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Alternatives For Healing

Knock out Hepatitis A, B, and C, Naturally

by Jay North

The purpose of this articles is to share data not to diagnose or treat

An estimated 3.9 million (1.8%) Americans have been infected with one form or another of hepatitis, and Hepatitis C can be the most challenging and debilitating. The CDC estimates that 2.7 million people are chronically infected. There are about 30,000 new infections each year.

Many people think or believe that a hepatitis diagnosis is life-threatening and there is no cure. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Of course I am not prescribing or suggesting, I'm merely sharing data . but I have personally witnessed successful treatment of all three forms of hepatitis using the following:.

· Start with deep cleanse using herbs and enemas

· Heavy doses of Vitamin C and all the Bs have been reported to be beneficial

· Omega-3 oils, primrose oil and flaxseed oil can be essential

· Pink grapefruit juiced daily can help greatly

· Organic vegetables juiced daily

· Wheatgrass juice, juiced daily

· Nu-Liver (covered thoroughly below)

· Immune Assist, purchased over the internet

· Colloidal gold and silver, reported to have great benefits

· CoQ10

· Meals of vegetable soup and fresh green salads

· Eating as much organic fruit and vegetables as one desires

· Herbs, especially Yellow dock and Red clover for blood cleansing

· Milk thistle, used in treatment for thousands of years

· Goldenseal, great immune builder

· Echinacea, also a great immune builder

· Licorice root, for treatment

· Pau d'Arco, also for treatment

· Wellness Formula by Source Naturals

· Emunical, immune builder

· Apple cider vinegar, as a cleans for short time only

· Get help from a qualified Energy Healer

Add plenty intake of fresh pure high Ph water, along with sweating as much as your body can stand.

The ingredients above are generally used for several days in a row, and each hour one must be aware of what they are consuming/ingesting, along with plenty of fresh water. Many people use this modality for six days a week, take one day of rest, then go back to the regimen.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C can be spread in a number of ways:

· When blood or body fluids from an infected person enters the body of a person who is not infected.

· Through sharing needles or "works" when "shooting" drugs, through needle sticks or sharps exposures on the job.

· From an infected mother to her baby during birth. About 5 out of every 100 infants born to women infected with Hepatitis C become infected.

· There is no evidence that breast-feeding spreads Hepatitis C. HCV-positive mothers should consider abstaining from breast-feeding if their nipples are cracked or bleeding.

· 80% of people have no symptoms of Hepatitis C

· Jaundice (the skin turns yellow)

· Fatigue

· Malaise (general feeling of discomfort)

· Dark urine

· Bowel movements may be gray in color

· Headache

· Abdominal pain

· Loss of appetite

· Nausea

· Vomiting

· Having injected street drugs, even if having experimented a few times many years ago. Snorting cocaine is also a risk factor if tools or works are shared.

· Having received a blood transfusion or organ transplant before July, 1992.

· Having received clotting factor(s) made before 1987.

· Having been notified that you received blood, blood products, or an organ transplant from a donor who later tested positive for Hepatitis C.

· Having been on long-term kidney dialysis.

· Evidence of liver disease (e.g., persistently abnormal ALT levels).

· Having been a healthcare worker who had frequent contact with blood on the job, especially accidental needle sticks.

· If your mother had Hepatitis C at the time she gave birth to you. During the birth her blood may have gotten into your body.

· Having had sex with a person infected with HCV.

· Having lived with someone who was infected with HCV and shared items such as razors or toothbrushes that might have had his/her blood on them.

· 10-20% of people with Hepatitis C do not have identifiable risk factors.

Nu-Liver is one of the herbal formulas I have heard great reports on.

It was developed from ancient and classic traditional Chinese formulas that range from several hundred to several thousands of years old. It consists of a proprietary blend of 15 safe and effective herbs acting synergistically to produce its powerful and amazing effects.

Take a closer look at the ingredients and you will begin to see why. Nu-Liver is a whole-body approach to revitalizing your health while supporting the body's natural ability to fight the Hepatitis C virus.

· For your improved immune response. Astragalus root relieves
stress. Increases natural killer cells in the body. Strengthens the immune
system. Protects the liver from pathogens. Poria is a powerful immune
system tonic that cleanses the organs by improving water flow through the

· For combating liver inflammation. Andrographis and Eclipta are powerful cooling herbs. Work together to clear heat and combat inflammation. Strengthens body against liver enlargement and cirrhosis.

