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Discovering The Self(s) Heal Phenomenon

by Tree Borden, LICSW

My name is Tree Borden and I’m a psychotherapist with 26 year’s experience with offices in Boston and Cape Cod, Mass. Over the past 5 years, I have referred about 75% of my clients to Rhonda Lenair because of a phenomenon that occurs in her presence. Through the Self(s) Heal Experience that Rhonda offers, addictive, self-sabotaging behaviors, thoughts, desires, cravings and the need to self-destruct simply cease. This happens without any alternative or mainstream therapies or treatments and it is a by-product of the Self(s) Heal Experience: people just outgrow problems that plagued them, almost instantaneously.

The objective of the Self(s) Heal Experience is to remove conflicts and obstacles that impede or block pure inner peace, calm, and freedom. I’m just one of many clinicians and doctors that refer their patients for the "by-product" of this transformational experience. The Self(s) Heal Experience allows my clients to cease what they’ve become through self-abusive behaviors, fears, and thoughts and then become who they are born to be – peaceful, calm, and free. Having been in the presence of Rhonda many times, I recognize that she is a prophet who brings one to their highest self. After witnessing first-hand a family member being healed of an alcohol problem, I was blown away. I can 100% attest to the Self(s) Heal Experience being effective - it is a reset of someone’s system. Each and every client that I referred has come back completely changed – as if they’re a new person. This is not a treatment or a therapy, but a miracle that predictably occurs when one is in Rhonda’s presence.

The Self(s) Heal Experience

I asked Barry Chalfin Lenair, who runs the Healing Center, about the Self(s) Heal Experience. He explained that the experience is offered in a number of ways: in-person through a private encounter with Rhonda Lenair (also known as Self(s)); in a live group setting; on the telephone through a private one-on-one consultation; or in a group setting through a TeleGathering. Having personally seen first-hand tens of thousands of extraordinary Self(s) healings, he said, "I witness miracles in our office on a daily basis. I still can’t explain how they occur, but the phenomena unquestionably happen, and predictably. I see people come to us struggling with insurmountable life-long abusive and self-sabotaging problems like out-of-control drinking and other destructive behaviors – full of paralyzing stress and fear.

"Yet they emerge the same day – in the course of a few hours –looking joyous, blissful, and completely changed – because they are! I don’t just believe, but know miracles occur when people meet Rhonda through a Self(s) encounter."

A private, in-person Self(s) Heal Experience is conducted over 3-4 days. It is mostly suitable for anyone who suffers or has identifiable obstacles that are impediments to attaining inner peace and calm. Excessive out-of-control obstacles like drinking, eating, and many other behaviors are obstacles that are completely resolved. The Self(s) Heal Experience is renowned for the by-product that occurs greater than its objective of one attaining inner calm, peace, and freedom. Abuse and trauma, relationship issues, spiritual blocks, and any other impediment in someone’s life are outgrown through this experience.

Barry said that the Self(s) Heal Experience is quite different from any other program, traditional or alternative. First, because it is not a program, it is an "experience" that is non medical, withdrawal-free, and non 12-step, private and confidential without any insurance or medical reporting requirements. The by-product of the experience is particularly attractive to those who are too well known or famous to go to a rehab or 12-step meetings. It is time-accelerated and cost-efficient, taking 1/10 the time and costing 1/5 to 1/10 of a typical drug and alcohol rehab. Barry said this is the reason people tell him they schedule and it is ironic because the benefits they receive far surpass their initial expectations and purpose.

One Doctor’s Experience

Dr. Michael Posner has been involved with healing and holistic health for over 40 years. He has lived on an Ashram and studied yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, received a Black Belt in karate, studied nutrition, chiropractic, and massage. Yet, when he was faced with some difficult emotional obstacles that were preventing him from achieving everything he knew he could be in his life, particularly a state of inner peace, he found that he needed something more. He then turned to Rhonda Lenair and the Self(s) Healing Experience.

"I just couldn’t find that inner strength and resource I needed to get me to the next level in my life. I felt bound to addictive mind patterns in my brain," said Dr. Posner, who has a thriving Wholistic practice in New York. After going through the Self(s) Heal Experience, he declared, "I was free. It no longer had that grip on me that was binding me – that was the most miraculous part of the whole experience – and it was only a by-product of me reaching that state of inner calm."

Dr. Posner tells his patients who are struggling with addictions, emotional blockages or health related issues about the phenomenon that occurs through this experience. He says, "Rhonda Lenair does not treat your symptoms but she helps you get to the cause of your particular problem and through this awareness you become free of your issue whatever it may be.

Many people with alcohol problems go to rehabs for 30-60-90 days; spend upwards of $30,000 per month; and many leave with cravings or have the desire to drink reoccur. When most people leave Rhonda, they don’t have that desire any more and nobody needs to know you were even there. It’s just 3-4 days and you come home a transformed person. Rhonda was the magic bullet that did it for me. She set me free from my emotional blockages, now my life is blossoming."

What is Self(s)?

In order to appreciate this work, one must first understand what and who Self(s) is. Self(s)(Rhonda Lenair) is the reflection of all life complete. Singularly before her, she voices one; in a group, she synthesizes all as one voiced reflection. Self(s) is the non-physical representation of what becomes and is physically bound in body, form, or embodiment (knowledge). Self(s) is life’s eternal connection to all that lives, lived, and is destined to become life.

Spiritual Seeker’s Obstacle Removed

Sid, a construction company owner from Texas, was active in spiritual pursuits for over ten years. He was a student of Transcendental Meditation and was committed to daily meditation. But despite his practice, he could not hold the elevated state he desired. He learned about the Self(s) Heal Experience from a friend and decided to experience it for himself.

