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Photon, Prana and the Pineal: Your Portal to Healing into the 4th Dimension

by Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, www.kirael.co

KIRAEL: Photon, or love, energy is at the root of the current Shift in Consciousness. Your body produces its own photon energy, but you can bring more of this golden energy into your body by prana breathing it in through your crown and down through your pineal. That simple activity will awaken your God cell, also known as your Signature Cell, which is in your pineal gland. Prana breathing will flow the golden particles from the pineal through the whole of your physical body, affecting the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in the process.

Photon energy will also help you access your blueprint by awakening your higher awareness, that part of you that knows your journey. Most of you believe you have one blueprint, but, in fact, you have two blueprints; one is part of your local brain and the other is part of your omni brain, which is your higher self’s brain. These blueprints reside in the pineal gland and are connected and woven into this journey, extending out of the physical body into the etheric body of the higher self.

When you go into the weave between your local and omni brains, you will not only expand your awareness, but you will also find that the two brains are so intrinsically tied together that you can hear both simultaneously. In the third dimension, you use your local brain to get things done. If you tell your local brain exactly what you want to do, it can go into its own blueprint and get it much quicker than if you go to your higher self’s brain for help. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go to your higher self for help. It means you have to learn how to talk to your higher self in order to access the omni brain with ease.

Communicating with Higher Energies

If, when speaking to your higher self, you say, “I want to get from here to there and I want you to guide me,” your higher self will do whatever it wants, and it might be years before you see any results, because your higher self has no concept of time. If you want the unseen energies to guide you, you must learn to communicate with them effectively, and that means you must work with your feelings. The unseen energies do not understand language or words as you know them. They can feel you, and if they can feel you, they will know what you want. When these energies respond to your feelings, you will feel the responding communication from them. So, when you ask your higher self to guide you from here to there in the shortest manner possible, it means nothing, unless you focus on getting the feeling of where you want to go, and how and when you want to get there. If you give those feelings to your higher self, after you’ve woven them through the two brains, you will accomplish your goal. The key here is weaving the local and omni brains together. Practice this by contacting the Elven world, where the language is closest to yours here on the Earth plane.

Since the higher energies work with your feelings, your focus must be on your emotional body. If you learn to think emotionally, you will be aware that your emotions guide everything within your realm. Your emotional body is between your mental and physical bodies, so when you feel something, the latter two bodies go along for the ride.

Next, your thought process must be pure. If you want to get from Manhattan to a specific place in Queens and you’ve never been to Queens, you must have pure thoughts about the journey, concentrating only on the specific place you want to reach, feeling every aspect of it. Then you must go into the etheric pattern until you find and get through that little “gray space” that lets you know you’ve left the third-dimensional reality. You will find yourself in Queens, looking at the specific place you wanted to reach. You will then have to back away from it until the neighborhood where it actually is comes into focus. You will recognize the surrounding neighborhood. You may not have seen how you got there, but you will have enough information, such as an address, to Google it or to ask someone how to get there. You can go from where you are to any place in the world that way during these pre-Shift times.

Some of you are thinking that you can’t get through that little gray space. Well, keep thinking you can’t get through it and you won’t get through it. If you want to get through it, just say, “I’m going there. I will get through this gray space and I will see what I want to see.” The first time you practice traveling into the etheric fabric to go from Manhattan to Queens and you end up in the Mojave Desert, don’t blame your higher self. Blame your own concentrative powers. You can control your higher self, but you must concentrate. You can learn this now, while you’re still in the third dimension. You can journey to Switzerland, Russia, wherever you want to go, even if you’ve never been there before.

Your blueprints have always been available to you, and when they’re interwoven, you can use this exercise to travel through the etheric fabric to find what you’re looking for. When you present your request properly to your higher self, you’ll be surprised by just how much you do know about where you want to go. Much of what you know is unsaid, hidden in your feelings, but accessible.

Q: I’ve done this exercise and I can’t get from here to there. What’s really keeping us from getting from here to there?

KIRAEL: The only thing keeping you from getting out of this dimension to another realm is your lack of concentration. You must use your concentration to experience that no separation exists. In the third-dimensional journey, you have the yin and the yang, back and forth, up and down, in and out. It is as if you’ve split the local brain apart; one half is the yin side and the other is the yang side. The yin/yang journey is your way of measuring things on this plane of consciousness. In order for you to experience good, you must experience bad, and so on and so forth. When you take the duality, the yin and yang, out of the equation, and you weave the right and left brains, you will find no here and there, no separation. You will find that everything exists in one space. At this moment, you’re in Germany, listening to a wavelength. That wavelength is the only thing separating us. It takes no time for me to get there, because I’m already there. It takes no time for you to get here, because you’re already here.

