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Awakening Signatures of Kundalini

by Master Chrism

Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that is designed for humanity’s next step toward a luminous physical and spiritual expression. The Kundalini is in everyone. It is an untapped resource of divinity within us all that is waiting to be awakened and experienced. Never has the time been so right and crucial for a change of this magnitude to be explored and initiated. And so, let me introduce you to the power within you, right now at this very moment. Your Kundalini.

Kundalini is a very powerful and transformative energy located at the base of the spine within the last three vertebrae of the tailbone or coccyx, extending to the perineum. Kundalini is a natural birthright to all people but must be sought and nurtured with a physical and spiritual practice.

Kundalini is stand alone. It is a belief system, a physical practice, and an overt action upon the body. It is a condition and a force of union that is tactile in its expression upon the individual.

The sound of bees humming is a signature sound of Kundalini. Remember
this is a phenomena and potential that we have, as human beings,
inside of us all right now. This is only strange because of our
ignorance about it.

The Kundalini may "sound" like bees but it is a phenomena all its own.
The dream interpretations and experiences will most certainly be
influenced by this force of nature that we hold at the base of our
spines. Some symbols or "signatures" of the Kundalini may need to be
included as they may become present in the Kundalini dream
communications. These can also be experienced in the lucid awake state
as well.

Chirps as in the sound of an insect, singular or in the millions
Lights brilliant and floating across the field of vision
Humming or the presence of bees
The smells of incense
The tinkling of bells or gongs
An increase in OBE activity
Very heavy and acute vibrations of the body
Tingling in the extremities
Isolated heat in the spine or in specific body areas
A tiny or large "Blue" person male or female
The visit from a respected religious Icon
Light behind the eyes as if you are glowing from the inside out in
yourself or another person
Large or small serpents in the dreams are common as the spine is said
to be a serpent standing on its tail.
Having yourself dismembered and put together again but without pain.
Celestial music

These are only "some" of the expanded format of symbols used for
Kundalini awakening interpretation for the human with Kundalini in
active format. - blessings – chrism

© chrism 2008

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