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Bliss and Bowing Down to Divine

by Prashant Trivedi

People ask

what is bliss?

bliss is DNA on phire going past speed of light

bliss is kundalini going through the crown chakra

bliss is all the chakras flowering like lotuses

bliss is ability to steer one's soul after death

bliss is creating a rainbow at will

bliss is the brain on ecstasy through kundalini juices

bliss is surfing time without ever falling

bliss is to have one's fate completely in one's own hand

bliss is the ability to play with the elements


this is just a little taste of bliss

it is many more such things which most cannot even fathom

no pill, alcohol, drink, drugs, relationships,

self-guided diet, meditation or yoga

can give it

only way is

learning from those who have it

by bowing/serving

there are those

especially in the west

who have problems

with the physical bowing posture

kind of expected when they don't have

rolemodels like hanuman.

they are only ready to

do a mental bow

they want to disconnect

body, mind & soul

in other words

they want to create

multiple schizophrenia

they don't realize that

if the body is in an unhumble posture

the mind cannot stay humble for long

its not possible

mental discipline is directly

connected to physical discipline and

vice versa

and both together affect the soul direction

there are many here

who think

that they can


without bowing to the real higher & divine

as they lounge on their sofas smoking away

or lie in their beds dreaming

or watch the world with puzzled befuddled eyes

they think they are learning & evolving

Lotusocean has news for them

all they are doing is confusing themselves further

getting more entangled in the spiderweb

sinking further into the quicksand

the only solution -

'bowing' to higher & divine

without bowing

mental & physical

with requisite postures

there is only downfall

if they are honest enough to admit it

it is happening right before their eyes

as the world including them sinks

into deeper hell of

boredom, depression, pain & torture

most are ready to do anything for happiness

except bowing

they can bang hard on all the walls

until they realize

the simple logical truth that

there is no way out

except humbly following those who gno the way out


Prashant Trivedi (PT) is an Enlightened being who lives in UK. “LotusOcean” brings its Divine Sound & Light to facilitate evolution through raising of vibrations. His music and writings helps sincere seekers get out of the 3D matrix and rise to the Divine. If you wish to experience the 2010 Cropcircles directly with PT in UK, please contact him through email.

PT’s Main Website is at:


PT’s Youtube Channel:


PT’s Truth Logs at:


PT’s LotusOcean Radio:


Email PT at: newsun9@yahoo.com

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