Photon Energy and the Shift

Q: What are other uses for photon energy?

KIRAEL: In simple terms, photon will be the source of all your energy needs in the fourth light. Photon is a form of electromagnetic energy with qualities that make it an infinite source of energy.[1] It can be used to power your electrical devices, warm and cool your homes, and lots more. You will be taught the uses of photon energy by your galactic brothers and sisters, some of whom are already working with your government officials.

Q: How large is the photon belt and how will we accommodate all this photon energy? Please distinguish between prana and photon.

KIRAEL: First, the photon energy belt that the Earth will move through during the Shift is so huge that I cannot provide you with a precise description of its immensity. Second, prana is a vital life-giving breath, involving deep inhalation, which allows the photon energy to enter into the body through the crown chakra. Finally, your pineal gland is the receptacle of the photon energy in the body.

Q: After the Shift, what effect will the photon have on our energy field?

KIRAEL: After the Shift, the amount of photon in your body will have a direct correlation to your auric glow. When Master Jesus was on the Earth plane, people could see his aura because it glowed from all the photon in his body. Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary both had auras that glowed. On the other hand, Peter’s, Paul’s and Matthew’s auras did not glow, because they couldn’t get beyond the third-dimensional reality. Practice creating that glow now. When you look in the mirror and you can’t see the gold coming out of you, stand there a few more minutes and energize your golden strand. You may only see little pieces of it, little sparks emanating, but that’s a successful beginning.

Prana Breathing and Health

Q: Is prana breathing used only to bring photon into the body to get out of this reality or out of our bodies?

KIRAEL: You can prana breathe to do more than find your way out of the body. The side benefits of prana breathing are releasing anger, cleansing your thoughts, heightening your awareness, in-lightening your body, and more. The fourth dimension is coming soon and you’ll have an easier time getting there if you practice prana breathing.

The significance of prana breathing can be seen in the fact that when you breathe, your energies on the other side are breathing with you.[2] No matter where your aspects are, here or in the other realms, when you prana breathe, they do, too. That’s the rule, not the exception. If you’re not prana breathing, neither are your aspects. Prana breathing makes it easier for your aspects to download information to you.

Q: How important is taking care of our physical body now, if it will be healed anyway when we get to the fourth dimension?

KIRAEL: In order for you to get into the fourth light, you will have to keep your third-dimensional body intact. You have a yin and yang body. The back of your body is your male side and the front of your body is the female side. You must keep both sides balanced and healthy or your journey into the fourth light will be bumpy. Those of you who smoke or drink too much will have to curb those activities before the Shift happens. If your organs are damaged from too much alcohol or your lungs are clogged from cigarette smoke, you will suffer during the dimensional transition. The healthier your body, the easier the transition will be. In the future, you will use the photon to breathe, which means you won’t need as much lung capacity. Your lungs will diminish in size, and if they’re clogged, your breathing will be more difficult during the transitional phase. Prana breathe every day and you will find it easier to get through this Shift.

Q: Why do we lie on our backs during a Signature Cell healing?

KIRAEL: Your back, the male part of you, keeps you anchored on this plane of consciousness. When you’re lying on your male side, it holds you to the Earth plane, while the rest of you is free to do what it wants. You come into this world through your crown chakra and move through your thymus and solar plexus and then through the rest of the body, the backside being the last part of the physical you encounter. It is your anchor, so to speak.

The Four Strands of DNA

Q: What is the significance of having four strands of DNA in a four-bodied existence?

KIRAEL: As a four-bodied energy, you have spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies, and you have four strands of DNA that correspond to each of those bodies. The first strand of DNA is the physical, the second, the emotional, the third, the mental, and the fourth, the spiritual.

The four strands of DNA are powerful, but one strand is more powerful than the rest and that is the golden strand. Each set of four strands of DNA has one golden strand, which is found in the spiritual, or etheric, body. The golden strand is pure photon energy. The photon energy you bring into your body through prana breathing gets woven with everything else via the pineal gland. During the Shift, you will let go of your third-dimensional reality with the help of that magical golden fourth strand of DNA, which is equipped to transfer you into the fourth dimension.

