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Your Soul's Plan

by Robert Schwartz

In my research for my book Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born (www.YourSoulsPlan.com), I found that we ourselves plan before birth to experience great challenges in life for the purposes of spiritual growth and service to others. The book shares ten stories of people who planned physical illness (AIDS and breast cancer), having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents.

I researched people’s pre-birth plans by collaborating with four gifted mediums and channels, including one, Staci Wells, who is able both to see and to hear the conversations we have with one another before we’re born. Through Staci, I heard people speaking with their future parents, children, lovers, and friends. These conversations are presented verbatim in the book.

One of the stories is that of Pat, a gentleman who planned before birth to experience decades of alcoholism. What follows is an excerpt in which the Staci accesses Pat’s pre-birth planning session.

“I’m closing my eyes now and seeing that room I always see in the planning sessions,” said Staci. “I’m seeing Pat’s daughter Kathy in her lightbody, not in her two-legged, humanoid form. And she is radiant! There are sparkles of light that shimmer all over her. I hear her ask Pat, ‘How can I help you?’ With the emphasis on I. She has already agreed to play a part in Pat’s life. Now, she is sitting down with Pat to determine what he needs from her.

Pat: I will need you to show me direction and give me strength from time to time. Though you will be a child, I will always know who you are. Although I will feel the responsibility of a father toward you, my child, some part of me will see a brightness in you, and I will know on an inner level that I must follow the direction you lead me.

“Kathy smiles and nods her head in agreement.

Kathy: But I will need you, too, to show me the way, because I will be your child. Because I will be dealing with issues of self-esteem, I will feel lonely at times, and I will need comfort. I will reach out to you, too.

“Pat puts both hands on her lightbody, as if he were putting them on her shoulders.

Pat: I know, and I agree to be there with you.

“Kathy talks to him about how one of her purposes in this life-to-be is to find balance in regard to individuality, meaning where she ends and someone else begins. She talks about how she will have the strong tendency to take on another person’s pain and feel another person’s problems.

Kathy: I will use you as part of this purpose—to help me find my balance and learn how to delineate between myself and my own circumstances and feelings and those that belong to another. Because I will be your daughter and love you so deeply, I will have a tendency to take on your pain and feel your emotions, though I may not understand them.

Pat: Yes, yes, I know.

Kathy: I will look to you for guidance and to mirror me, to show and remind me who I am, but it is up to me to learn. I do not demand that you take on the responsibility of ensuring that I learn this lesson. That is mine and mine alone. You are going to act as a guide for me in your own way, and I expect nothing more from you.

Pat (relieved): I love you, and I will welcome you as my daughter when the time comes.

Kathy: I will stay here until that time. When you need me, you can call me in your sleep, and I will be one of many in your dreams.

“Their conversation ends. Let’s see who or what comes next.” Staci was silent for a moment as she tuned in to another portion of the planning session. “It is Pat’s other daughter, Donna. She sits down in front of Pat.

Pat: I want you to be in my life so I can hold you, cherish you, and give you guidance, and so you can show me the path before me and lead me where I need to go.

Donna: Daddy, I need for you to be mean sometimes. I will be forced by your meanness and what seems like your rejection of me to look within myself. Though I will know it is because of the bottle, it will force me to go within, to measure my own feelings and my own sense of reality. I need this, because it reminds me in a very strong way to be who I am. Though at first it will look like it makes me self-conscious and full of doubt, it is part of my growth. This is part of the path I need to walk in this lifetime. This is what I need you to do for me.

“Pat pats his daughter-to-be on the head and agrees.

Pat: I’m sorry for what will happen. I love you. As much as I know this needs to be, I am sorry I will cause you to feel pain.

“Donna takes his hand, the hand that was patting her on her head, and holds it to her heart.

Donna: No, you will not be causing the pain. It is my choice. I am responsible for it.

“And then she leaves,” Staci concluded.

* * *

While Pat undoubtedly planned alcoholism to foster his own spiritual growth, this portion of his pre-birth planning session shows us that he also planned alcoholism to help his daughters grow. Pat’s story beautifully illustrates a theme I saw in every pre-birth planning session: that life blueprints, no matter how challenging for ourselves or others, are based on unconditional love.

Robert Schwartz is the author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born. A free PDF with a large excerpt from the book is available on the About the Book page at www.YourSoulsPlan.com The book may be ordered on that web site, on all Amazon sites, and through any library or bookstore.

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