· For sustained energy levels. Lycium Berry is a favorite herb used by leading athletes. Increases vitality. Stimulates sex drive. Boosts production of red and white blood cells for greater energy.

· For lowering viral load. Sophora root inhibits viral replication. Lowers the viral load. Protects against fibrosis. Reduces destruction of liver cells.

· For eliminating toxins from the liver. Bupleurum root protects the liver from toxicity. Strengthens liver function to eliminate impurities.

· For normalizing high liver enzyme levels. Privet fruit and Schizandra fruit inhibit degeneration of liver cells. Stimulates liver repair. Promotes lower liver enzyme levels. Controls depression and emotions.

· For improved blood circulation. White Peony and Sichuan Lovage Root purify the blood and nourish the liver. Promote healthy blood circulation. Work as anti-aging herbs.

· For body aches and pains. Melia fruit and Peach kernel lower swelling and stop pain, especially flank pain in the lower ribs and stomach. Sichuan Ox Knee root strengthens bones and muscles. Reduces soreness in the back and knees. Alleviates dizziness and headaches.

· For overall balance and harmony in the liver. Licorice is the most frequently used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Regenerates liver cells and restores liver function. Normalizes liver enzymes. Rids the body of over 1,200 different toxins. Promotes harmony within the entire formula and smoothes the activity of the other herbs.

Sound too good to be true?

Just consider that this, Chinese doctors treat most of the world's Hepatitis C patients because one third of all people with liver disease from hepatitis live in China.

China is a poor developing country, and expensive western drugs, such as interferon and ribavirin, are neither affordable nor available. Therefore, Chinese doctors rely mainly on Chinese herbal formulas to treat viral hepatitis. Using alternative Chinese herbal medicine, they have been able to suppress the hepatitis virus, normalize liver enzyme levels, heal liver cell inflammation, and regulate immunity.

Natural medicine and Hepatitis C

ACUPUNCTURE is a form of medical therapy that involves inserting thin, solid needles into selective sites on the surface of the body.

CHIROPRACTIC is a healing profession in which the spine, joints, and muscle tissue are manipulated in order to restore the proper function of the nerves. The chiropractor does not use drugs and surgery in treating diseases.

HOMEOPATHY offers several remedies for the treatment of hepatitis. They are mercury and natrum sulfuricum. Natrum sulfuricum has clinically been found a valuable remedy for spinal meningitis, and has also found to be quite useful as a liver remedy as well.

Natural foods and Hepatitis C

ARTICHOKE (cynara scolymus). The artichoke has a long folk history in treating many liver diseases. Recent evidence supports this longtime use. The active ingredient in artichoke is cynarin. This compound is found in highest concentrations in the leaves.
Cynara extract has demonstrated liver-protecting and regenerating effects, and promotes the outflow of bile from the liver to the gall-bladder. This is very important because if the bile is not being transported adequately to the gallbladder, the liver has an increased risk of being damaged.

ASTRAGALUS (Astragalus membranaceus) / Huang Qi . Astragalus is a large genus in the pea family, some species of which are toxic to livestock (Locoweed of the American Southwest is an Astragalus). But the toxins are only in the above-ground parts, and this tonic comes from the root of a non-toxic Chinese species Memaranaceus. The plant is a perennial with long, fibrous roots, native to North China and Inner Mongolia, sold in both wild and cultivated forms. Chinese pharmacies sell bundles of thin root-slices that resemble tongue depressors and have a sweet taste. These are simmered in medicinal soups, the slices being removed before serving because they are too tough to chew. Chinese pharmacies also sell many preparations of Astragalus, both singly and in combination with other herbs. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine consider astragalus a true tonic that can strengthen debilitated patients and increase resistance to disease in general. In contemporary Chinese medicine, it is also a chief component of zheng fu therapy, a combination herbal treatment designed to restore immune function in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Research in China has demonstrated increased survival in patients receiving both herbal and Western therapies, as well as protection from the immunosuppressive effects of the latter. Studies in the West confirm that astragalus enhances immune function by increasing activity of several kinds of white blood cells and boosting production of antibodies and interferon, the body's own antiviral agent. If you feel you lack energy and vitality, have depressed immunity, and get too many colds, consider going on a course of astragalus. Follow dosage recommendations on labels.