Q: How do we fully weave the truth into our journey?

KIRAEL: Another focus of your journey in these shifting times involves activating your blue truth strand. Imagine a particle strand of blue truth light coming out through your third eye about a foot or so. Let that truth strand go to someone you want to touch with it. It’s already there. It moves that quickly. When your journey is deeply woven with this truth strand, the strand will change from pale blue to cobalt blue, indicating that you have heightened your level of truth.

You can be aware of your truth in every moment of every day by drawing on the deepest blue strand you can find. That strand won’t let you listen to third-dimensional words that are designed to deceive you. You will walk away from words that are not in the highest truth. With your truth strand out front, you won’t be deceived. You’ll know and hear truth, and if you hear an untruth, it will not work for you.

It takes courage to speak the truth, because not everyone can understand the truth. Get inside your heart and weave your truth strand into this journey, and then speak nothing but the truth. You won’t be sorry.

Q: Would you elaborate on the golden strand of DNA and its relationship to the blue light of truth and the green light of love?

KIRAEL: The gold strand is the God Creator’s Light. It knows nothing but truth. Truth can be complicated in this dimension. For instance, when you buy health insurance, you operate on the assumption that you don’t need it now, but you might need it in the future, “just in case.” Well, what’s the truth? The truth is that you want health insurance, because you might let your body deteriorate by not paying attention to it, not eating right, not exercising, not prana breathing, etc. You wouldn’t need health insurance if you honored your body in the highest sense of the word, and that means honoring all four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

To reach the highest level of truth, bring your blue truth strand into the golden strand. The blue will be absorbed so deeply that you won’t be able to see it in the gold. At that very moment, you will know that you are deeply in truth. When you’re so in truth, your gold strand becomes personified and extends beyond you to affect others. When you see pictures of Master Jesus, his lights are emanating from him so prominently because he only knew truth and all the transitional colors of the Goddess[3] were woven into his gold strand. The God Creator’s Love and Light, that gold strand, is all-encompassing, and it projects a level of truth so heightened that you will know truth. So, when you read in the Bible that Master Jesus kicked over the money tables, you will know that as untrue. You will know that his truth was that he didn’t care about those things.

Q: How do we sustain that feeling of truth in our daily lives, and will maintaining that energy keep us young?

KIRAEL: The process of bringing the photon through the pineal into the body and simultaneously projecting your blue truth light will facilitate maintaining that feeling of truth. In the third dimension, the heightened blue light keeps you focused on the truth of the big picture, so to speak, and the big picture is all about love. So, maintaining the light of truth also involves loving yourself, and loving yourself will make you look and feel younger. So, when you see wrinkles around your eyes, heighten your blue light and let go of that image. Look at the big picture—your whole face.

Focusing on the darker or negative things, such as the wrinkles on your face, makes you older. If you think those wrinkles are not pretty, you are mistaken. They are pretty, because you are those wrinkles. When you look at your face and see your eyes, your lips, your ears, your hair, say to yourself, “Isn’t that beautiful!” If you have gray hair, think to yourself, “It is a beautiful gray.” You will be touching into your blue light of truth and your love for self. That, coupled with prana breathing, will heal you and your body. Look at yourself and see the good things. If you look at what you were in the past, and recall what you wanted to be in the future, which is now, you will see that you are what you wanted to be, no matter how you look or feel in the moment.

Heightening Love and Truth

Q: Is the Goddess of the green order the only Goddess who can work effectively with the green light of love, and will heightening our love also enhance our truth?

KIRAEL: All Goddesses, regardless of what order they belong to, can work with the green light of love. You need only put your green heart light out in front of you to heighten your love. In doing so, your truth will also be heightened, because if you looked inside your green light, you’d see the little strands of blue all through it, and if you looked into your blue light, you’d see all the other colors. The Goddess energy is all about truth, but on this plane of consciousness, you cannot know truth without engaging your heart light, which is already woven into the gold strand. In the fourth dimension, all of the colors will automatically be woven into the gold strand, which will be out in front of you.

Q: People are always on a search for the truth. Where is the best place to find truth?

