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Channeling Massachusetts - Predicitions, Life and Hope

by David Lowell

Greetings. What wondrous times you are about to explore.

Can any of you conceive of the multitudes of souls that are praying for you and watching over you? The vastness of spirit can not be restrained by individual thoughts. There is so much more. There are unknown souls that have been kind and giving, who have done the right thing and acted in selfless ways. These souls are dedicated to their creator who imbibed them with a life presence they once manifested. Many of these souls endured and walked through challenges, some challenges that ended in death and extermination or genocide. And in so doing they faced those challenges with integrity, valor and courage, opening new understandings to spirituality and compassion. Within your history is the legacy of your future. Allow yourselves to be guided by the presence of these remembered souls, and return to the precious moments when you became aware of their selfless sacrifices.

When you are going through difficult times and facing personal struggles, allow yourself to receive the guidance of these watchful souls and know that your struggles and burdens will become lessened through the rapture of prayer and the connection you share with those who stand in the gap of self-doubt with you and for you. Practice forgiveness. No matter how someone has struck your soul and no matter the depth of your frustration and pain, forgiveness is the pathway to your own healing. When you forgive another you acknowledge the past and the hurt, and you know that it has played a part in shaping the you that now is. When you forgive you release the burden you carry, for forgiveness is not singularly about the other person or about you. It is about you being able to focus on your own life and personal wellness. When you carry a weight it slows you down, and over time your body will either give way to it or you will build enough muscle to endure it. The better way, the encountered way with kindness, tells us to release the weight and not to carry it at all. Life is not about endurance, but it is about the dance, the breadth, and the celebration of the journey. For how you come through those times of challenges will determine how you go through the rest of your life.

Have you ever wondered why it is that when you have seemingly worked so hard to get something, build something, fall in love, have the perfect relationship or life it all seems to fall apart or you lose someone you loved? Indeed.

There was an artist who was a great artist. One warm day in the 80’s with the sun shining on the coast in Italy, hundreds of feet above the coastline, the artist set up with the help of his assistant. The cliff was seamless with the sky and water. It was magnificent. The artist painted feverishly to capture the purity and intensity of the moment. The assistant prepared the paints, cleaned off the brushes and poured more wine. The assistant lay back on the warm ground, content to watch his master paint. The painter spoke of the beauty of the moment, the perfection of the colors, heavens and waters. He was overtaken by his own work!

He drank the wine, pleased with himself, and admired his work. The painter stepped back to look at this creation. He admired it and stepped back farther and farther, heading toward the cliff. As he admired his work he mused to his own delight about how everything had just come together so perfectly and about how he, through his talents, caught such beauty. The assistant was terrified as his master backed toward the cliff.

The younger man screamed out, “Watch out!” One step, just one step from the cliff, the half drunken master who was delighted with himself and his work was deaf to the warnings of his assistant. The assistant jumped to his feet, grabbed a knife and started slashing the painting! The master charged toward him, striking him and yelled at him, “Look what you have done!”

The assistant trembling on the ground looked up at his master and replied, “Yes, I saved your life… look back at where you were standing, you were about to step off the cliff!” The master looked back, shocked and dazed; he then looked down at his assistant and realized that his own blindness and deafness nearly killed him. If the assistant had not slashed the painting the master would never have completed his greatest works which came later in his life.

Sometimes the only way to pull you back from the brink of danger is to shock you into a change of action. The assistant so loved the beauty that was within his master that he saw the perfection of God’s own love in his talents. The strike and hit he took was nothing compared to the harsh reality the master realized when he saw what the assistant had done for him and how he had chosen to sacrifice something material over something spiritually inspired. For the inspired work was not the painting but the gift that rested within the man who created the material representation of the joy he felt that one day with his assistant as he drank wine and poured his soul out onto a canvas.

There is such radiance in the smile that emanates from the soul. Words are nothing more that temporary symbols of expression that can try to capture a fleeting moment of emotion. All prayers are answered, but perhaps not in a way you can hear or in a form you would prefer. But they are answered nonetheless if you allow yourself to experience them.

Each person can only measure their own closeness to God by taking the time to patiently know the Holiness of each person they meet. Not everyone is alike, nor do they think alike or act alike. What is good for you may not be for another and usually will not be. Each person has to look at their own life, what is normal for them, and that is established by what they choose to accept as allowable within their life. No one person measures the length of a ruler by the same inches. Your life may seem normal and successful to you, but to another it may seem questionable, non-acceptable and somewhat like a minimal failure. These things are highly subjective. When you say you feel badly for someone, or that they are unfortunate, or trash, or not of your kind or element, you are saying that you are superior to them.

