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Courage to Act

by Master Chrism

Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that is designed for humanity’s next step toward a luminous physical and spiritual expression. The Kundalini is in everyone. It is an untapped resource of divinity within us all that is waiting to be awakened and experienced. Never has the time been so right and crucial for a change of this magnitude to be explored and initiated. And so, let me introduce you to the power within you, right now at this very moment. Your Kundalini.

Kundalini is a very powerful and transformative energy located at the base of the spine within the last three vertebrae of the tailbone or coccyx, extending to the perineum. Kundalini is a natural birthright to all people but must be sought and nurtured with a physical and spiritual practice.

Kundalini will often tell us in what direction would be the best for us to live
in or ways to remove ourselves from hurtful situations. Yet because of our fears
of losing the status quo even when that status is disharmonious and unhealthy we
will resist making any change what so ever.

We will often continue to ply the waters of "the detrimental status quo" even
while the ship is sinking! We dare not look beyond what we have, or know, or are
doing, or what the current well known comfortably numbing experience or painful
experience can offer. We will drag our kids kicking and screaming into our
little world of misery and they will soon adopt this world as their own personal
status quo of what they have to expect from life.

Kundalini will try to change this.

We can be given message after message and sign after sign and we will
rationalize our way out of the information.

"Oh "now" just isn't good for me"

"Yes that is certainly good but....maybe later"

"I don't have the money"

"The kids are in school and have friends"

"Why risk what I HAVE even though its crap for what I DONT HAVE which could be

And there are many other common responses to not wanting to pay attention to the
signals being given.

Comfort is the "safe" familiar world regardless of how bad it can be.

Kundalini may insist that one change and in this insistence can certain
qualities of life be subtracted from the comfort zone in order to help the ego
mind of an individual make a move in a given direction away from an unhealthy
status quo.

At first signs and intuitive messages are given. When these are ignored or
rationalized away pain can become the method of education. The pain will usually
coincide with a healthy response whether or not the ego can see it. A headache
when the person eats or drinks something outside of what the Kundalini
determines is healthy for that individual. Stomach upset or abdominal pain for
eating this or that which isn't healthy according to the Kundalini.

Job loss can be arranged by the Shakti. If job loss has already occurred then a
dearth of opportunity in the area of employment can be arranged if the Shakti is
indicating for a person to move and this is being resisted.

Searing headaches can be used if praying is to be discontinued or s&x is to be
discontinued. Extreme guilt if honesty hasn't been applied in any given
situation and the list of Kundalini incursions and educations goes on and on.

I will suggest that one pay attention to what the Shakti is attempting to bring
into a person’s life, nicely at first and perhaps not so nicely later on. When we
talk about surrender to the Kundalini Shakti this is one of the finer
important components. Doing that which is given for one to do even though it is
outside of the comfort zones.

Especially! When it is outside of the comfort zones.

We need to have the courage to act upon that which is being given. It isn't a
surrender to that which is comfortable. or easily done. It is surrender to the
guidance of that which knows us better than we know ourselves. That which is the
guiding force of our transformation. That gift from the divine consciousness
that knows us better than we know ourselves.

This is the scorch mark on the tree from the lightening that has struck! This is
where the rubber meets the road and the chafe is separated from the grain. This
IS for those who are inside of the Kundalini Awakening.

The challenges to the comfort zones can come thick and heavy laden with inner
and outer changes and we are to respond to those changes in a supporting role of
"acting upon them" when they are given. It's not about being comfortable with
the changes as much as it is about being uncomfortable with the changes and
changing anyway! For God and Kundalini and the inner exaltation!

Please consider this as you go through the days and nights of your awakening
process. Look and discern for that which is being given to you intuitively or
overtly by the Kundalini expressing within. Follow this inner guidance as best
that you can and be ever able to initiate the given changes in how you live or
where you live or what you do or do not do.

Nothing will be given to harm you. It may challenge your comforts and excite
your fears but these will be aspects of your life that you are better off
without. It may challenge your beliefs or your system of beliefs and this may
cause you to stretch far beyond your current parameters and yet it is good for
you to have this. It is a gift of the divine within and even though we as ego
personalities cannot see the point of these changes immediately later on and down
the road of life we will often be able to piece together the whys and the
reasons for the changes being given at this time.

This is another aspect of trust in the Kundalini and its understanding of your
patterns of probability and how to best allow for your continued development
inside of the changes the Kundalini brings with in those probabilities.

The divine has very little in the way of limitations with regards to our lives
and the ways and means needed for Kundalini advancement. It is well known what
your karma is and why you are having this life and how to offer "the you" the
individual, the options that will be best for the continued development towards
and within the divine matrix.

Find your courage and find your faith and act upon the guidance that is being
given. Big or small get in the habit of discerning the changes and then
surrendering to these changes. We will all have these gifts of "knowingness"
inside of the Kundalini Awakening process.

Everyone gets these and yes they are unique to the individual and yet our
responses can be so similar in the continuous disregard of these challenges to
our status quo.

Make the changes being suggested by the Kundalini. Even if it stretches your
incredulity. Make the changes and count on the inner divine to walk you hand in
hand into the heavenly fields that you as yet cannot discern. Your view will
improve as you learn to trust. - blessings - chrism

© chrism 2009

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