DANDELION (Taraxacum officinale). The name dandelion is sometimes loosely applied to other milkysapped weeds with fluffy yellow flowers. But true dandelion is that ubiquitous weed growing prolifically in millions of lawns, backyards and pastures throughout America. This perennial herb has deeply cut leaves forming a basal rosette in the spring and flower heads born on long stalks. All leaves and the hollow flower stems grow directly from the rootstock. The creator of the comic strip "Marvin" once had his adorable diapered hero surveying a clump of dandelions and then thinking to himself, "Dandelions are Nature's way of giving dignity to weeds!" The late naturopathic physician, John Lust, stated in his Herb Book that dandelion root is good for all kinds of liver problems, including hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice and toxicity in general, as well as getting rid of gallstones. Bring 1 quart of water to a boil, reduce heat to low and add about 20 tbsp. of fresh dandelion leaves, stems and clean, chopped root. Simmer as long as it takes for the liquid to be reduced to just a pint, then strain. Take 3 tbsp. six times daily, Dr. Lust recommended. For those desiring something more convenient in capsule form, there is the nice AKN Formula from Nature's Way, which contains considerable dandelion root and other cleansing herbs. It can be obtained from any local health food store. - "Heinerman Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs", John Heinerman, Parker Publishing Company

ECHINACEA (Echinacea purpurea) Knowledge about many of the popular medicinal plants from North America in common use today derives from the Native Americans. Many tribes had thousands of years of direct experience with herbs. In their culture, and in later early American-European culture, several of these herbs are of special interest - but especially herbs from the genus indigenous only to North America, Echinacea.

Many Native American tribes had a substantial pharmacopoeia, and some used herbs and other internal medicines extensively.

Echinacea both exerts a mild direct cortisone-like effect and enhances the secretion of adrenal cortex hormones. The polysaccharide portion appears to be responsible for the direct anti-inflammatory effects although the alkylamide fraction has also demonstrated some activity. Echinacea has long been used clinically for conditions where its pharmacological actions have proven efficacy, especially in infections. Clinical studies have demonstrated effectiveness in a number of infectious conditions. Although many of the studies have utilized injectable preparations, oral preparations are generally thought to yield similar or even better results.

GARLIC is a natural antibiotic. It protects the body from infection, detoxifies the body, strengthens blood vessels, and lowers blood vessels. Garlic contains a natural antibiotic, antifungicid, and has many antiviral properties.

Garlic has been used for many medicinal purposes in folk and holistic treatment for heart disease, hypertension, heavy metal toxicity and is now being looked at for immunotherapy. A review of the literature on garlic appeared in The Journal of the National Medical Association. The clinical and basic studies suggested a broad spectrum of potential uses. Animal models have demonstrated that garlic may be a non-specific biologic response modifier. Some researchers have postulated that garlic works as an antioxidant against free-radicals because of its germanium and selenium content. A 1951 study in Science described how mice injected with cancer cells died within sixteen days, but when mice were treated with garlic extract no deaths occurred in the mice for six months.

Claims of garlic's effectiveness against AIDS-related opportunistic infections are based on test tube studies that showed garlic was an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. There have been no studies as yet that have looked at garlic closely for its uses with immuno-modulation, but protocols are constantly being written and submitted by community researchers and activists.

Toxicity with garlic usage occurs when too much raw garlic is ingested. The high sulfur content can cause dermatitis; and colitis occurs by an overkill of the normal flora in the gut. In high doses, garlic also may inhibit blood clotting and interfere with proper thyroid function.

HERBA ABROTANI. To stabilize cellular immune functions, one should try to treat with Herba abrotani tea (3 days a week, 250 ml containing 10 mg Herba abrotani tea for 60 days). Herba abrotani is an empiric immunomodifier. The Herba abrotani tea may be considered to be a safe possibility to reduce immune-suppression-induced infectious diseases like in Hepatitis-C patients.

