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The Day After the Great Shift

by Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: The Great Shift in Consciousness is about entering a new world, a new dimension. To enter this new world, or dimension, you must work with that beautiful brain inside your head by practicing meditation and balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that your love is heightened. Alchemy, the art of bringing more light into your physical body, other forms of healing, and the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are in your reality now, because you will need them to get into this new shifting energy.

Lightworkers will be the lead force of the shift into the new dimension. Do whatever is necessary to prepare for the Great Shift in Consciousness. Your preparation will make this Shift happen. If you’re not prepared to shift into the fourth light, you will get shifted out of here instead. Now what does that mean? Well, roughly six billion people are on this planet and not all of them will make it through the Shift. Those who are not prepared to go through the Shift will go home to the Creator or to other planet systems.

Most who go through the Shift will experience “three days of darkness,” a time when you will be asleep and the Earth will move through the photon belt. You ask, “Why must I go through ‘three days of darkness’ and what will happen to me during that time?” Going through those “three days of darkness” will be the easiest way to get into the fourth light. During that time, while you are asleep, you will receive more light into your body. When you awaken, you will discover that you’re so light that when you jump into the air, it will take about fifteen seconds to come down. You will be thrilled, because you will feel the comforts and the joys of being in a new dimensional process.

You will want to tell people about the Shift and the changes you experience, but some of the people around you will be confused. They won’t know what you’re talking about. They won’t know about the Shift or even that they’ve been through the “three days of darkness.” These people will be wide awake during those three days and they will experience the Earth changes and watch the buildings rocking and rolling. They will be frightened and reluctant to go through the portals after the Earth changes stop.

However, if you’re aware of the Shift, you will sleep through those three days in order to receive your light particles, and upon waking, you will see the Earth calmed and stilled. You will see the trees refocus their energies and all the grasses grow into another level of consciousness.

No guarantee exists that any of you will get through this Great Shift, primarily because this is a new project for the Creator. It is the first Shift to happen while people are still on the planet. Even those of you who were in Lemurian consciousness did not experience the Shift in this way. You had to go through this third-dimensional journey and work your way into the Lemurian fifth level of consciousness. When you did, you woke up into another focus and started all over again.

I’ve come here to this Earth plane as a guardian of this Great Shift in Consciousness from the seventh light, a grand transitional dimension. I and all the masters bearing down on this planet now are here to assist in this Shift. So embrace the journey. Do the “five or fifty” to prepare for this momentous occasion.

Inside and Outside Portal Workers

Q: Will we actually see the portals that take us to the fourth dimension with our third-dimensional eyes or will we experience the Shift in spirit?

KIRAEL: This Shift won’t happen in spirit. You will see it, feel it, taste it and smell it. You will be part of it. Your sixth sense will be operational as you come out of those “three days of darkness.” So, yes, you will be aware of the Shift, you will see the portals that take you to the fourth light, and you’ll know what your jobs are. You’ll know what you’re doing from the word go.

You will be either inside or outside portal workers. Outside portal workers will go into the big cities, such as New York, Honolulu, Chicago, and Denver, to dig people out of the rubble. A lot, although not a massive amount, of rubble will be strewn about. The people in the rubble will have gone through the “three days of darkness” while awake. They will not have received all their light particles and they will need help making the transition to the fourth light.

The teachers, scientists, philosophers, etc., will be inside portal workers. Inside portal workers will have knowledge they never had before. You might be an inside portal worker who has no knowledge of philosophy; yet, after the “three days of darkness,” you will find yourself in the philosophy department speaking about that subject with some authority. We will have gone back into your other lifetimes and brought the information forward for you.

Changed Consciousness in the Great Shift

Q: Would you comment on the consciousness of the Great Shift?

KIRAEL: As you enter into this Shift, you will be conscious of the shifting consciousness. You will look out a window and see some trees, and recognize that they’re beautiful extraterrestrial energies. The trees have already begun their shift and new trees are coming up through this journey in the Now. The new consciousness is about you being able to see that those trees are present now. Most people see a green mass of leaves on a tree trunk, but if you look at them closely, you’ll see individual trees that you’ve never seen before. You will be aware that your consciousness is heightened. You’re a conscious creator of the Great Shift in Consciousness.

Q: How do we prepare for this change in consciousness?