If you think for a moment, you may find that your standard of measurement may be disproportionately distorted to those who see you as superior, demanding and out of touch with reality, even if it is their reality. What we are saying to you is that your view of something is seen only through your eyes and experiences and that taints your objectivity.

It is believed that only King Solomon had the ability to know the true language of others and that was because he felt with his heart what was said to him. He created the Song of Songs and The Songs of Solomon. This means metaphorically that he freed himself from his learned perspectives and their material symbols to hear and understand the words that birds sang. If you free yourself from your symbols of empowerment and status, you begin to feel the truth of words within your heart. And that shared universal vibrational sensation of prayer is the very energy that connects all souls as one.

When you are satisfied and content, you are one with God and Spirit. For spirit fills that which is already full and mankind wants to fill that which is empty. Indeed. Such attention paid to the flawlessness of youth, beauty and status, when in actuality how many people do you know that feign attention to their flawless appearance and grooming in an attempt to hang onto time and an age that has passed, while what they should be embracing is the richness, natural beauty and radiant glow that comes with the fitness of time, aging and wisdom, tolerance and patience. Youth offers unrestrained reactions, untempered emotions, flightiness, awkwardness and the lack of wisdom that only comes with time. Worrying about something that is natural (aging) only detracts from the beauty that comes through the natural expression of divine manifestation. Your life is designed to bring you to a certain time and path, showing you the way to loving life without fear, which shames loneliness and emptiness back into the shadows of darkness that have no power over you. For in light there can be no darkness.

Silently you watch others and their lives, comparing yourself to them, while in your heart you ache for something that you think they have that is better than what you know or have. For what you know has given you the lackages that entice you to lust after what they seemingly have which would make your life so much happier, more content, better, more joyful, and more satisfied. If only, indeed. These are things, just passing things of immaturity, that someone who has not yet been written upon with strong enough ink will set about thinking on. If you stand upon that formless faith of knowing, and allow yourself to fall into the open arms of universal truths and knowing, you will shed your vulnerability and self-doubt. Truly, all things are self-resolving. Time will always win out. Time is unlimited, its measure is already tested and known, and its processes will continue as they always have. How you decide to accept that or fight against it will determine your happiness and your ability to be successful in the things that you enjoy. And it will also affect how you view yourself in a world that is constantly growing younger.

So many people are concerned about 2010 – 2012 – 2014; such silliness. The planet will endure, it will redefine itself and it will remain for thousands and thousands of years beyond you and your generations. Time wins. Time allows for adaptation. Time co-exists with evolution. All things evolve.

There is no separation between the planets and solar systems; for they all have their projected paths and dependent orbits and life cycles, as do the cells, neutrons, electrons and protons within your genetic composition. As above, as below; and as with-out the physical realm, as with-in the physical realm. Do not over think that which exists.

Now with this message on time we will share these knowings with you as examples of the ongoingness of time.

By 2015 oil cost will increase dramatically, causing a return to urban centers and the development of more localized economies. When we say increase we mean just that. The costs of gasoline will cause lines and shutdowns or what was once called rationing or limited availability. There will be severe crisis and alarming catastrophes that will make you take notice as a global economy; without this happening, you will be slow to change, if at all. In the near future, as within the next couple years, there will be pockets of resurging economies. These will be areas that are found within the United States, such as New England, Texas, Colorado and the northwest coastal states with the exception of California, which will see further erosion of its infrastructure both socio-economically, politically, financially and topographically. Indeed. From 2009 – 2012 there will be fluctuations, but the critical period will be from 2012 – to late 2015.

This is about the stewardship of what you have been given. You are very ‘green’ or land and planet aware. But you forget that you are mostly water and that your world needs water, water systems and the life that exists within them. By 2016 – the long termed to 2022 which is only 7 to 13 of your years away there will great changes in the oceans and ocean life. Of course this will impact your fresh water systems: lakes and rivers. The big fish species that were once endangered may totally disappear. Whales, Swordfish, Large Tuna, the Cod and Shark and others marine life will see diminished numbers and some will start to readapt and migrate further into the fresh water systems. You are literally dredging and bottom fishing the ocean floors sweeping up large numbers of fish and marine life that are just destroyed and thrown back wounded, damaged, dying or dead into the seas they were just pulled out of. Narwhals or Uni-corn Whales, that mythical and rare sea-whale is already migrating and endangered. The ice-sheets that once protected it are slowing melting and desalinating the seas that always protected them. Life emerged from the seas. Again, we will remind you that this is about the stewardship of what you have been given.

We have not fully gone into the restructuring of the topography of Florida, resulting in an island where the tip now is and a restructuring of the coast line. The Gulf area in the United States is still not as it will become. There will be raised coastlines in the northern Atlantic area and decreased island stability in what is called key barrier islands throughout the global mid-section.

