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SOTU on Evolution

SOTU - Spirit Of The Universe

by SOTU channeled by Josh Schwartzbach

SOTU - SOUL of the Universe - is presented by EJA Magical Journeys. 800-327-1632 www.ejamagic.com .  Josh has been channeling SOTU publicly for over 14 years with thousands assisted in their healing, reality creation, dream fulfillment  and personal empowerment

Hello SOTU, 

Would you mind commenting further on evolution? I recall having heard you say something to the effect that we're not experiencing evolution, that the growth and change of species isn't a phenomenon that we could accurately label 'evolution.'

Good morning dear ones.  

When we have spoken about evolution in the past we have usually been putting it in the context of the journey of Earthly Humanity.  To truly understand one most be willing to look at the holistic picture of your growth.  Understand that is your mission in the physical - to grow, physically, emotionally and spiritually, both personally and with each succeeding generation.  A journey of growth which was primarily unconscious throughout much of your previous history.  Therefore a mechanism was necessary to carry you through until you had grown enough to be able to consciously take the responsibility for your reality.  That mechanism is DNA.  It is where the information of your species is held, as well as being the location of your personal physical/emotional template.   

So, the truth of the matter is that you cannot escape the evolutionary process.  However, you have reached a point in your growth where evolution is too slow to give you the adjustments that you need as a species.  The good news is that you have grown enough that you can consciously begin to look around you and make wise assessments and choices as to how to move your reality into a place where you might actually become an "advanced" civilization.  This is called conscious transformation.  The realization that the paradigm of competition and comparison - although having carried you swiftly and surely through the adolescence of your species - is no longer working - that most of the structures (government, economic, etc.) are crumbling.  Spiritually, physically and emotionally you are being asked by your reality to be more.  You are being asked from your heart and your head to create something new, something that works better, built upon the wisdom and experience you have gained on your journey to this point.   

To sum up; from our perspective - Your journey has included a time in the Garden when you were as children.  Your consciousness was collective - instinctual - just as all energies upon this planet share a collective awareness, so too does each species.  This ability of "direct cognition" allowed you to create through simple collective desire.  You were intimately connected with each other, with your Mother the Earth, and with God/Goddess/All That Is.  Through these connections you knew yourselves collectively but not individually.   

But just as every child moves and grows, so too as a species did you move and grow - just as every child needs to separate from their mother, father, family in order to develop an identity that more than the parents - so too as a species did you need to separate from each other, Mother Earth and even God/Goddess/All That Is.   

Now, after a long journey through speciel adolescence you have arrived at a point where you are standing on the verge of your adulthood.  And your reality is asking you with ever increasing urgency - each and every one of you - Who are you going to be?  Who are you going to be as an individual and who are you going to be as a species. 

We think that there might be one thing you could all agree upon.  And that is that each and every on of you is a Divine Being manifested in a physical body.  Now for you all out there that don't believe in reincarnation, you might believe in Heaven or Angels or the Unseen Realms - you might not believe there is any plan to it all - but how about simple human dignity requires that each and every one of you has, at least, their survival needs met as far as food, water, shelter, healthcare and education.  Acting upon theses tenets, would be movement that would level the playing field and put an end to war. 

It would/will also be the opportunity for Earthly Humanity to explore the positive sides of the physical experience. 

Thank you for this opportunity. 
With the Greatest Love, 

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