KIRAEL: Meditate to help shift your paradigm into the new dimensional journey and to get answers to your questions. The Shift will happen in every part of life on this planet. If you remain in the time and space and consciousness of the Milky Way Galaxy and your Earth plane, you will not be able to see the new dimension. You will not have a new moon or a new sun or anything else, unless you’ve gone backwards, in which case, you’ll see a planet that has two moons, not a good sign. You will be stuck in a time and space that is not evolving.

If you meditate, however, you will gain what you need to go forward and you’ll see the fourth light. Your senses will be heightened. You will smell things you’ve never smelled before, taste things you’ve never tasted before, feel things you’ve never felt before and see things you’ve never seen before. Your eyes will be so strong that you will be able to look directly into the sun without sunglasses or any other protection. You will see the sun’s rays, sun spots, and flares with your naked eyes.

You Are Needed Here

Q: I feel a push and pull in my energy, a longing to go home to the Creator, yet a need to be here to do my work. Is it time to go home or is it time to start work?

KIRAEL: That push and pull you feel is from your angel forces. Plenty of angels are here ready to assist your journey on the Earth plane. The angel world is a force that surrounds you now.

What I heard you say is that you want to go home and do the Shift on the other side of the veil. Others have left this Earth plane in order to preface or begin this journey of the Great Shift in Consciousness. If you go home to the Creator, you’ll probably come back to be a part of this journey anyway, whether as part of the angel force, the Elven force, the galactic force, etc. These forces are already committed to come onto the Earth plane for this Shift.

Staying here for this Shift may not sound like the easiest journey, but if you can get through those “three days of darkness,” you will see, feel, taste and smell the real glory of the Shift. You will like what you see when you awaken. You will look at your body and notice that your fingers are longer, your body is stronger and your clothes don’t fit or don’t seem right. You will look up and see a wavering energy pattern before you. It will suddenly take form. It might be a nine-foot Elven. You will say, “Oh, my God, I must be on drugs.” You won’t be on drugs. You will actually see the Elven. They will have time-traveled to be part of this journey.

If you can, fight off your need to leave this plane of consciousness to start your shift. You can stay here and get your new splinters and keep operating. So, let go of that feeling that you want to go home. You are needed here to be part of the Shift. People will die every day of the week from disease or accidents, etc. You don’t have to be one of them.

Venus Will Come Back

Q: After the Earth passes through the photon belt, will the planets be in the same places? Will the science of physics be the same? How will we gain the knowledge we need to do our work as inside and outside portal workers?

KIRAEL: At one time, Venus was a beautiful planet for female Goddess Lights only. Post-Shift, Venus will come back into life form again, so it will have to be moved a little. This is set to happen. You don’t have to do anything about it. Goddess Lights will go to Venus and unhook the matrix from that journey. Another matrix hook is located on the moon and they will go there as well to clean it up. The moon has been badly soiled. With respect to what you see as physics, without going into any detail, physics will change and become 100,000 times greater than it is now.

As far as your readiness to do the portal work, you will have three days to get ready for these changes and you will have help from the unseen forces and the galactic world. Light and information will be downloaded into you during that time. You will have so much knowledge that you will feel it as you come out of those “three days of darkness.” You will be smarter, lighter, and able to float and do many other miraculous things.

Various Roles During the Shift

Q: I feel out of place here on this dimension. What is causing this feeling?

KIRAEL: Your reality is more suited to the post-Shift energy. Your physical body is already changing and you can see the changes if you look at your body now. When you asked your question, your speech was difficult to understand, because you had too much power coming through the telephone. You are a galactic presence. By that, I don’t mean that you’re a being from another planet. I mean that you don’t belong here on this Earth plane until the post-Shift.

You’re already stretching your body and your mind and bringing your focus into this light, trying to get clear on what’s happening. You are a scientist in your Earth life, and you’re a scientific officer from another galactic energy outside the Earth plane. You have come here to do this journey using your predisposed scientific energies, but the world is not ready for you yet. In this Great Shift, you will be one of the more focused energies. That is, you will have already solidly brought your Shift energies into alignment in this journey. You’re already there. Just be aware of it.

Q: As guardian for this Great Shift, are you planting the seeds to create a positive experience during the shifting process?

KIRAEL: As a guardian for this Great Shift in Consciousness, I am doing my best to bring you as much information as possible to help you heal and release fear in preparation for this Shift. In that way, you can say that I am sowing seeds to create a positive experience of the Shift. I’m not the only guardian, as you well know. Many have been on this planet before me and many will be here after my energies are gone.