Sid also had a serious binge drinking problem that had been plaguing him for ten years. Over the years, he had been to rehabs and immediately started drinking when he returned home; he was known as the "King of the Revolving Door" at his local AA meetings; and he was reaching a point of frustration and desperation. As much as he wanted to stay spiritually connected, remain in transcendental states and have cosmic experiences, while drinking, it was impossible.

Sid was in conflict with his highest purpose being compromised by the mirage of peace through drinking. He states, "My exposure to the Self(s) Heal Experience was remarkable. Through this encounter with Self(s), I lost my cravings and desires for alcohol, without any withdrawals or feelings of depravation. But I also received a ‘peace that surpasses all understanding.’ I have been practicing advanced techniques of the TM, "TM Sidhis", however, until my sessions with you, I never knew the connectedness and oneness that I have only understood on an intellectual level. I express my deepest gratitude for you sharing your healing work with the world," he writes to Rhonda.

Self(s) Heal Experience

(Via Telephone)

This Self(s) Heal Experience via phone is a time-accelerated, sacred encounter that provides in-depth detailed, highly calibrated information at all levels that a life (human, plant, or animal) emits. What relates to their physiology is attained from beyond what’s physical: their non-physical parity speaks to them through Rhonda’s voice and tells them what their system is ready to hear to repair and/or be led to how to resolve… what’s Self(s)/self solved. A person will Self(s) learn, Self(s) teach, and Self(s) heal themselves. Although the phenomenon of the Self(s) Heal Experience occurs in person, Barry told me that he has received many calls and emails describing how someone’s issue was significantly reduced or even resolved because of this experience on the phone.

Two Doctor’s Views

Hyla Cass, M.D., a highly acclaimed psychiatrist and best-selling author (her latest book is 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health), over the years has referred patients to Rhonda Lenair. She writes, "Rhonda has an amazing ability to tune in on the traumas – the traumatic events inside people’s minds and energy fields that are disrupting all their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior. Until those traumas are cleaned out of the energy field, I can do all the work I do, including having the person become physically balanced with supplements, but the trauma continues to deplete the individual and prohibits them from a full recovery.

"Rhonda’s gift is that she can tune in or resonate with whatever the traumatic events are and clear and create a new resonance. She clears up your own energy field and you can start fresh, start clean. I’ve seen her take away people’s cravings, people’s addictions, and allow them to have peace of mind for the first time — maybe ever.

"So, I highly recommend Rhonda and her work. And besides, she is a very lovely, warm, kind, and loving person and it is my pleasure to have her in my life and I will continue to send people to her and I will recommend her completely with no reservations."

Dr. Joseph Taylor, a physician from Greater Boston, who specializes in internal medicine and pulmonary disease, has had a professional collaboration with the Lenairs for over 10 years. According to Dr. Taylor, "Rhonda Lenair has a renowned experience and success treating difficult addictive problems. She has also gained a depth of wisdom and understanding in the field of medical intuition and the body’s energy system. She has guided tens of thousands to better health and balanced lives."

Over the years, Dr. Taylor has wholeheartedly endorsed Rhonda’s work and has referred patients to The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center. He says of Rhonda, "Rhonda’s wisdom and intuitive abilities are truly extraordinary and all who have been with her feel her depth of capabilities and true compassion. Even more importantly, she has continued to develop a deep understanding of life with her recent discussion of Self(s) and the Self(s) Heal Experience."

The Group Self(s) Heal Experience

Barry also speaks about the Group Self(s) Heal Experience that is primarily offered on the phone, or in-person when the Lenairs are traveling. I asked him how the Group experience differed from the one-on-one experiences. He told me that regardless of who is before Rhonda, she reflects and synthesizes that entity – human, animal, or even plant. If she is before one person, she reflects their totality; in a group, she reflects and synthesizes the entire group’s collective voice, as one seamless voice she speaks.

Barry further explained that the Group Self(s) Heal Experience was very different from attending any other group presentation where a guru or other spiritual leader, teacher, lecturer, author, or motivational speaker is the attraction. He said that in these venues, the speaker is there to impart their knowledge to the audience, and the audience is there to listen and profit by what the speaker has to say.

In the Group Self(s) Heal Experience, there is no one authority before the group or a "presenter": Rhonda "reflects" and synthesizes the group, thus the individuals in the group meet their invisible, indivisible Self(s) through Rhonda’s voice. She speaks without notes in hand and is predisposed to nothing greater than what the group is… she reflects and speaks as one faceless group of many, as she states, "I can never be more or less than you are … my role is to be your whole Self(s)/self true."

In and through this experience, each participant will Self(s) teach, Self(s) learn, and Self(s) heal simultaneously and be "changed" by the experience - just by being there. The entire group creates and procreates their experience together.

Not unlike when Rhonda is with someone privately on the phone or in-person, there is always some level of healing that occurs for the participants of the Group Self(s) Heal Experience. People will heal at a level that they’re ready to: it’s predestined. By participating and helping to create the experience, they hear their own Self(s) voice and are changed by it. Some people have lost their cravings for alcohol and other substances just by hearing their own voice reflected in a group TeleGathering, and others have experienced other profound changes.

As a psychotherapist and a long time believer in Rhonda’s sacred work, I encourage you to experience your Self(s) through Rhonda’s voice, be it for the phenomenon that occurs to outgrow an out-of-control issue or just for its objective of attaining inner calm, peace, and freedom.

Tree Borden, LICSW, has been a practicing psychotherapist in the Boston area for over 25 years and has referred many clients to Rhonda Lenair, as well as personally experiencing the Self(s) Heal Experience. You can reach The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center at 1.888.412.8392 or contact Barry Lenair at barry@lenair.com, or visit www.lenair.com.



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