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Articles for October 2016
   Candida Albicans
   by Leon Chaitow N.D., D.O.
  There is strong evidence that systemic fungal infections--those that affect the organs and tissues of the body--have increased dramatically in both frequency and severity in recent years. For example, in the United States, fungal infection of the blo...MORE

   Excerpt from "Believe in Forever: How to Recognize Signs from Departed Loved Ones"
   by Mary Catherine Volk
  What are most people searching for after the death of someone close? A sign, any sign to let them know that their newly departed loved ones are a peace and they will see each other again. Our loved ones do send us a sign to confirm that they made it ...MORE

   Excerpt from "Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks"
   by Angela Dawn
  I began to meditate daily, first thing in the morning. It became a wonderful obsession. The more I meditated the easier it became. I found I could meditate up to two hours a day! The lawn mowers, leaf blowers, cars passing by, even the phone ringing ...MORE

   The Suppressed History of American Banking
   by Xaviant Haze
  1862–1865 The war years of 1862 and 1863 were tough on the president as the cost of the war was sinking the nation into abstract bankruptcy. With no alternative he was forced to seek financial aid from the Rothschilds. They welcomed Lincoln with...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for September & October 2016
   by Armand M. Diaz, PhD
  September is typically the time when we settle back into our routines after the summer, but this year we may find that the waning summer and early fall are anything but routine. The skies are buzzing with activity, and we’re likely to be pretty busy ...MORE

   Psychic Insights for Fall & Horoscopes for October 2016
   by Elissa Heyman
  Nature and its creatures take a big hit. The truth that resounds through whatever suffering  we witness this Fall is that we are all affected, all in this together, all One.  Trying to destroy evil won't work at this time, it's a wave of ug...MORE

   Your Horoscope for September & October 2016
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  Aries (3/21-4/20)September brings no rest for the Aries folks. Little time for family and friends as well. After the 22nd the party’s on again. You may decide that enough is enough in a current relationship. Be sure to tend to your responsibilities a...MORE

   Ask Your Pet
   by Jennifer Dickman
  Dear Jennifer,My dog Natalie crossed the rainbow bridge two years ago. She was my best friend and we were together all the time. It’s been very hard to accept that she’s no longer with me. I still cry for her almost every day. Part of me wants to get...MORE

   by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss
  EarthTalk®From the Editors of E - The Environmental MagazineDear EarthTalk: When did scientists first discover that carbon dioxide levels were rising in the atmosphere due to human activity and that this could cause global warming?  ...MORE

   GemSpot: The Seasons of Life: Golden Calcite, Lemon, and Clarity
   by Margaret Ann Lembo
  As we move into autumn, the angle of light as it touches the Earth shifts. The shaft of light offers a new perspective as we harvest the results of the summer. This is a perfect season for introspection and reflection. It offers an opportunity to gai...MORE

   Totems: Shark, Part 1 of 4
   by Cie Simurro, a.k.a. Thunderbird Starwoman
  It is my nature to be forceful. As I swim gracefully through all barriers to my current desire, whether it is something to sustain me, nurture me, or something that I wish to draw into my realm, I put my entire self – mind, body, and spirit into it. ...MORE

   Violence: Emotions, Behavior and Neuroscience
   by Michael Cheikin, MD
  While the evening news feasts on stories of violence, a new norm of aggressive behavior seems to be evolving.  Many of the mass-shootings are not by terrorists, but by children and adults. There is no reliable predictor of  violence, especi...MORE

   Do We Have Vaccination Amnesia?
   by Dr. Bill Miller
  It is natural to dismiss dangers that are rarely seen. That has become our present circumstance with respect to many devastating infectious diseases. Since medicine has made significant progress against its former greatest adversaries, complacent bel...MORE

   Eating For A Healthy Pregnancy
   by Dr. Sarah Cimperman, ND
  We should always eat healthy, but it's particularly important during pregnancy. After all, the building blocks needed to create a baby comes from what a pregnant woman eats. These six guidelines are a good place to start.#1 | Eat when you’re hungry.W...MORE

   From the Heart: Where Terrorism Ends
   by Alan Cohen
  The rash of terrorism around the globe is a problem of highest concern. The attacks in Paris and Brussels make it seem as if we are not safe anywhere. Any sane person has to wonder, “What is our world coming to?” How, then, do we deal with terrorists...MORE

   It's Not About The Website
   by Alan Cohen
  A young entrepreneur came to me complaining that she was having trouble completing the text for her website. “Where is the roadblock you are hitting?” I asked Barbara. “It’s the About Me page,” she answered with a contorted face that told me how...MORE

   Animals and Spiritual Evolution
   by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis
  Animals play an essential part in the grand plan of life. Yet too often, we think of animals simply as things to serve us when in fact, they have souls and are on an evolutionary path just as we are. Animals look up to humanity for love and inspirati...MORE

   Enhance Your Dream Life With The Chant Of HU
   by Mary Carroll Moore
  For over forty years, as a student of Eckankar, I’ve studied dreams.  I like to keep a log of them and also a dream dictionary, where I write down symbols that recur.  They are symbols that mean something to me, probably no one else, but th...MORE

   Seeing the Illusion: Fear & Reward
   by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  “O my Lord, if I worship Thee for fear of hell, burn me in hell; and if I worship Thee for hope of Paradise, exclude me thence; but if I worship Thee for Thine own sake, with hold not from me Thine eternal beauty.”  -RabiaFor the spiritual ...MORE

   Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
   by Judi Thomases
  The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling. It is an invited procedure. The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  INNER POWER  In the beginning of you...MORE

   The Magical World of Numbers: October….. Number Ten …The God Force, Good Karma and Money Issues
   by Elizabeth Summers
  By  October, the beautiful season of Fall has arrived bringing with it new looks in Mother Nature, new weather conditions and new life styles for we humans as we begin our nesting for the next several months.As Mother Earth began to wind things ...MORE

   The Planetary Aura and the Process of Change
   by Eve Wilson
  People who read my articles and blog posts about planetary ascension, have often asked how they can observe for their selves the ascension changes I write about.  There are a couple of ways to approach this question, one being fairly simple and ...MORE

   The Void
   by Grace Elohim, via Alison David Bird
  "Oh, Masters, growing-up is always such a bittersweet experience. You want to be free to discover, learn and create, but you are afraid to turn away from all you have constructed within the illusion of your old reality - even though you know you have...MORE

   Annual Samhain Festival Moves to Nashua, NH
  Falling between the Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice, the festival of Samhain (pronounced 'sow-en') marks the close of the 'light half' and heralds the oncoming 'dark half' of the year. For the early indigenous peoples of Europe, Samhain was a ti...MORE

   Edgar Cayce and the Enlightenment of NYC
   by Sidney & Nancy Kirkpatrick
  If you’re reading a magazine about holistic body-mind-soul health, you’ve probably come across the work of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945). As a young man, Cayce discovered that he was able to enter into a self-induced sleep state and place his mind in conta...MORE

   How To Stay Balanced When Change Rocks Your Boat
   by Laura Norman
  “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one  that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles DarwinChange is a constant in our lives today. Many of our ancestors probably lived their whole live...MORE

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