Q: Is the Creator just a collection of thoughts and is the Shift a thought pattern?

KIRAEL: With respect to the Creator, it is more than a collection of thoughts. What you call the Creator is pure consciousness, a form of consciousness not easily described in your language. Likewise, the Shift in Consciousness is more than a mere thought pattern. It is a consciousness that will enable you to understand not only that you have a four-bodied system—spiritual, mental, emotional and physical—but also how to work with all of those bodies.

Work on Your Truth

Q: How important is truth in this journey?

KIRAEL: Truth is the foundation of this Great Shift. As a truth Goddess, your job is to work with people who don’t know what truth is. That means you must work on your truth. The truth Goddess’ journey is tough, because you must learn and know truth in order to deal with people who do not know truth. If you don’t know truth, you will get lost in the energies of those who do not know truth. As a truth Goddess Light, you must be aware of those who lie to you and then come up with new verbiage when referring to them. You will not call them liars. Most people who lie don’t even know they’re lying. As a truth Goddess, you can’t tell them they’re lying, because that’s what they have to get through as part of their journey. So, don’t judge them and don’t call them liars. Those who do not know truth are in service to you. They offer you the opportunity to recognize truth and untruth and to respond in love, no matter what.

More and more people are showing their lies, their untruths, which are coming to a new focus, melding around them. If you’re in truth, then you must be in love, and if you’re in love, then truth matters for you soul-y/solely. Within this soul/sole truth is everything that you’ve ever wanted to experience. So, don’t pick on the people who are working through their truth. They want to get through this journey just as you do.

If you believe someone is telling you an untruth, then you haven’t learned enough about truth. You see, everything you hear, everything that is spoken, will have an element of truth. If someone says to you, “You’re a green person,” and there’s nothing green about you, they may be seeing something that they cannot understand. So, don’t get caught up in the fact that you’re not green. Don’t judge what they see. Just hear it and go on from it. You must know how to get into your own truth every time. If you get to the point where you love everything about everybody you come across, you will have fully embraced being a truth Goddess. You will know truth and you will recognize that everybody and everything is your teacher. As a truth Goddess, your truth is the most important truth of all the truths, and even you must come to learn that truth.

Rereading the Blueprint to Your Signature Cell

Q: After the Shift, will we have a new blueprint in our signature cell?

KIRAEL: The signature cell, which is deep inside your pineal gland, doesn’t have to change. Instead, it has to reread your blueprint. Everybody on this plane of consciousness, whether going through the Shift or not, has two blueprints actively working within the body. You all came into this plane of consciousness with a fourth-dimensional blueprint available in the Now. That blueprint is woven into your omni brain, which is now tied into the local brain. You have weaves of energy going through your brain and into the space where your higher self is waiting for you. This weave of your blueprint is solidly projected into the new paradigm. Being aware of and understanding this blueprint is powerful.

Suppose you have a friend who is not vibrating to the same space and time as you, and you think to yourself, “There’s something wrong with this person.” Well, with that thought, you have immediately gone back into your own third-dimensional local brain, in which case, you will tell yourself that you’re seeing things that you don’t know how to deal with. In the present, you might think he’s a little crazy, but you will understand him in time.

If you want to suggest that you have a better way of doing things, suggest it to yourself first. You will understand that it’s about your journey, not the other person’s. Before you tell anyone how you can do something better, understand why that person is doing what he’s doing. Maybe it’s because someone asked him to do it and he’s allowing the person who suggested it to have that journey. Many things are happening around you that you don’t understand. Relax and know that everything’s absolutely perfect.

Life after the Shift

Q: Will I be an inside portal worker with my children, who are also inside portal workers, and when we wake up on the inside, what kind of food will we have? Will I have to cook it? How will my body look? What sort of clothing will I have?

KIRAEL: You will be an outside portal worker. You have family members and friends whom you will want to get through the portals and into the new light, but they won’t cooperate. As an outside portal worker, you will help them in the beginning stages of the Shift. You’ll go inside the portals quite often to bring people through into the fourth light, and you’ll be able to check with your children then.

As for your food, you will have to cook, because you will be at level one of the fourth-dimensional process.[1] What you cook will not be what you normally cook over here. You’ll be cooking things that you never thought could be so good or edible. The food will be tasty and you will eat it slowly. The meal will fit inside the palm of your hand. Your mouth will water because your sixth sense will be profound. You will feel the food go into your mouth and your senses will be alerted as it slowly goes down your esophagus and into your stomach.

