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Alternatives For Healing

Become A Powerful Healer in 60 Minutes

by Kerri Bodmer Colegrove

Some of the most powerful healing you will ever experience, you can now accomplish yourself... Quickly… Easily… And inexpensively… Using mainly the contents of your kitchen cabinets, in ways you never imagined! This, in a nutshell, is what despachos are about.

Despachos aren’t a fad. Knowledge of despachos has been passed on by the medicine masters of the high Andes Mountains, the descendents of the Incas, from one generation to the next via oral tradition for over 5,000 years. And for good reason… Of all the ancient healing secrets in South America, despachos are the superstars!

Until now however, knowledge of despachos outside of South America has also been limited mainly to elite circles of energy healers. Now you can use their best-kept secrets yourself.

Not interested in healing? Then how about some blessings? Big blessings in the form of new opportunities to get more of the resources you want including money? Make a despacho! Or how about multiplying your ability to manifest your desires using the Law of Attraction? Make a despacho!

What’s a despacho? It’s a prayer offering made of sugar, dried fruits, grains, legumes, candy, flowers and other readily available items. All these items are symbolic, representations of something greater. Sugar for example, represents sweetness or love. You put all these symbolic items on a piece of paper, a 25” length of wrapping paper will do. You blow prayers and wishes for healing and blessings into leaves and put these in the despacho too. Then you wrap the paper around the contents, as a gift, and burn it!

Sound wild? Here’s the really wild part… Burning your despacho releases and delivers the energy of your prayers and wishes to the universe and it responds by creating new opportunities for you to receive healing and blessings. You read that right… Despachos are a way to supercharge prayers and wishes!

There are many types of despachos for different purposes. The most popular of all is the Abundance or Ayni Despacho. (Complete directions to make one follow this article.) Ayni, in the Inca language of Q’uechua means reciprocity and the Ayni Despacho works on this principle, you give to receive. So whatever you want to receive in the way of healing and blessings, including guidance and insights, you blow your prayers and wishes for these into leaves and put them in this despacho. As you can imagine, this is a very versatile despacho.

Reports of the effectiveness of despachos are the stuff of legends… One woman made a despacho with prayers for a new employee for her real estate brokerage. Within 48 hours of burning it, three great candidates appeared on her path. Another woman made a despacho with prayers for new income. Within 24 hours of burning this despacho she was offered a teaching position at a prestigious acting school – out of the blue – a job for which she hadn’t even applied! And a man who made a despacho with prayers for healing his back pain was soon told by an acquaintance about a book titled Healing Back Pain by John Sarno, M.D. – as he read it, his back pain disappeared.

Reports of getting prayers and wishes fulfilled after making a despacho are not the exception. They’re typical! Making a despacho will always improve your well-being in some way. Not long ago I made the acquaintance of a gal who wanted to do some research on despachos. I suggested the most important part of this research would be for her to make a despacho. Then I sent her a despacho kit, which contained pretty much all the items she’d need to make one, so making one for the first time would be extra easy for her. A couple of weeks later she called me, excited to share her despacho results. She explained that for an entire year she’d been praying for a business partner to no avail. So when she made her despacho, she blew prayers into leaves for a business partner, and put these leaves into her despacho. Then, within a couple of days of burning this despacho, voila, a new business partner appeared! She was ecstatic! I excitedly replied, “I told you… Despachos work!”

Another popular type of despacho is the Protection or Cuti Despacho. This despacho works akin to a giant vacuum nozzle to actually suck negative energy out of your energy field, so the negative energy and whoever or whatever is attached to it, leaves. The energy that is removed is negative energy others have directed at us such as anger, envy, jealousy and resentment.

I recently made a Protection Despacho for a woman who had rejected the romantic advances of a man who became very angry over the rejection and enlisted several friends in a hate campaign against her. The matter escalated to the point of a death threat. I made a Protection Despacho for her, and a few days afterward, the friends realized they had been acting as mindless pawns of the man and apologized to the woman. Then, without the support of his friends, the rejected man redirected his attention elsewhere: negative energy crisis solved!

It isn’t necessary to be in the midst of dire straights however, to benefit from a Protection Despacho. On another occasion, I made one for a couple of gals who visited me one afternoon. They were very interested in despachos and I suspected they’d never discover the benefits of a Protection Despacho unless I made one for them. I did and afterward they both raved about how much happier and lighter they felt, which just goes to show how negative energy directed at us over the course of years and even decades, including negative energy we aren’t aware of, can diminish us. This is a great example of how individuals who aren’t in a crisis can also benefit greatly from a Protection Despacho.

How do despachos make all this and more possible? Quantum physics – and you don’t have to understand a single iota of this super advanced science for it to work on your behalf!

What’s most important for harnessing the result-producing power of despachos is your intention – and the simple act of making a despacho, with leaves into which you’ve blown your prayers and wishes, satisfies this requirement! You don’t even have to believe a despacho will work for it to be effective because despachos are experiential: You make one. You burn it. You get results. Furthermore, you get the kind of results only the most powerful energy healers are able to attain… New possibilities for healing as well as attracting more of whatever else you’d like into your life!

