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2012: The Missing Key

by Adolphina Shephard

There has been much speculation and many prophecies surrounding the mystery of 2012. However, there is something missing in the wealth of all this bountiful information! What is lacking from the many books or the wealth of information on the internet is the “Missing Key” . The “Missing Key” is what to do and how to do it in order to prepare yourself for the shift coming in 2012 so that you not only survive but thrive!

Almost all information given surrounding 2012 is how an author, scientist or researcher has uncovered key facts in order to prove that something really big is going to occur come 2012. Such as uncovering the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Long Count Calendar, the Seven Days and the Six Nights. All of this information makes for a fascinating subject to study on what is to come 2012. However, by learning only the history that something big is coming in 2012 results in a total lack of planning for the coming “Shift of The Ages”. So now that we are informed that something huge is coming our way in 2012, how do we assure ourselves that we will not only survive but we will thrive? For knowledge without action is fruitless and worthless! You ask what is it that we need to do? What is the “Missing Key”?

The “Missing Key” is that we need to prepare our Light Body for the Shift. There seems to be a total lack of conscious awareness in this regard. First, we will explore the overall concept of the shift of 2012 for those who are not familiar with what is expected to occur in 2012 before we explore the “Missing Key“ further. What is certain is that there is a massive social climate change that has been building which will create an evolutionary shift of dramatic proportions while unfolding the great mystery of Planetary Ascension expected to occur 2012 or early 2013.

Some of the 2012 prophecies include The Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse, Nostradamus, The Mayan Calendar, The Hopi Indians, Egyptian Mythology, Hindu Mythology or Vedic Tradition, and Edgar Cayce, amongst others. Almost all religions, cultures or traditions have some story, myth or prophecy about the end of time. Even NASA predicts new sunspots and gamma ray bursts surrounding the mystery of what is to come on December 21, 2012.

Many believe that December 21, 2012 is the end of the world because the Mayan Calendar ends on this date with the idea that it is the “end of time”. Other dire predictions are the Book of Revelation regarding the Apocalypse in the Bible. Additionally, on a scientific basis every so many thousands of years or cycles, the poles of the Earth shift and has this has been expected to reoccur around the year 2012. These pole shifts have historically been destructive during the history of the earth. For example, the poles shifting is what is believed to have ushered in Noah’s Flood and the ice age which destroyed most of mankind.

Astrologically, December 21, 2012, is the end of the precession of the equinoxes which lasts approximately 26,000 years. At the middle of this cycle or 13,000 years, a fascinating astronomical occurrence is expected to occur. An unprecedented occurrence! What is expected to happen is that our sun will cross the galactic equator and the ecliptic which is referred to by the Mayans as the Sacred Tree. The Mayans believe that there is another sun coming as well. This might be The Great Central Sun as when we cross the galactic equator is where the Great Central Sun is thought to reside. Whether we will have one sun or two suns is yet to be seen. The Mayans also believe that we will know when this shift occurs because there will be several days of darkness when the shift occurs where it will get very, very cold. Some expect the earth to go into a “null or zero zone” where the earth will shift its magnetic field. During the last five months of 2012 it is expected that there will be eighteen solar or galactic shifts, thirteen of these shifts are expected on the calendar day of December 21st, 2012.

Hence, some call this occurrence the expected Rapture or Ascension and others call this occurrence the “Galactic Convergence”. The Mayans called the period leading up to this timeframe “The Age Of Movement”. December 21, 2012 is the end of the Age Of Movement. So much credence is given to the Mayans because they were/are the timekeepers, so to speak. They were aware of cycles within cycles occurring mathematically and astrologically.