The American Presidency will be the greatest that it has been since the Camelot period of the Kennedy family. The Obama Presidency has the potential for two consecutive terms and popularized international recognition. Now however, with such light and rebirth comes great responsibility and that falls to all those who support this positive way of governing to protect and ensure the safety and well being of their leader. The United States is in a process of renewal. The prior leaders did not represent a threat or challenge to change as they served to keep their power locked within the status-quo of the perceptions of what always has been. With improvement, with growth and with hope comes the challenge of restructuring power bases and shifting older stale ideologies into new dynamic ones. And that change may be not be to the comfort level of many. The gift of inclusion, of breaking barriers, of allowing access and ensuring equality, stability, pride and hope to many who have never had such light shone upon them, is truly a blessed gift to all the peoples, religions, cultures, and ethnicities of the global society you now live in. They should be protected and earnestly watched over. Such gifts are rarely appreciated, but most oftenly proven out throughout history and their legacy.

In Europe, central France will see a re-emergence, as will the northern border area of Italy. The problematic areas will be the Asian quadrant of the globe and the volatile Middle-East.

Iran and Korea, Pakistan and India will need to be closely watched as some will ally themselves with neighboring countries and they will likely share affiliations with ties to South American countries. There is a strong change of engagement from late 2010 – to late 2011.

In The Middle-East, Iraq and Iran, and Egypt there will be great changes. There is a strong based movement for freedoms, inclusions, the movement from restrictive interpretations of religious ideologies that diminish human rights to a more equality based awareness. This is the major theme for the initiation of change. You are living in a global time, people want to hold, touch, embrace and choose who they love, and to marry the individual of their choice, not based on anything other than personal compatibility. Even in the United States, there still remain such entrenched ethical biases of conservative religious thoughts that restrictively bully their policies into the political areas of people’s lives. People will see beyond such restrictive controls.

Marriage is a legal institution that has religious meanings that reflect individual beliefs. However, the access or right to marriage is something that does not change or alter within its function or meaning because of the gender of individuals who may seek to share a union under its protective umbrella. People have children outside of marriage, and married people divorce, abuse their children and each other, have affairs outside their unions, and share the same dysfunctions as any other people. Each person at the end of the day can return to their life, their home, and their beliefs and go about their life as they always have without change. Their life will go on and they will celebrate their beliefs as they always have.

To separate out any person from any equitable rights, inclusional processes, or fairness and dignity, that is philosophically based in the same limitations (and unreasonably reasoned beliefs) as those who live in societies that practice female circumcision, the partial or total cutting away of the external female genitalia as they practice in Africa and The Middle-East, or the stoning of women, or the murder of hundreds of unarmed men and women, like what happened 20 years ago on the June 4 massacre of students and people peacefully protesting in China's Tiananmen Square, and those who can separate people into categories of those who are entitled to rights and those who are not, should concern you – very much. Indeed.

But these things are nothing more or less than what you have already set in motion. But be aware that if change is to occur you, all of you, will need to take a cohesive action toward mutual awareness and responsibility Remember, it is only through sudden catastrophe that you make changes. Perhaps it is now time to try a new approach. The world will become much more fully integrated, and time will see a new global society emerge.

We have concerns for Nancy Reagan; her energy is becoming light and ethereal. Also, Robert De Niro, James Woods, Brian Dennehy (from the time of this channeling throughout the next year. He should watch his health issues closely and focus on family). We think about Anne Francis (health and again, for this remaining year the focus should be on wellness, family and balance). Our concerns are with Rene Zellweger (take that career leap and do that project, and be aware of relationships and angst with depression). We also feel she should be aware of the overly self-assertive female energy that is near her, for the placement within its geographic area is inherently connected to the land it resides upon. There will be a period of instability for Uma Thurman that she will have to watch out for.

The one female energy is a delight to us, she has been a stabilizing joy, to the physical with the appreciated warning about those of a dubious nature, and with insight she was beneficially in-tuned. These things that are issues to her can be turned around without challenge or interruption for another 8 years of intuned wellbeing and projects – yes, successful projects.

There was a reason you learned about Altair and monsters that are created through the mind’s own manifested thought (even then there were those who were chosen that were ahead of their time and the awareness of others, the reason, to prepare them for being better equipped to handle the life that was and is unfolding for them, within this time and place). There are no coincidences. Illness is a type of monster that manifests when the physical being has suffered loss of love and unhealed requited love. On the other side of this awareness is the truth that these things can be turned around and become reborn and renewed as miracles within one’s life. Remember, all originates with thought, the premise being protracted belief which became so by adopting the thought as truth. Miracles do occur. A day of awakened rebirth is possible and full restoration is always a true potential of reality.