LICORICE ROOT (glycyrrhiza glabra). Studies have shown a component of licorice to be effective in treating viral hepatitis, particularly chronic active hepatitis. This is probably due to its well documented antiviral activity. A glycyrrhizin-containing product is widely used intravenously in Japan for the treatment of hepatitis.

If licorice is used over a long time it is necessary to increase the intake of potassium-rich foods. Glycyrrhizin is a substance isolated from the root of the licorice plant (Glycyrrhiza radix). It is widely used in Japan and is reported to have benefits in the treatment of chronic Hepatitis B. Some studies suggest that glycyrrhizin may have anti-HIV properties and may enhance the production of natural killer cells and interferon.

MILK THISTLE (Silymarin) is reported to be an anti-inflammatory and mast cell stabilizer that helps protect the liver against toxin, drugs, and the affects of alcohol (Better Nutrition for Today's Living, March 1993). It would be interesting to find out if anyone has tried milk thistle and noticed any improvement.

Use extract of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). "...European research shows that it stimulates regeneration of liver cells and protects them from toxic injury." Usually stocked in health food stores under the names milk thistle, silybum, or silymarin. Take two capsules two or three times a day until liver function returns to normal.
Contains the active flavonoid Silymarin and is used for all liver disorders such as jaundice and hepatitis. Milk thistle contains some of the most potent liver producing substances known. Milk thistle prevents free radical damage by acting as an antioxidant, protecting the liver. Stimulates the production of new liver cells and prevents formation of damaging leukotrienes.

The milk thistle seeds, or Silybum marianum, have been considered by some to have liver-protecting properties. Proponents of milk thistle point to the British herbalist Culpepper who suggested the ingestion of milk thistle roots and seeds for jaundice (a yellow pigmentation of the eyes and skin which may indicate liver dysfunction).

Silymarin is an extract of Silybum marianum. In 1983, it was reported that when silymarin was given to rats with part of their livers removed, some liver regeneration occurred. It has also been reported that silymarin provides protection against the ingestion of certain substances which are extremely toxic to the liver or kidneys, such as the deadly Amanita mushrooms.

Proponents of milk thistle suggest that the compound can be used for liver-based problems including cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, weakened liver due to drugs, alcohol, and liver poisoning from chemicals, and diarrhea. Some reports have suggested that silymarin may stimulate certain immune functions and may protect the liver during Hepatitis B. A reportedly randomized, controlled study in 170 patients with cirrhosis of the liver concluded that silymarin provided benefits in terms of mortality. Other reports, mostly out of Germany, suggest that silymarin may provide benefits in the treatment of acute and chronic Hepatitis B, in terms normalization of liver functions. No toxic effects of silymarin have been reported, although it is possible that because of its purported effect on the liver and kidneys, the compound may affect the absorption of other medications. Silymarin is available in health food stores in tablet form.

REISHI / SHITAKE MUSHROOMS. In the Orient, reishi is considered a Fu Zhen herb (immune modulation). Presently, reishi has various applications including lowering or raising blood pressure, stimulating liver actions, blood cleansing, and acting as an adaptogen in helping the body fight the effects of stress. Chinese herbalists prize it for its abilities to regenerate the liver. In high doses, and to some degree normal doses, Ganoderma may be classified as a liver detoxicant and protectant.

Toxicity studies show no toxic effects on humans. In research, people are given much higher doses, as high as 10 grams of extract per day, with no ill effects. The potency of Reishi mushrooms is usually based on its level of triterpenoids. One can determine the level of this by tasting it. The more bitter it is, the higher the level of triterpenoids.

Because reishi is a polypore, (a group of hard, woody, bracket-like mushrooms) it is not eaten, but cut into pieces and made into a tea. In China, the average dose is 3 to 5 grams a day. Other popular forms of delivery are the water/alcohol extracts and powders.

THYMIC FACTORS. is a combination of drugs including thymus, enzymatic poly-peptide fractions, crude thymus extract, thymosin, thymopoietin, thymus humoral factor, other nutrients, herbs, vitamins, and enzymes developed by Carson B. Burgstiner, M.D after he contracted Hepatitis B. He claims to have 83 cases of Hepatitis B, 23 cases of Hepatitis C, 28 cases of rheumatoid arthritis, and arrested 12 cases of systemic lupus (some of whom were taking 22 different drugs and are now asymptomatic), 10 cases of multiple sclerosis, 12 cases of psoriasis, and 7 cases of people with squamous cell carcinoma.