However, no one really know for sure the exact date of the final Shift as most of the Mayan records were burned by Catholic Priests during the Spanish Invasion and has been passed down mostly through oral traditions of the Mayan Culture. Unbeknownst to most, the Shift has been occurring for some time already. That is why it is called “The Age Of Movement” thought to be occurring in earnest since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. There is more to this than meets the eye, however, because as mankind’s consciousness and frequency shifts so does the dateline. We could possibly even be ahead of the expected scheduled date of December 21st. 2012. Adolphina’s personal assessment of the “end of time” is that it is not the end of the world but the end of “time” as we know it as the Earth moves into the higher dimensions as has been planned all along, where a “new age or time is born.” Those who call this occasion the Rapture or the Ascension are both correct as mankind is ascending into higher dimensions along with Mother Earth. You may even call this event “survival of the fittest” but the term “fittest” in this case means the most awakened and enlightened of humankind to higher truths on a spiritual basis. This is what is meant when Jesus said “The meek shall inherit the earth”. Those who live their lives from a divine love-based, open-hearted position, not from a power-based position. Most of the dark have or will choose to go home before the Shift so as to not experience what some believe will be the dissolution of their physical body in a momentary flash of great pain. These are those who do not accept God as our Creator or as some call the dark “service to self”.

From study, observation, inner knowing and personal channeling with our Creator there are three probable scenarios that have the potential to unfold based on choices made by mankind.

? 1. Those totally unaware, “living in fear” and not living in “Oneness” have the potential to experience a 3rd dimension reality of the apocalypse and chaos. Some prophecies say that as many as two thirds of the population will not survive. (I do not believe that this will occur because we have come a long way in expanding consciousness, frequency and vibration on a planetary level already.) There are many of those living in divine love with an open-heart and in “Oneness” that may experience being propelled into the 5th dimension even though totally unaware. They will most likely be totally lost as to what has occurred should this unexpectedly occur.

? 2. Those awakened that acknowledge God as our Creator, who do their energetic homework, thereby creating their Light body will be easily transform into the 5th dimension and be reborn into immortality. Alternatively, those whose frequency, vibration and consciousness match the 3rd dimensional reality have the potential to experience a 3rd dimensional reality as explained above.

? 3. This is the preferred choice. If there is a high enough percentage of enlightened beings who are awakened and have achieved their Light body, the rest of humanity has the potential to be pushed or thrut into their Light body by default through a process similar to that which is called entrainment. The process of entrainment occurs when electrons move into phase or resonance with each other. The scientific term entrainment was originated by physicist Christian Huygens in 1666. Due to entrainment it is a possibility that all of mankind may ascend to the 5th dimension. This is the highest hope and aspiration and one that hopefully will occur for the benefit of all. Especially with all the energies being sent to earth by God to raise the consciousness, frequency and vibration of mankind.

However, to be on the safe side, if we do not reach the percentage of beings that have attained their Light bodies (we need 1% of mankind), and entrainment does not occur, it would be better to be safe than be sorry by preparing your Light body for the Shift through Energy Medicine. By doing so you are your own hero as you will not only assure your own Ascension, but will help mankind as a whole by increasing the percentage of those who have achieved their Light bodies. Thus helping to ascertain that all of mankind will make it to the 5th dimension. The additional plus side of this is that it will make the transformation of the Shift very easy for you. We all know this information in the core of our being but just have not awakened to it on a conscious level.

Those that have prepared their bodies by transmuting all traumas, karma and density from their body whether through prayer or meditation, higher forms of yoga where the kundulini is risen or through Energy Medicine will have no problem raising their vibration as there are many ways to climb the same mountain. However, Energy Medicine is the preferred method because there has been an actual formula that has been given to Adolphina to prepare the human body on an emotional, mental, emotional and spiritual basis to easily step into these higher dimensions or Ascension. You may find this information under YATUVAY Energy School or Y.E.S. at www.AdolphinaShephard.com as each workshop raises the Light quota, frequency, vibration and consciousness.