KIRAEL: As I’ve already mentioned, your truth is in your pineal gland, where your God Cell and blueprints reside. If you want to know your truth, don’t ask yourself what or where your truth is. Practice connecting your local and omni brains and communicating with your higher self. Then tap into and know your truth, because if you know your truth, you’ll never be parted from it.

Q: Can we use Signature Cell Healing to bring truth into our journey?

KIRAEL: Yes. With Signature Cell Healing, you must engage all four bodies and you must do it with love/truth. That involves getting more prana or photon into your journey when you are healing someone. You cannot heal the physical body in fullness without healing the emotional body, and that takes love/truth. Remember, when you heal the emotional body, the physical and mental bodies will go along for the ride. It’s a profound journey for those who want to heal. Put your truth into your golden light when you do a healing and you will heal beyond your wildest dreams.

Photon is a Panacea

Q: How will the Signature Cell react to the photon belt that the Earth will go through during the Shift?

KIRAEL: The Signature Cell, along with the mitochondria,[4] will automatically grow and expand as the Earth moves through the photon belt. It is this very expansion of cells that will help heighten your awareness.

Q: Will photon be considered the “wonder drug” of the fourth light, just as aspirin is now?

KIRAEL: I would not compare photon to aspirin in a clinical sense, yet they both can be seen as a panacea for all your ills. Aspirin is indeed a wonder drug in this dimension, powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Aspirin works because you believe it works. You take aspirin for colds, fevers, heart problems, headaches, etc. When people take aspirin every day, they believe it’s doing something. I emphasize believe, because, in fact, the aspirin does nothing. The minute you take an aspirin, you believe that in a matter of a short amount of time you will heal, and you heal. Continue to take aspirin, until you know that you can heal without it.

Photon is indeed a panacea of healing. After all, it is the light of love. When your awareness heightens and your mindset enters the realm of the right hemisphere of your brain, you will know that you can heal without aspirin and you will indeed heal without it. That doesn’t mean you should stop taking aspirin now. Don’t do anything contrary to what you know is working for you. Some people take aspirin because they have a heart condition or because they’ve had a stroke. If it’s working for you, please continue to do what works.

Q: While I was swimming underwater, I found that I could breathe for an extraordinary amount of time, and, in fact, I did not want to come up. It was an exhilarating feeling. Was I in that space of the blue light of love? Was it sustaining me underwater?

KIRAEL: In the experience you describe, your third-dimensional body had shut down and you sucked up the pranic energy and the gold and blue lights, all of which sustained you. What occurred is too powerful and complicated for me to go into in any depth, but when the Earth shifts and you are in the fourth light, you will understand what happened to you. The fourth light experience of swimming will be similar to what you experienced. In the fourth light, you will be able to go into the ocean and swim underwater with the dolphins and whales for hours without breathing devices. You will use the prana, or golden light energy, in your body to sustain you. You had a taste of that in your recent experience. Keep it up.

Closing Statement

Everyone will heal. You just don’t know how long it will take. Prana breathing photon into the pineal gland is your passport to healing and an easy transition to the fourth light. If you need help, and you know what you want to say to the God Creator, the angels, your guides, your higher self, or the Elven, think pure thoughts. Infuse them with love and convert them into feelings. Your entreaties will be answered with feelings that you will understand.

Good evening.

About Kahu Fred Sterling

For more than 20 years, Kahu Fred Sterling has served as the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael, a seventh dimensional guardian spirit. He is the author of several books, including Kirael: The Great Shift, Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift and Kirael: The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating and shares his messages around the world via workshops, articles, audio recordings, and webcasts on Kirael.com. Kahu Sterling is also a master healer and pioneer of the Signature Cell Healing™ modality.

[1] In the scientific world, it is a quantity or quantum of electromagnetic energy regarded as a discrete particle having zero mass, no electric charge, and an indefinitely long lifetime.

[2] All human beings have two other aspects who may be here or in the other realms, or both. They are never in geographical proximity to your physical being, as the intensity of the energy would be catastrophic.

[3] Seven orders of Goddess are present on the Earth plane for purposes of the Shift. Each order has a specific color associated with it, representing a specific characteristic. The seven orders are onyx (the magi), purple (information gatherer), violet (bridge between the seen and the unseen), rose (divine creation), aqua (blends vibrations of Earth and the other realms), green (love) and blue (truth).

[4] Mitochondria are organelles within the cytoplasm of cells that function in energy production. In simpler terms, it is the power source of a cell.

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