Dr. Burgstiner's recommendations for preventative maintenance: 2 Thymic Factors with 1 Thym-A-Vites vitamin twice daily in AM & PM to be taken with food or meals. Dr. Burgstiner's recommendations for chronic conditions: 4 Thymic Factors with 2 Thym- A-Vites vitamins twice daily in AM & PM to be taken with food or meals. Continue at this level until you are satisfied with the results or bloodwork is normal. Then go to the maintenance dose of 2 Thymic Factors with I Thym-A-Vites vitamin twice daily in AM & PM to be taken with food or meals.

VITAMIN C. Linus Pauling, the two-time Nobel Prize winner said that Vitamin C is very beneficial to hepatitis patients. He recommends a bare minimum of 10,000 milligrams = 10 grams a day. 20,000 - 50,000 milligrams a day is much better = 20 to 50 grams. Take pure Vitamin C. Take the pills three to four times a day instead of once a day. Vitamin C is an antiviral agent. The only side effect known is diarrhea which should slow down and stop as you get used to this vitamin. You can get Linus Pauling's books at your local library.

I have been informed lately, that high Vitamin C (over 2000 mg) can increase your iron level. This is bad if you are on interferon. Interferon works better with low iron levels. Recent reports have shown that response to interferon treatment is influenced by hepatic iron contents in patients with chronic Hepatitis C. Please ask your doctor about his opinion.

VITAMIN B12. Some hepatitis patients report having more energy when they take extra Vitamin B12.

VITAMIN E. Vitamin E is reported to assist the liver in detoxifying the blood.


Symptomatic hepatitis patients may need to avoid stressful activities, and each person's tolerance for stress will be different, and can change. It is nonetheless important for people who can exercise to do so, up to their level of tolerance. This should be done with care, since crossing the "invisible line" of exercise intolerance may prompt a flare-up.

Stress Management

Typically, one of the most beneficial things a person with hepatitis can do is to avoid stress and get lots of rest. Stress does not merely mean only unpleasant experiences, but rather any biological stressors, physical or emotional, which prompt a protective reaction in the body. Failure to avoid stress often leads to short-term and long-term set-backs which may be serious.

· High-stress events sometimes seem to "trigger" the flareups of the virus and they will usually worsen the symptoms if the virus is already active. Medical studies show that stress plays an important role in several immune-mediated illnesses.

Other ways to help keep yourself healthy:

· Avoid exposure to chemical fumes, gasoline fumes, etc.

· Use the least toxic products (cleaning products, health and beauty aids, etc) available in your home and on your body

• Use Up to 20 g/day of Vitamin C. (A new alternative treatment is : 20 (!) g Vitamin C intravenous, combined with milk thistle, high doses of zinc and some thymus- peptides.)

Another idea: You may know that your liver values appear to in- and decrease cyclically.so why not treat the liver during its 'high' cycle only? This is just an idea, but if you look at your values you maybe find out your own cycle.

As always wishing you the very best of health, Jay North

Jay North does not represent himself to be a doctor or health care provider. No prescriptions, suggestions or recommendations are made herein, only the sharing of information that he holds to be true and desires to share with his readers, Jay has worked as a Spiritual Healer and Organic Gardener for over thirty years and this information is derived from over thirty years of research, study, and personal application. In all cases of serious health challenges, check with your doctor before embarking on any therapies on your own, natural or otherwise. If you question the validity of this information, do not read it and do not use it. Jay North and One Globe Press does not assume any responsibility for the data contained in these pages and holds themselves harmless. Everyone is responsible for their own research and their own health. We wish you the very best health and best of luck in all that you choose to do.

Jay North and One Globe Press

The preceding article is an original from Jay North, author of Miracles in The Kitchen; The book is available at www.OneGlobePress.com & www.GoingOrganic.com . A portion of the proceeds are donated to Oprah's Angel Network at www.Oprah.com Please visit One Globe Press today and download your PDF copy.

Jay North is an internationally recognized expert in organic gardening and facilitator in modern healing arts. Jay North, Author, social activist and seeker of truth. His articles and books can been found at www.GoingOrganic.com and www.OneGlobePress.com .

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