The reason that this adjustment is necessary in order for our bodies to survive the Ascension or Rapture is because our bodies must go from being carbon-based to crystalline-based in order to produce the Light body. In the same manner that a diamond is compressed from carbon into a diamond is the same way that energy transmutes our carbon-based bodies into crystalline. The Basic-Seven-Step-System must be utilized to repair the Base Electromagnetic Body. You can find this step-by-step system is in the book called: “YATUVAY ~ The Manual” “How To Perform Miraculous Healing Through Energy Medicine”. After these repairs are done there lies a sub-system in our Electromagnetic Bodies that Adolphina developed titled “The Crystal System” which needs to be activated and repaired.

Throughout the entire coursework of YATUVAY Energy School or Y.E.S. the bodies cells are slowly preparing for 2012 by removing all densities, traumas, blocks and by preparing the cellular structure to change from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based structure in the instant that it is required. A partial list of what the body additionally needs to transform the human body are, Brain Balancing of the 72 different parts of the brain, DNA Repair, DNA Activation and DNA Reconnection. Additionally, the original blueprint needs to be restored and all karma transmuted.

Those beings whose bodies have not been prepared have the potential to not be successful in making the Shift to the higher dimensions. This is not a judgment or punishment from God. It is a choice that each one will make whether to prepare themselves to ascend to the higher dimensions or to not prepare themselves. A non-choice equals choosing not to prepare oneself whether this is understood consciously or not. The consequences of not acknowledging God as our Creator or preparing the physical body is that the physical body has the potential that it will not be able to withstand the frequency and pressure of moving into the higher dimensions or frequency, which may cause death for many as during the last five months of 2012 it is expected that there will be eighteen solar or galactic shifts, thirteen which will occur on the last day of the Shift. This timeframe may shift as the consciousness and frequency of mankind shifts as well.

Mother Earth or Gaia who is an aspect of Mother Mary has chosen to ascend as has been planned all along since the beginning of time. The method through which this was planned to work on earth is through the System of Astrology which brings different energies from the various planets and stars into our sphere of influence for different things at different times for the evolution of mankind and all of God’s many mansions.

This is occurring as we speak. Additionally, the Company of Heaven and YATUVAY Practitioners are systematically assisting Mother Earth by repairing her Electromagnetic Body, which has been severely damaged through wars, pollution, oil drilling, etc. We do this in service to God and mankind as we are the pillars of light that act as conduits for this light or energy between Heaven and Earth. Due to this fact, Adolphina believes that a total pole Shift and the destruction of mankind is outdated information at this time as Adolphina has personally witnessed three minor pole Shifts.

Like the big snow storms expected that have hit the east coast this winter, mankind prepared for the storms by getting salt to lay on the ground, getting out the snow shovels or buying a shovel. Going shopping for food in the event you are snowed in. Making sure you have oil for your heater to provide adequate warmth, buying chopped wood for the fireplace or chopping your own wood. Just as in preparing for the snowstorms we must prepare ourselves for the Ascension process or risk “dropping like flies” or worse experiencing a 3rd Dimensional reality of the Apocalypse instead of a 5th Dimensional reality where peace, love and oneness will prevail.

Much is being done by those who are awakened to the possibilities that are unfolding.

There are some hardy, fearful souls that are expecting the worst that are stockpiling food and weapons. There are some that are building underground shelters including if what is to believed on the internet, all of the governments in the world have built underground shelters. Some people are guided to move to isolated places to be away from the masses during the Apocalypse and the chaos derived from it. There are also some folks who are building sustainable green housing, independent of other energy sources in the event we no longer have electricity.

However, there is no one letting mankind know that we must raise our frequency. That we must raise our consciousness. That we must prepare our Light body. It seems apparent that nobody is aware of this fact. Or even aware that there is a “Missing Key”. That this “Missing Key” is the “key” that opens the door for humankind to survive and thrive during this unprecedented time. That is why it is called the “Missing Key”. That is the purpose of this article and why it has been written so that all may be informed. We must prepare our bodies, and our minds on a spiritual, mental and emotional basis. We must activate and prepare our Light body. This is the “Missing Key” to not only surviving the Ascension process but thriving through the Ascension process with ease. While most of the world swirls around you in chaos, if you have done your homework you will be in the calm of the center of the storm and will not be touched.

