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Interview with Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

by Edie Weinstein Moser

With intensely gazing eyes behind fashionable wire framed glasses, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is an interesting juxtaposition of Eastern and Western medicine, anci-ent and modern wisdom. He calls him-self a universal servant whose mission has touched lives world-wide; the ripple effect of which flows outward and will likely reach many generations.

Most people are familiar with the concept of ‘mind over matter’. Dr Sha espouses the idea of ‘soul over matter’. Lest you think that this is somber work, as awesome a responsibility as Dr. Sha has taken on, he remains a man with a delightful sense of humor and warmth. He is the author of several books in-cluding the New York Times and ama-zon.com best-seller The Power of Soul. Simple and profound in one package, the book explains in repetitive fashion with concepts building onto each other, just how powerful the healing is that has taken place in Dr. Sha’s life and those of the people this work has reached.

People are hungry for understand-ing the transitions that are occurring in the world and their lives and for the ability to move through them as grace-fully as possible. It is possible that the teachings that Dr. Sha offers, may pro-vide some answers.

In his lilting voice, Dr. Sha express-ed how certain sounds sung as mantras provide healing and recovery from all manner of physical and emotional con-ditions. He calls them Soul Songs that resonate deep within the heart and soul of the listener.

Many of Dr. Sha’s services are free and include Divine downloads and blessings that embrace all areas of life, including relationships, health, finances, animals and our spiritual journey. He offers karma cleansings that may allow the person receiving them to experience a ‘do-ever’ and a fresh start. These open a door to creating a new life based on deeper understanding and a sense of awareness that may not have been present until that point.

Many stories are posted on his web-site from those who have experi-enced his work either by being in Dr. Sha’s presence, listening to the web casts, reading his books or chanting the Soul songs. They speak of regaining physical abilities that they feared had been lost for good, a broken wrist that healed nearly overnight, an ovarian cyst dis-appearing, depression lifting and relief from back pain. Some of these transfor-mations came from reading one of Dr. Sha’s books, listening to his CD’s, chanting the Soul songs or experiencing the Divine downloads or blessings. After reading The Power of Soul, I experi-enced a profound sense of peace and a respite from the stressful aspects of my life.

Wisdom: How would you define the word ‘soul’?

Dr. Sha: Soul is the golden light of being. Human’s soul is the golden light of being. Animal’s soul is the golden light of being. This, a golden light of being, is the essence of one’s life.

Wisdom: Is it something we are, not something we have?

Dr. Sha: Every person, every animal, everything in the Universe has a soul.

Wisdom: Can you speak about the ‘call’ you received to offer the healing work that you do now?

Dr. Sha: When I was age 5, I got the flu. My parents brought me to the doc-tor. I received an injection of penicillin. Then, a little later, I got a reaction to the injection and lost my consciousness.The neighbor of my family was an Acupunc-turist and he saved my life to wake me up. At the age of 6, I went to the park with my parents to see a Grand Master of tai chi who practiced with a few disciples. The Grand Master used a little stress, very gentle. I was so shock-ed and came to him and said "Grand-father, can I learn this?" He looked at me for awhile and said "You are too young to do this." I begged him and said, "I really want to learn this. Please teach me." I begged him and begged him and my parents supported me to do this. I started my Tai Chi journey at age 6 and I studied Chi Gong; which is a Chinese energy practice at age 10 and studied Shaolin Kung Fu at age 12, Later, I studied I Ching and Feng Shui and then went to the medical university to receive my MD and also studied tra-ditional Chinese medicine as an Acu-puncturist and Herbalist. Since child-hood, I saw many people suffering; some people have a swollen leg, some people have trouble breathing and asthma. Some people have huge pain. I saw in my heart and mind, I say "How come there is no body to help them? They suffer so much." I felt pain for them, I thought, "Maybe in the future when I grow up, I can do something for them. That was the initial thought in my heart. I learned to use ‘chi’ (energy) to offer healing. In 1993, I met Master Guo and he taught me a deep spiritual secret; soul secret wisdom and know-ledge. I have learned spiritual secrets since my childhood, but with Master Guo, I was honored to integrate the essence of Western medicine and trad-itional Chinese medicine and 5,000 years of Chinese energy healing and secret wisdom to write a book, The Power of Soul.

Wisdom: Is this work something you came to this planet to do?

Dr. Sha: Yes. I felt this my whole experience as I studied and practiced Chinese Asian arts and Western Medi-cine, as well as with my spiritual Father. The important fact is that July 2003, Divine appeared in one of my soul retreats. Divine told me that he is choosing me to be his servant and transmit his soul treasures for humanity, I didn’t understand what it meant; a ‘soul transplant’. Divine told me "Do you understand organ transplant?" I said, "Yes, I understand, as a doctor in China." Divine said, "Soul transplant is to change the soul of the organ or the system and without touching the physical body." Divine told me what the soul transplant looks like. I can see a person’s kidney or liver. The golden light of being is very tiny and some parts become dark. When God offers a soul transplant, the dark green and soul of the organ is left to Divine heart. God creates a huge golden light of being to that person. I have offered millions of soul transplants for humanity, that is the honor to be a servant to humanity and the Divine.

Wisdom: As a medical doctor, does this feel like it flies in the face of what you were taught in medical school?

Dr. Sha: As a medical doctor, I totally honor Western medicine. Western medi-cine is important for helping humanity. What I am doing is Divine spiritual healing and Western medicine does not do this type of healing, therefore I am the doctor from China who is honored to introduce Divine spiritual healing, trans-formation and enlightenment for human-ity. I was invited to a medical confer-ence for 500 MD’s to present my work. There are quite a few medical profess-ionals among my students.