Your new bodies will start to come into being from the first day forward after the “three days of darkness.” Yet, don’t be shocked when you wake up on the first day and it appears as if nothing has changed in your body. Within just a short period of time, your body will show signs of change. Your arms, legs and neck will get longer. Your trunk will be the last thing to get longer. You won’t have your hair for any length of time.

As for your clothing, you will have one outfit and when you remove it at night, it will cleanse itself automatically. The material that this clothing will be made of will be foreign to you, but very durable and useful. You will want to take a shower every day.

Balancing the Environment

Q: Will those of us who will be sleeping during the “three days of darkness” feel the changes to our bodies? If we send love and healing to Mother Earth, will that help her ease her shift? Is there anything we can use to balance our environment?

KIRAEL: Just a few of you, not many, will feel it when you shift your body process during the “three days of darkness.” Others of you will be asleep and will not feel it. Most of those who are not lightworkers or who haven’t awakened to this journey will have body processes that change post-Shift.

As far as Mother Earth is concerned, the medium will put some things into Signature Cell Healing that will help you heal the animals and the Earth plane. You must pray for Mother Earth. If she doesn’t make it, you will have nothing to work with over here.

As far as balancing your environment, you will need a powerful twelve-sided dodecahedron stone in every room of your home.

The Tasks of Outside Portal Workers

Q: I am to be an outside portal worker. Would you share some information about outside portal workers? Will they have any contact with inside portal workers? What will they be doing outside the portal? How will they relate when they return to the third dimension post-Shift? What will they wear and will they have weapons? What kind of work will the outside portal workers do?

KIRAEL: As an outside portal worker, you will have nothing to do with the inside portal work. When you do go inside, you’ll do so as a vacation from the outside portal work. When you return to the outside, to the third dimension, you’ll change to another level of consciousness. Remember, seven levels of consciousness exist for everything here, so your journey will be about what is happening in the Now. You will shift levels of consciousness as needed and you will have to explain more precisely and emphatically to the people about Signature Cell Healing.

You won’t wear the clothes that inside portal workers wear. Your clothing will have a protective quality about it and will not look like your third-dimensional clothing. You will be dressed in an outfit that will look strange and the people you need to bring through the portals will not want to wear the clothes you’re wearing.

You’ll wear certain weapons that you can’t really understand right now, but you’ll understand them when you get to the Shift. Some of the things you will do are not as safe and secure as I’d like them to be, but I don’t want to talk about that, because some of you will become afraid of this journey.

The outside portal workers will get people who are outside of the portals in the third dimension through the portals into the fourth dimension. When you go outside the portals to the third dimension and dig people out of the rubble, you might run into a great scientist whom you know you must get into the new dimension, but who isn’t willing to go. You will have to figure out some way to get this scientist into this new journey, because he or she will be an important part of the shifting process.

A good percentage of the teachers will be outside the portals, because they won’t know about the Great Shift. They will understand on a simple level what a shift in consciousness means, but they will not be able to make it work in their heads for a while. You will have to sit with them for three or four days and explain this shifting process to them. When they understand what you are saying, you will then escort them through the portals to the inside, where they will continue their journey.

New Perspectives on Guides and Aspects

Q: In the fourth dimension, will I more readily see and hear my guidance teams?

KIRAEL: Yes, you will have more energies to deal with when you get through this shifting process. They will be there with you and you will be able to see them and hear them clearly. You won’t have to channel them because they’ll channel their own energies, but you’ll open up to other energies.

If you’re a channel and you want to be a medium, you are guaranteed to be a medium in this new shifting process—but you will be a medium when you are ready to be a medium. You’re a channel now. That’s perfect, because you’re channeling whom you will meet and greet and interact with in the new dimension. When you get into the fourth light, the channeling will be more fruitful as far as what energies you’ll bring through. You’ll have to calmly sit down and bring the energy or energies through. They’ll come through from the fifth, sixth and seventh lights simultaneously, and you must know what you will do when you bring them through.

Q: What will happen to our aspects during the Shift?