Another very important reason that raising your frequency and consciousness is key is because wherever we are in frequency and vibration when the Shift occurs, will determine what reality we will enter. If your vibration, frequency and consciousness match a 3rd Dimensional reality and you fear the worst to come, the end of the world, that is what many expect that you will experience. On the other hand, if you have been successful in ridding your body on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically of all density, karmas, past life issues, emotional and mental blocks right down to a cellular basis you will be in a much different space than one who has not. The goal is to reach forward in complete and utter confidence to the 5th dimension where you will experience a whole different reality than someone experiencing a 3rd dimension reality.

This is the moment of preparation and time is of the essence for we must prepare ourselves to rise above a 3rd dimensional reality. Doesn’t it make sense that if you don’t want to experience the Apocalypse, that you don’t want to be one who perishes in an land change such as what just occurred for Haiti, don’t want to be one without food or shelter, then it is time to prepare yourself for Ascension or “The Great Experiment” as it is called on the other side where there will be a merger of Spirit and Matter while still maintaining our physical bodies. This merger is called “The Light Body” which is our spiritual double although lighter in frequency, vibration and density. In ancient times achieving your Light body was a recognized primary goal to reconnecting and achieving your Light body which grants you immortality forever. We have simply forgotten through time how to reclaim our Light bodies as the world became more modern and industrialized where we fell away from spiritual practices.

Just about all religions, cultures or traditions are quite aware of the Light body although different religions or cultures may call the Light body under different names. Such as in Christianity it is called “The Wedding Garment, The Coat of Many Colors or The Resurrected Body“. Buddhism calls it either the “Light body or the Rainbow Body“. Taoism calls it the “Diamond Body“. Sufism calls the Light body “The Most Sacred Body”. It is called “The Glory of the Whole Universe” in alchemical tradition. In Hermaticism it is known as “Immortal Body”. What all of these religions or deep mystery traditions have in common is that achieving your Light body is the “ultimate goal” to strive for as for developing your Light body means we are born anew. We are reborn in a balanced way, integrated in mind, body and spirit with our yin/yang in perfect balance. Our Will has aligned with God’s Will. For now we realize we came in to be “in service” and have a path and a mission to fulfill. That we are reborn immortal!

2 Corinthians 4:17-18 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal.

According to the “Keys of Enoch” by JT Hurtack this period of time for mankind is called “Program Israel” and when the game is up so is the timeframe. Those souls who have not obtained their Light body will go back into the soup or Body of God and be reborn to start anew. This may take billions of years to come to this point where we are now in human evolution. That is one point of view. The other point of view is that those who have not obtained their Light body will go into a 3rd dimensional reality. Those that have obtained their Light body will go into the 5th dimension. Additionally, our DNA strands were cut during “The Fall” due to misuse of our abilities at that time. This is another reason why energy work is so very important. We must have our DNA Strands Reconnected and activated to achieve our Light body.

To use our prior snow storm as an example, suppose you did not prepare by getting salt and snow shovels. You would not be able to dig your way out of the storm to get to work or to the supermarket to get food. Suppose you didn’t make it to the store to shop in preparation for the storm and now you cannot get to the store because you cannot open your door due to snow piled up or drive your car because it is buried under snow.

You may be without food. Suppose you didn’t remember to make sure that you had oil and you ran out of oil for your heater and had no heat. You could surely freeze to death. The same way you prepare for the snow storm is the way you must be preparing for the Ascension Process and the Ultimate in obtaining “The Wedding Garment or The Light body”. Doesn’t it make sense to simply prepare your bodies on all levels of being in advance for the Ascension Process? Preparing your body energetically is the “Missing Key” to creating your Light body which we will need by 2012. Do you understand this concept?