Wisdom: Was the presentation well-received by your colleagues?

Dr. Sha: Yes. I received a great response from the medical conference. Doctors are spiritual beings who under-stand the wisdom and the soul power I shared with them. They were deeply appreciative.

Wisdom: Can you speak about the GOLD concept that you mentioned in your book?

Dr. Sha: I teach total GOLD which stands for

G- gratitude

O- obedience

L- loyalty

D- devotion

As a spiritual being, I ask my students to have total GOLD service, attitudes, behavior to the Divine. Divine is all Source for all humanity and all uni-verses. To have total GOLD to God only; and to respect spiritual fathers and mothers, study and practice well. I do not teach any religion. I am teaching soul sacred wisdom, knowledge and practices. I focus on soul over matter which means soul can heal sickness, rejuvenate and prolong life and transform every aspect of life, including relationships and finances.

Wisdom: How do we listen to the guidance of Spirit?

Dr. Sha: Everybody has a soul, regardless of whether they realize or understand it. A human being consists of soul, mind and body. In my teaching, soul is the boss. Some people may disagree. They think that their mind is the boss. They decide what they want to do. They choose their career, sports, they buy a house, they create a business. They believe what they think. Their mind makes decisions. In my teaching, they may not be aware when they think something. Their soul is in-volved in every process of their thinking and making de-cisions. If their soul agrees with their mind’s decisions, things are successful. If their soul does not agree with their mind’s decisions, things could be blocked. There are many blockages for life. Your own soul can block your life, even very serious-ly. What I am teaching is to help humanity understand the importance of your soul. I teach Divine Soul Songs which means you chant a special Divine mantra to purify your soul and transform the frequency of your soul and bring Divine Love, forgiveness and compassion for your soul. The vib-ration transforms so you can carry the soul healing power to heal others and your relationships and finances and more.

Wisdom: Is there a practical mechanism for this or is it just surrendering to Spirit?

Dr. Sha: I have shared many practical techniques in Soul Power series; Soul Wisdom, Soul Communication, Soul Mind Body Medicine, Power Healing. My next book will be published June 2009. It is called Divine Soul Songs to dev-elop your soul healing and rejuvenation and transformation.

Wisdom: There are many clear techniques offered in your book, The Power of Soul.

Dr. Sha: Yes and one of the practical techniques is to sing a Soul Song that I call Divine Peace and Harmony. This is in Chapter 2 about Karma.

Lu la lu la li

Lu la lu la la li

Lu la lu la li liu la

Lu la li lu la

Lu la li lu la

I love my heart and soul

I love all humanity

Join hearts and souls together

Love, peace and harmony

Love, peace and harmony

Wisdom: In The Power of Soul, you speak of being tested, once you commit to being a servant. Can you explain further?

Dr. Sha: Every spiritual being faces spiritual testing because you want to serve others. The purpose of life is to serve. There are two major values for humanity. One is to be healthy and the other is happiness. A purpose of life is to help make other people healthier and happier. Of course, to make other people happier and healthier, you must make sure you are happier and healthier. In a spiritual journey, you have to purify your own soul, heart, mind and body. You can then serve others. When you make the commitment to serve others, the dark souls will interfere and block your spiritual journey. In the spiritual journey, you need to purify yourself and remove the ego attachment. The dark side will not let you do this. Every spiritual being is facing love light and conflict, therefore in order to move forward in your spiritual journey, Divine fathers and mothers will watch you. They will test you, "Are you really wanting to serve others? How much effort do you want to put in to serve others?" You may want to serve a little bit or you may want to serve a lot. You may want to give uncon-ditional universal service. The Divine gave me a universal spiritual law in April 2003. God said "I am a universal ser-vant and you are a universal servant." and he pointed at me and said "Every one is a universal servant. A universal servant offers love, forgiveness, peace, healing, harmony and enlight-enment." If one offers a little service, they receive a little blessing. If one offers a lot of service, they receive more blessing. If one offers unconditional service, they receive un-limited blessing. Divine makes this spiritual law to encourage humanity to be a better servant. But when you serve, you receive many challenges. You are tested by Heaven. Spiritual beings must understand spiritual testing, which means that it does not matter how difficult it is in relationships and fin-ances. You can move forward and overcome the difficulties and challenges.

Wisdom: Is there an overall message you want to transmit to the readers?

Dr. Sha: My total mission is to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls in all universes and (offer) enlight-enment, in order to create love, peace and harmony for hu-manity, Mother Earth and all universes. Mother Earth is facing greater challenges, natural disasters, war and diseases, financial challenges and many conflicts. People suffer phys-ical sickness, emotional imbalances, such as depression, anxiety and fear. At this historical time, it is important to learn to serve and understand that you have the power to heal your-self. Ancient spiritual healing and energy healing, sacred wisdom and knowledge are available. The Soul Power series is sharing practical soul treasures to heal and transform your life, humanity, Mother Earth and all universes. I am honored to be a servant to continue to share and teach. I have created 1000 divine healers world wide and about 400 master teachers. Every week I offer free healing for humanity; every Saturday morning, for one hour through a live webcast, for the past 6 years. I have served 100,000 people world wide. There are two thousand people world wide in more than 40 countries on the live webcast. I have many soul healing services, many free Divine soul treasures for humanity, letting me be a better servant, to make you happier and healthier. Let us join hearts and souls together to create love, peace and harmony, for Mother Earth, humanity and all universes. Thank you very much. I am very happy.

To learn more about Dr. Sha’s work, please visit: www.drsha.com  

Edie Weinstein-Moser is a free-lance journalist, speaker, interfaith minister and social world. Please visit her website at www.liveinjoy.org  

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