension, the world of energy and consciousness that underlies the entire 3rd dimension. It is actually from the energetic realm, 4th dimension, that the world of physicality, the 3rd dimension, springs. And, it is from that realm of consciousness that we experience thoughts and feelings.

This is why we say, “Our thoughts create our reality.” Our thoughts—which come from the energetic realm of consciousness—“descend into matter” and create the physical world around us. In other words, whatever you experience in your life is no accident. The energy that attracted that particular circumstance to you originated in YOUR consciousness!

Energetic healing needs to start at the deepest levels of consciousness first, in order to be truly effective. What decisions did we make, in the past, that are still energetically with us today? What trauma did we experience a long time ago, that has left some energetic scar on us and is still affecting us in our current relationships? These old and sometimes ancient decisions we made are usually buried deep in the subconscious mind, and are thus, out of our awareness. However they may be wrecking havoc on our health, love life, or ability to earn a decent living here and now.

There are a number of “subtle bodies of energy,” surrounding each person’s physical body. They include a mental, emotional, will (or instinctual), and spiritual component. These subtle bodies form an energy field around a person, which actually stays with that person from lifetime to lifetime.

Our energy field carries all the different thoughts, feelings, experiences, crises, traumas, beliefs, decisions, and memories of everything that ever happened to us: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We can never get away from what is going on inside of us, because we carry that energy with us, in our energy field, at all times.

This is why it can be so hard to get rid of negative patterns, since the source of them is actually within us, rather than in the world around us. We can change jobs, partners, and even cities, and those negative patterns will follow us wherever we go. Although we may want to, we cannot leave our negative patterns behind, just by leaving our boss, spouse, or home!

A good “energetic healer” will be able to address these negative patterns and help you change your circumstances in life, by clearing the various negative energetic components from your energy field. But, without diving into the root causes, deep in your energy field and subconscious mind, negative patterns can return.

Some healers may “clear” the etheric body of a person who is ill. The etheric body is the blueprint for the physical body (remember, it all starts in 4th dimension, the realm of energy, and then manifests physically, in the 3rd dimension!) If a person can change the energy in the etheric body, it may indeed have a positive result on the physical. However, unless the deepest level of beliefs and attitudes are changed in the other subtle bodies (and many of these come from past life experiences), often the results are short-lived.

In truth, all problems here in the physical world have their root cause in the spiritual realm. That is all physical problems are really spiritual problems at their base. Many many lifetimes ago, we all lost touch with our true spiritual nature, and have come to believe in the physical world as the only “true” reality. We have come to believe that if we can’t experience something with our five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling, it must not be “real.”

Most people who scoff at anything metaphysical are in this category. They don’t understand that there is a dimension of energy and consciousness that underlies this 3rd dimensional world in which we live. They have lost touch with the true nature of life, the knowledge of which empowers us to manifest the life we want.

When you believe that the physical world is all there is, you give no credence to your intuition, your 6th sense. Yet, your intuition is how you access the world of energy and consciousness. By cutting off this access, you cut yourself off from your true spiritual nature, and you disempower yourself from who you really are as a spiritual being.

Energetic healing at its best can help you re-connect with your true spiritual nature. Energetic healing can help restore your faith in the unseen world of the “meta-physical,” which simply means “beyond the physical.” There is more to life than meets the eye—literally! A good energetic healer can help you open up and experience the “more” that life has to offer. You simply need to be open.

Because your thoughts create your reality, if you are not open and have already decided that something like this could not possibly work for you, then you will prove yourself right. That is how you manifest your life. However, if, at some point, you find that your current world view does not support your full enjoyment of life, this may be your “moment of opportunity”—the moment your Higher Self has chosen to help you wake up to a Higher reality that is more comprehensive and nurturing than your current one,

It is this process of waking up that leads you to someone who can help you grow and develop yourself as a spiritual being. Although it may be challenging to see life in a new way—particularly since you’ve probably been doing it the same way for many lifetimes—it is a journey well-worth taking!

I always urge the people I meet to “pray for discrimination” on this path of awakening. Find people who can help you that feel good to you, deep down inside. Many are well-meaning but don’t really have the ability to help you. Others may think that they can help you, whereas their work can actually be harmful to you at deep levels.

Your sincere desire to seek Truth and Light is what will get you to where you want to be. Out of that desire, you will attract the people and resources you need to help you along the way. There is hope. All the work you do to grow and develop yourself always pays off!

Phyllis Light, Ph.D. is a counselor, author, and expert in Telepathic Healing. She is the creator of the Rejuvenizer technology—designed to protect people from the detrimental effects of the EMFs found in our high-tech world. For more information: www.lighthealing.com or (512) 301-2999.

Light Healing

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