All mankind has the potential to obtain a Light body. However, it is lying dormant just waiting for the lifetimes of grimy, dark, dense energy to be removed to uncover the Light body. This occurs primarily through initiations, attunements and Energy Work or Energy Medicine. One attunement or initiation will not do the trick. Much work must be done in a disciplined, consistent manner to prepare your body on a spiritual, mental, and emotional basis to remove lifetimes of emotional blocks which are stored in your charkas, your grid system, your meridian system, your prana tube right down to a cellular basis. All of these blocks and denseness must go as well as repairing and building of the Light body!

Romans 13:12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.

For what we are preparing ourselves the world over is for the birth of The Christ Consciousness through each one of us and the very earth itself which will take us to the 5th dimension. All who choose to will be the receptacle for birthing The Christ Consciousness as we are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. This birth is what is simultaneously occurring with the “Shift Of The Ages”. This is the evolution of mankind. The awakening of mankind. The birth of a new human! One of which all who choose to will be awakened. By this I mean we will all be living as “One”. We will do no harm to another because to do so will be harming our very selves. We will all be telepathic, no lie can or will be hidden. We will have on our Coat of All Colors, the Light body. We will Shine! This is what it is called on the other side. They say, “look how she shines”.

No concern will be given over who wears what clothes or how thin, how fat, what car someone drives, where someone lives. What we will look for is the Aura of the Light body. Immediately, you will know a kindred soul because you will see it in the Aura of their Light body. Are they dark and dense or are they shining with a rainbow of colors? Those who maintain a denseness to their bodies will not be able to survive very long because of the frequency disparity.

Consider how if you plug a 110 appliance into a 220 volt socket what occurs? There will surely be a short or the appliance will burn out. This is similar to what is occurring with mankind now. We are going through a quickening process, a speeding up of frequency and of our very body. A rising of the frequency of the body. A crystalling of the body. A quickening! The consequence of not preparing your body will make for a rather difficult birth of the Christ Consciousness with you as a receptacle as all old traumas, densities, karma, blocks, etc are being forced to the surface rather than being gently released and transmuted a little at a time in your time not astrological or cosmic time. This is why you see so many people acting crazy, doing crazy things as too much, too quick, too soon, as emotional and mental traumas are being forced to the surface for release.

What is simultaneously occurring at this time is that the template for a new “Garden of Eden”, “Shamballa” or “Heaven on Earth” is being built in Gaia’s Light body where Gaia will move to during the Shift which may already be completed. One where all of mankind will realize that we are one race, “the human race”. That we are one religion and that religion is “love”. So fear not and prepare in advance for this unprecedented time coming quickly. Build what you would like to see occur on earth such as your Light body, peace, joy, a roof over everyone’s head and food in every belly as we are truly “our brothers and sister’s keeper.” Keep the faith instead of turning toward fear. All it takes is a little prep work on our part. This is not a lot considering that this Shift is taking us into the 1,000 years of peace as has been promised from millennium of old and creating immortality for those who achieve their Light body.

However, what is ultimately going to occur on December 21, 2012 shifts on a daily basis as the frequency, vibration, and consciousness of mankind and Mother Earth shifts. So continue to check in for updates on 2012 at www.AdolphinaShephard and YATUVAY Energy School.

Adolphina Shephard is a Planetary Healer and Founder of YATUVAY Energy School as well as the author of “YATUVAY ~ The Manual, How To Perform Miraculous Healing“. Adolphina is anointed by The Holy Spirit as a Master Spiritual Teacher and is a recognized Spiritual Healer in the US and abroad with a passion for empowering others to heal themselves, raising consciousness thus facilitating peace, harmony, and wellness on all levels of being. With a lifetime’s study in spiritual matters, higher consciousness, and metaphysics has reached the level of being “in service” for the benefit of mankind through the Will of God. Her planetary work assists mankind in the Ascension process on a personal, collective and global level.

*This article is Channeled, Created, Written, Published, and Copyrighted with Love by Adolphina Shephard. This article may be shared as long as credit is given to the Company of Heaven and Adolphina Shephard. For permission to reprint contact Adolphina at www.AdolphinaShephard.com

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