In saying this, we would say that their energy is soft, realigning, internalized anger laced with remnants of conflicting gentleness, and the energy is in a place where they need to pay attention to their environments, because their health and overall framework of beingness is attached to their environment, their lifestyle, and how they internalize or stuff emotions.

We are especially fond of these energies because we have interacted with their energy and feel a connection to that energy. We would remind them that family and dealing with the emotional needs of legacy and the linear expression of themselves are important. Keep things light, plan projects, write books. Make plans that are definite and start moving into a productive time of life. Life has many turns and it passes too quickly. Pay close attention to health and mental outlook. Your energies are much valued.

On a specific note to the female energy, we would share our adoration. Simply said. The need for self-protection is well understood, for there are things that others will not receive well and it is best to keep secrets, as such, secret.

The imbalance of moods and feelings of aloneness and mistrust are oftentimes not anchored in reality as much as the mind, but then again, thoughts like beliefs become real. Pay close attention to projects that have been long-termed for this may be the vehicle that will hallmark the difference between being a legend or a celebrity. Take the risk.

Oftentimes you try to become something better than you know. You look so far into becoming what you think you want to become that you never consider what it takes to become that creation. Oftentimes you lose things during that process; you make choices and trade-offs that you never thought you would have made.

You trust and you learn not to trust because that is what has been betrayed the most. And then you look back and wonder about the things you left behind. Always children, with white tatted socks and black strapped shoes living in a world that you created, which was filled with music, dance and dreams. You wonder if your children will understand and if you will be remembered in kind loving ways; they will and you will.

Will people think back and know your pain of betrayed love that still hasn’t healed? No. But there is no need. Forever you will be elusively on toe, well pointed, musical and fragile. In that imagery there are tears spent on pink and melon colored papers, blues and indigos, white eyelet linens that flutter in the breeze of an open window that overlooks the coast.

Time, it passes for all. Question not these things. But take pride in the time you have had, the things you can do and the hope you can provide to others. For some it can be a touch of a darker-skinned woman, a romance fantasized about, or the kindness of a willowy blond that makes the world seem brighter through the eyes of younger children. With purpose reborn, life becomes renewed.

There is that feeling that you can not quite get comfortable with, but when you feel it you know the awkwardness of it.

Love is that squeamish sense of vulnerability that you protect yourself against. And you doubt when it finally comes because as you know there is always a suspected catch associated with it. Funny, isn’t it? There it is when you turn that corner, walk in the room and it doesn’t look like you thought it would so you dismiss it, but nonetheless that energy takes you over. There you are doubting yourself and thinking that the other person has a hidden agenda or that they are out for something, and wanting to get one over on you, so there you go pushing away what it was that you wanted. Indeed.

Memories are wonderful. Fantasy and desires are really something, are they not? But they will not hold you at night, comfort you when you are hurting, offer a gentle touch or a strong push when you need it, or become a companion that you can work things out with to improve both your lives and awarenesses. Where is love? Perhaps closer than you think if you allow yourself to accept it. And perhaps still in the place that you ran from, hurting yourself and that other person. There are always brightly wrapped packages that sparkle, offering the excitement of the moment. But how many need to be unwrapped before you realize the contents are not what you thought they’d be. Indeed, where is love?

When you look at the world, ask yourself if you understand your relationship to it. Many times you think you have the answer to something, and you will start to answer or respond too quickly because you are coming from a place of emotion, rather than reason that is based in the knowing of moral spirit. You may react out of anger or frustration and then with pride refuse to readdress your response or make right with the process that you felt justified in that led you to the rash, now self-validated, place of self-acknowledged better-off-ness you claim you now live within. God’s vision of who you are is always seen to Him. There is nothing that escapes God’s eye. For if we say to you that you are God, then we would say to you that within yourself your soul knows everything you have done and the reasons for your actions. There is no escaping your co-creative process with Divine Mind.

Change the thinking that supports your old habits. When you change your thinking you change your life. Be humble and don’t interfere in other people’s lives. You can have it all, the life you want, the dreams you desire.

Hear with your heart in quiet moments the things you need to do to make right with yourself your purpose for your motivations.

Michel through Lowell

David Reid Lowell is a full trance medium and Life Advisor. He has been published in Sedona Journal of Emergence since 1998 which is sold throughout the United Stated at Barnes and Noble Book-Sellers. He is featured on various international blogs, discussion groups and has taught at various colleges, including QVCC and SUNY Broome. He holds a BS, MR, and Doc. in Divinity. davidrlowell@gmail.com 774-573-9349

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