So… Would you like to become a powerful healer in about 60 minutes? Now you can because that’s about how long it takes to make a despacho!

Abundance Ayni Despacho Directions

This despacho helps you attract healing and blessings, including greater abundance on all levels, even more money. It works on the principle of giving to receive; and you receive much more than you give. After making this despacho, be on the lookout for new possibilities that are opportunities for you to fulfill your prayers and wishes.


Piece of paper measuring approximately 30” x 30”. Wrapping paper works well. Make the despacho in the center of the paper, leaving enough room on all four sides to fold it up as a gift when finished.

Sugar, for love, perhaps in the form of a Southern Cross, guiding principle of the southern hemisphere.

Incense, 2 sticks, criss-crossed, invites the presence of the divine, place on top of the sugar to represent the assemblage of reality, the intersecting of time and space for the manifestation of life to occur.

Anise seeds, sprinkle over the incense to feed the elemental spirits of earth, fire, water and air.

Lavender and/or rosemary and/or sage for cleansing and the power of directed action.

Rice for fertility and abundance.

Red wine or juice. Call on the earth to bless this first layer, then sprinkle some red wine or juice onto the despacho.

White wine or juice. Call on the mountains to bless this first layer, sprinkling it with white wine or juice.

36 or more leaves, (dried bay leaves or any similar sized flat leaves.)

Make the leaves into qintus (leaf sets) by assembling three leaves together, face up, stem side down, with the largest leaf in the back and the smallest in the front.

Blow your prayers into the qintus. Your prayers can be for anything including healing, assistance, guidance, favors, etc. Remember to make your prayers general and without attachment to outcome, such as requesting a wonderful new home, but not a specific one; or a great new job, but not a specific one; or a new friend, but not a specific one. Make at least a dozen qintus.

Place the qintus in the despacho.

Sugar, sprinkle onto the qintus for more love and sweetness.

Seashell, to hold the intent of the despacho.

Female and male figures. Place these into the shell to represent complementary opposites, balance.

Two tiny qintus, place in the shell to nurture the male and female figures.

Gold and silver bead, put into the shell to represent the sun and the moon.

Gold and silver paper, small bits, put in the shell to represent the wisdom of the earth (gold) and wisdom of the mountains (silver).

Gold cord, silver cord, put in the shell to represent our connection to earth and heaven.

Silver and gold flute or other music item(s). Place into the shell to represent sound. Celestial music brings harmony to all elements of the despacho.

Candies to represent everything we are in relationship with, bringing harmony throughout our environment including any enemies upstream, and making peace with ourselves, to be in right relationship.

Candy sprinkles, multicolored, for the elemental spirits.

Chocolate for the earth.

Black licorice for protection.

Lima beans, to represent places of power that contain the creation energy of the universe, so we can tap into this energy and come into synchronicity with our path.

Corn for sustenance, gifting back to the earth what we have been given.

Garbanzo beans for protection so our path is clear of obstacles.

Small red beans to represent places of emergence, such as springs.

Peanuts to represent old trees, the plant people.

Lentils to represent the abundance of the earth.

Raisins to represent the spirits of our ancestors, our blood lineage, for healing for them and for us.

Cranberries to represent our gardens, our localities.

Figs to represent spirits of ancient ones who dwell in sacred mountains.

Starfish to connect us to the stars and bring our destiny into this world.

Animal crackers to honor all animal spirits.

Alphabet noodles to enable us to step outside of time and beyond language and linear reasoning to true understanding and wisdom.

Two candy frogs as messengers to carry our prayers.

One dollar as a measure of our success to ensure the success of the despacho.

Cotton balls to represent clouds, the provider of the waters.

Rainbow yarn or multi-color ribbons to represent the rainbow and a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds and our capacity for transcendence.

More yarn to encircle the despacho. This represents the weaving or tying together of our prayers and offering to bring them into harmony.

Confetti to celebrate all life.

Flowers for healing.

Feather for flight.

Important: To keep the prayers intact, do not turn the despacho upside down or shake it up.

Fold despacho as a gift, enclosing the contents securely inside.

Tie despacho closed (as a gift) with yarn or ribbon, remembering to protect the prayers by not turning it upside down or shaking it up.

Last qintu, blow into it the intention to include any forgotten prayers. Tuck this under the yarn tie.

Within 24 hours of making this despacho, burn it for an explosive transformation. Make a fire with enough fuel to completely burn your despacho, or use a gas fireplace or gas barbeque. When the despacho is placed in the fire, do not look at it except to make sure it is burning well. This symbolizes non-attachment to outcome and a release to all claim to that which is being given away. If you can’t burn the despacho, or for slower, more steady results, bury it or put it in a body of water. 

Kerri Bodmer Colegrove is the founder and former editor of Women’s Health Letter and co-author of The Giant Book of Women’s Health Secrets. Her passion for learning about all types of healing led her to study despacho-making with medicine masters of the Andes Mountains. Her resulting ebook Feasts for The Gods, with a Forward by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., has directions for making 13 different types of despachos including the Protection Despacho and is available at www.feastsforthegods.com, along with despacho kits and despacho healing sessions in which Kerri makes a despacho for you.

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