KIRAEL: The average person going through the Shift already has two aspects, either on the Earth plane or in another realm, or both. Let’s say you have two aspects, one in Africa and one in China. When the Shift happens, your aspects will download their energies into your physical body. You will acquire their wisdom and knowledge. You’ll be asleep when this happens; otherwise, it would be too powerful for you. These aspects will start giving you energies while you’re still in this third-dimensional body process, but the bulk of it will be downloaded during the “three days of darkness.” You must be able to accommodate this energy. These aspects are downloading information because they have so much and you’re already behind schedule for the Shift. They need to get the information out of them, because they have too much to contain it all. It’s close enough to the time of the Shift that you should be aware that your aspects are downloading information to you.

Q: Are the children of our aspects our aspects, too?

KIRAEL: The children of your aspects will get their own journey, but they will also be aspects of you. Let’s say you have an African Queen as an aspect and her journey is to make kids, no grandchildren, just children. If this African Queen has 12 kids, each one will be an aspect of you. They won’t be full-blown aspects, but they will journey and may or may not bring information back to you. I could do a whole hour on this topic. If you find someone whom you love and you have a couple of kids, those kids are your aspects, but they won’t know it.

Healing after the Shift

Q: After the Shift, what will the role of Signature Cell Healing be? How will doctors use their training after the Shift?

KIRAEL: Signature Cell Healing, which is about the four bodies, will be one of the major focuses for the healing world post-Shift. Those who learn Signature Cell Healing will be called doctors of Signature Cell Healing, and they will be as respected as your medical doctors are now. After the Shift, doctors will have a new journey, one they should be aware of in the Now. They will have to learn the alternative forms of healing and somehow incorporate them into their practices. All forms of alternative medicine will have a role in the shifting process.

In Signature Cell Healing, the medium is teaching how the four bodies relate to each other, and in Levels I and II, he is teaching you how to get through the three days after the Shift. A lot of people will be hurt upon waking from the “three days of darkness,” not so much physically, but their minds will be in fear and they’ll have to be healed. You can’t be afraid of this journey. Many people will be seriously emotionally hurt. Love is the focus of Signature Cell Healing and you will have to take them through the healing journey with love.

Signature Cell healers will go into the fourth dimension and work with the four bodies. You will be able to see those four bodies and remove the fear from people. Everything in this third dimension has an opposite. If you have a good day today, you expect to have a bad day tomorrow. With Signature Cell Healing, you can get through this journey without fear, having a good day today, tomorrow, and every day. That’s what your life will be like when you move into the fourth dimension, because you won’t have this yin/yang process. Start now. You don’t have to buy into the yin/yang process in the Now. You don’t have to expect a bad day tomorrow because you had a good day today. You can have a good day every day.

Aid Stations to Assist in Healing

Q: Will there be temples of peace and healing that will be set up by the outside portal workers, where people can come to feel, experience, and accept the light?

KIRAEL: You’re talking about aid stations. One of me medium’s jobs is to set up these aid stations outside the portals. So many humans won’t have the slightest idea that a Shift has happened. The aid stations will help them focus on themselves and the shifting energies. You must be so aware of the four bodies that you can see your spirit, feel your emotions, hear your omni brain and feel your physical body as they raise their vibration to align with the journey. You will accomplish this in these aid stations, after which you’ll walk right through the portals into the fourth dimension. The aid stations will be there for you and you alone, to get your body process healed. If you can feel yourself through the body, down through the mental, into the emotional, and then the spiritual, if you can feel all of these bodies connected, then you will ease into this Shift. You will look in the mirror and see yourself through your spirit.

Q: What will the sexual energy exchange be like after the Shift?

KIRAEL: Sex is an important part of your life in the third dimension, but it will not be quite so important in the fourth dimension. The ladies know what I’m saying. You will have sexual encounters of the fourth light. The sexual journey will be focused on what you feel. If you were to make love in the fourth dimension, you would make love to all four bodies simultaneously and you’d know it and feel it simultaneously. It will be the orgasm of life. In the Kama Sutra, you can hold your hand up and not touch the other person, and still feel the sexual energy. It’ll be like that after the Shift.

Closing Statement

Many different journeys will be available to you after the Shift, but fear won’t be one of them. I have no room at all for fear in my journey. It is time for you to take fear out of your journey. Start now. I’ll be standing on the side of the light and that’s where you should be. Walk toward all things light and I’ll be there. You’ll see.

For more information visit www.Kirael.com

[1] Multiple levels of consciousness exist in the fourth light and you will work your way through each of them. For more information on the levels of consciousness in the fourth light, please see Kirael: The Genesis Matrix by Fred Sterling.

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